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A MAN who launched a spray paint attack on homeless man Michael Cash has today been sentenced to an 18 month community order.

Aaron Jones, of Balmoral Road, Middlesbrough, appeared at Teesside Magistrates Court today to face charges of common assault and criminal damage following the attack early last month.

The 33-year-old, who turned up for the hearing with his face hidden by a child’s Frankenstein mask, pleaded guilty to both charges.

Michael Cash, 32, was found dead in a cemetery three days after the assault which happened near Tesco Express in Normanby High Street, Middlesbrough.

Chairman of the bench Stephen Walker sentenced Jones to 18 month community order, 180 hours unpaid work and 20 hours of rehabilitation activity days. He was also ordered to pay £85 court cost, £85 victim surcharge and £100 compensation for the damage.

He said: “We have put this in the highest category of common assault, the reason being is that if the aggravating factors – it was a targeted attack with an element of premedication. He was a vulnerable victim and it was shared on social media.”

Cleveland Police said Mr Cash’s death was not treated as suspicious and was not connected with anything which happened on September 9 outside the store.

Police officers attended court today in case of a disturbance in the public gallery.
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Fuelled by grief, Mamba and extremism, how dad’s obsession with social workers turned to terrifying campaign to kill

Dean Killen, who said he would kill social workers in Grimsby, after the tragic death of his son

Dean Killen, who said he would kill social workers in Grimsby, after the tragic death of his son

A man who terrorised social workers had links to right wing extremists and convictions for stalking and carrying a concealed knife.

Dean Killen’s campaign of hate against Grimsby social workers was driven by the loss of his son who had died tragically while in foster care.

But his grief also masked a history of menacing behaviour, links to the far right and sinister social media posts in which he calmed he would “be killed” in a plot to overthrow the government.

Killen is now regarded as one of the most serious threats to the safety of social workers in Grimsby and North east Lincolnshire, despite starting a three year jail sentence for threatening to kill them.

North East Lincolnshire Council described Killen’s abuse and threats, as “deeply frightening for staff”.

Killen sent messages and left voicemails with individual social workers threatening to kill them. He also claimed they would be tracked down by a vigilante group named in court.

But Grimsby Live can also reveal that during his hate campaign he also contacted the far right group Britain First and its leader Paul Golding. Golding, a former British National Party member, is currently serving a jail sentence for race hate crimes.

After contacting Golding, Killen, who also followed a series of far right and extremist groups on social media, claimed in one social media post “U watch what happens if they team up with me”.

In another more disturbing post with echoes of violent extremists, Killen claimed he would “be killed” in an attempt to “replace the government” following his son’s death.

He wrote: “I hope you understand dum Britain. I will be killed but this country has destroyed me so I give your country back to you.”

One of Killen's social media posts

One of Killen’s social media posts

Killen’s hate was fuelled by the tragic death of his nine-year-old son Leon who passed away after suffering an epileptic seizure. All four of Killen’s children, aged nine to 17, had been in foster care and he had been banned from attending Leon’s funeral.

Social workers later sent a letter to Killen telling him where his son had been buried in Grimsby.

The tragic death and repercussions triggered a surge in Killen’s hate of social workers in Grimsby and also brought him into confrontations with police.

Killen was known to police in Lincolnshire where he had lived and worked around Horncastle, Boston and Lincoln.

In 2007 he had been found with a 3-inch lock-knife concealed in his jacket when police were called to a domestic incident and found him acting suspiciously in a van.

Weeks later he was banned from approaching a couple who had been his neighbours and anyone in his former estate in Horncastle.

But Killen paid no attention to the courts. A few months later, he was jailed for continuing his campaign of intimidation against the couple after it was revealed he had sent the woman a barrage of aggressive texts and confronted her in the street and outside a school.

He was arrested and jailed but later appealed against the nine month prison term. Throwing out his appeal in 2008, a judge said Killen had been guilty of “repeated, thoroughly unpleasant and intimidating behaviour” and his “flagrant disobedience” to court orders was “deliberate and repeated”.

Killen moved to Lincoln where he had worked as a handyman and skirmished with police as he increasingly turned to the so-called “zombie drug” Black Mamba.

