July, August & Sept 2018

Andrew Emery – Guilty of stirring up religious hatred.
Jailed for 2 years.

Charlie Jeans – Guilty of having an offensive weapon, racially-aggravated common assault, assault, racially-aggravated criminal damage, criminal damage and racially-aggravated causing fear of violence.
Jailed for 10 months.

Daniel Sparham – Grievous bodily harm.
Jailed for 32 months

Austin Ross – 15 counts of racially aggravated graffiti and two arson attacks.
Awaiting sentence. Due on 21/8/18

Andrew Stevenson – Actual bodily harm.
Jailed for 2 years 9 months.

Stephen Searle – A former UKIP councillor who murdered his wife.
Jailed for life with a 14 years minimum.

Christopher Lythgoe – Membership of National Action.
Matthew Hankinson – Membership of National Action.
Lythgoe jailed for 8 years and Hankinson 6 years.

Jack Coulson – National Action supporter guilty of possessing a document or record for terrorist purposes. This is his 2nd offence after building a pipe bomb when 17.
Jailed for 4 years 8 months.

Stephanie Todd – Ex UKIP councillor guilty of stealing from a 98 year old man she befriended.
Jailed for 30 months.

Thomas Wyllie – Guilty of plotting a Columbine-inspired attack at a school.
Alex Bolland – Guilty of plotting a Columbine-inspired attack at a school.
Wyllie jailed for 12 years. Bolland jailed for 10 years.

Mark Ryley – Was found guilty of abusing a girl as young as six during a four-decades-long string of sexual abuse in east London and Hertfordshire dating back to 1981.
Jailed for 14 years.

Michael Dommett – Guilty of murder.
Jailed for life. Minimum term of 16 years.

Dean Killen – Threats against Social Workers in Grimsby.
Jailed for 3 years.

Emma Storey – Tied up and tortured a Muslim man.
Lois Evans – Tied up and tortured a Muslim man.
Evans jailed for 40 months and Storey 32 months.

Jonathan Jennings – Pleaded guilty to six offences under Section One Malicious Communications Act and four offences of Inciting Racial Hatred.
Jailed for 16 months.

Daniel Lewis – A National Front organiser jailed for armed robbery. Have previous convictions for stalking and harassment.
Jailed for 4 and half years

Peter Morgan – A Scottish Defence League member caught with a bomb-making kit, far-right literature and terrorist training manuals.
Jailed for 12 years + 3 years extended supervision.

Sean Gorman – Guilty of racially aggravated attempted murder of a Syrian refugee.
Jailed for 7 years 9 months.

Michael McDougall – Currently serving 34 years for murder after being convicted in 2016. Now has an additional conviction was found guilty of perverting the justice over a false statement.
Given and extra 2 years to be served consecutively.

Austin Ross – Guilty of arson and acts of neo-Nazi related graffiti and vandalism around South Wales in relation to a National Action style group called System Resistance Network.
Jailed for 6 years.

Harley Hawkins – Found guilty of football related violent disorder.
Jailed for 12 months and 6 year football banning order.

Daniel HabberjamPleaded guilty to assault, criminal damage, racially aggravated threatening behaviour and breach of a criminal behaviour order.
Jailed for 10 months to go with a yeear sentence he is already serving for assault.

Stephen Bracher – Pleaded guilty to three counts of having explosive substances, one of possessing a lock knife and one of possessing amphetamines.
Jailed for 40 months.

Lee Graham Parkinson – Pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer at a far-right demo in Sunderland.
Jailed for 24 weeks in total after breaching a suspended sentence.

Stephen Dure – A self-styled “paedophile hunter”  falsely accused a man of grooming teenagers and pleaded guilty.
Jailed for 15 weeks

Michael John Vickers – Guilty of 15 separate offences, which also included spitting in a police officer’s face and a racially aggravated public order offence.
Jailed for 27 months

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