When his son died in August last year, Killen again embarked on a targeted campaign against police and social workers, holding the authorities and individual social workers responsible for the death.

Two of the Facebook posts made by Killen before he said he would kill a social worker

Two of the Facebook posts made by Killen before he said he would kill a social worker

In November Killen received a 16 week suspended prison sentence after a violent confrontation with police.

In January he confronted police after they broke up a chaotic protest in which he had laid out a banner on the cenotaph in central Lincoln saying: “Jail for corrupt social workers, police and judges”.

A few days later he boasted of fighting in the street, posing for selfies on Facebook showing injuries to his eye and mouth, saying: “Two fights in two days. The old me is back. Av been on a lot of scuffs this past year n plenty ov em coppers. I’m not ashamed. They took my kids so I fight. I will not stop. This system has done it with me.”

A complaint about his treatment by Lincolnshire police was thrown out after he claimed they had used too much force when arresting him.

The findings reveal that one officer had to use “distracting punches” to subdue Killen and “prevent further injury to any person”.

Now obsessed with the thought of revenge against social workers or police, on January 19 he called 999 claiming his son had been murdered and that he wanted to kill someone.

He then spoke to a senior police officer on the phone telling her he was going to kill the social workers and branding one of them a “child killer”.

Convinced Killen was now so unstable, he posed a real threat to the safety of social workers and police, officers moved to arrest him. Under questioning, he told police that after the death of his son he “did not care about the lives of others”.

Killen was sentenced at Grimsby Crown Court but in the dock remained defiant. Handcuffed in the dock, Recorder Gurdial Singh commented on Killen: “It’s me he wants to thump”.

As evidence was led, Killen called from the dock “You know nothing, you know nothing.”

And as he was led to the cells, he looked across the court, saying: “When I get out, you’ll know. I shall show you what has happened when I get out.”

After the case, North East Lincolnshire Council said the case showed the challenges its social workers faced.

A spokesman for the council said: “As the evidence of this case has shown, there is and was no excuse whatsoever for the threats made to social workers, who carry out very important and sensitive work in protecting children and families in such situations.

“The actions of the defendant were deeply frightening for staff concerned and there is really no justification for him behaving like who did towards people who were carrying out their jobs in very difficult family circumstances.”
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Mark Ryley, 56, has been jailed for sexually abusing three victims over the course of four decades. Pic: MET POLICE

Mark Ryley, 56, has been jailed for sexually abusing three victims over the course of four decades. Pic: MET POLICE

A ‘vile’ paedophile who preyed on ‘vulnerable’ children for more than 30 years has been jailed.

Mark Ryley, from Sawbridgeworth, was found guilty of abusing a girl as young as six during a four-decades-long string of sexual abuse in east London and Hertfordshire dating back to 1981.

A spokesman for children’s charity the NSPCC said: “Ryley’s decades of sickening abuse against young girls was ultimately stopped by the bravery of those he targeted.

“Thanks to their tremendous courage a vile sexual predator is behind bars where he cannot harm other children.

“It’s vital that children are educated about abuse from an early age and know that if it happens to them it is never their fault and they will be listened to and supported when they speak out.”

Ryley targeted three girls he knew under the age of 16 one of whom exposed him when she came forward in 2013 to report seven years of abuse she suffered from the age of six.

Two more victims emerged during the police investigation exposing abuse Ryley subjected them to from the early 2000s until 2014.

Ryley, 56, was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault, seven of sexual activity with a child, one of assault by penetration and two of attempted rape. He was sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on July 13 to 14 years behind bars.

Det Cons Sherai Israel said: “This was a complex investigation relating to the abuse of vulnerable victims that began more than 30 years ago.

“I commend the victims for their bravery in coming forward and would ask that if there are any further victims out there that they contact police.”

If you have been a victim of Ryley, contact police on 020 8217 6537 or 101.

Children can contact Childline for confidential help, 24 hours a day on 0800 1111 or by visiting

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AN axe-wielding robber who terrorised staff and customers in a Spar store is to spend six years behind bars after a witness singled him out in an ID parade.

Andrew Stevenson and an accomplice, who is still on the run, targeted the store on Thelwall New Road, Grappenhall, on May 23 this year.

The 24-year-old entered the shop dressed in a black disguise, brandishing an axe and shouting at a shop assistant to open the till, Warrington Crown Court heard.

His accomplice stood in the doorway with his face covered and held what is thought to have been a 12 inch knife.

The defendant, of St Peter’s Way, Orford, who has 10 previous convictions for 23 offences – including shoplifting, theft of a motor vehicle and using a lead bar during a robbery – held the axe above cashier, Emma Cooper’s head, when she went to find someone to help her open the till.

Debra White, prosecuting said Mark Stoddard, the area manager saw Stevenson on the CCTV from the shop’s office. He went into the shop and said to the robber: “Take what you want.”

Mr Stoddard fell trying to open the office door that appeared to be locked.

While on the floor Stevenson hit him with metal part of the axe bruising his arm.

A third member of staff, the store manager opened the till and gave Stevenson £500 cash.

The defendant demanded the keys to the safe and took Mr Stoddard’s phone and wallet, which contained around £185.

He was arrested on June 17 after an ID parade.

Simon Berkson, defending, said: “In prison he had been attending courses in bricklaying, plastering and he has been doing some rail engineering work.”

Mr Berkson said his client’s guilty plea was an apology to his victims.

Judge Thomas Teague said: “It was an absolutely terrifying incident and those who witnessd it will be terrorised by it for the rest of their lives.”

Warrington Guardian

From 2008.

MEMBERS of a biker gang kicked a man in the face after attacking him in a town centre pub and brandished a knife at customers who tried to come to his aid.

Michael Mckeon and Andrew Stevenson dragged their victim from Porters Ale House before beating him up in an early hours ‘drink and drug fuelled’ attack, Liverpool Crown Court heard on Friday, July 6.

The pair, members of biker gang the Sons of Hell, were drinking in the Buttermarket Street pub at around 2.30am on Saturday, January 27, when Chris Forshaw became involved in a dispute at the bar.

Mr Forshaw claimed that he had dropped some money and was bending down to pick it up, but a female customer accused him of attempting to steal her cash.

He was then dragged outside to the smoking area at the rear of the pub by Mckeon and Stevenson, who were wearing Sons of Hell branded jackets – with CCTV of the ensuing ‘totally unprovoked and unnecessary’ attack played in court.

Mckeon, of West Avenue in Stockton Heath, pushed Mr Forshaw to the floor and kicked him in the face before punching him.

Stevenson, of Lovely Lane in Whitecross, pointed a knife at customers who attempted to come to Mr Forshaw’s aid and elbowed him in the face and chest.

The 34-year-old was also seen taking hold of another unidentified victim by the throat.

Mr Forshaw suffered bruising and bleeding to his eyes after the assault.

On Friday, recorder Stephen Riordan sentenced Stevenson to two years and nine months behind bars but spared Mckeon from serving time in jail after the pair admitted actual bodily harm.

Stevenson also admitted possession of a bladed article and breaching a suspended sentence handed to him for affray in 2016.

The court heard that the Northwest Spartans Ltd business owned by Stevenson, who has 14 previous convictions for 36 offences, which employs six people would fold if he was jailed.

He claimed he had branded a bevel edged work tool in the pub rather than a knife.

Barrister Desmond Lennon, representing Mckeon, told the court that his client had served in the Royal Engineers between 2008 and 2012.

The 28-year-old, who has one previous conviction for being drunk and disorderly, was employed as a welder before being made redundant eight months ago.

He has since trained to work in the security industry.

Mckeon was given a 15-month jail sentence suspended for two years, handed a rehabilitation activity requirement of up to 30 days and ordered to complete 120 hours unpaid work.

Sentencing, recorder Riordan said: “This was a disgraceful incident of violence and a sustained assault.

“For little or no reason, the victim was removed from the bar and attacked by both of you.

“You continued to attack him when he was on the floor, and he received nasty injuries.

“There is one very significant difference between the two of you, a difference which must be reflected in the sentences I pass today.

“Mr Stevenson, you have a quite appalling criminal record while you Mr Mckeon are effectively of previous good character.

“There has to be some disparity in the sentences in this case.”

Warrington Guardian

Kelli Best was devastated when ­daughter Skylah was stillborn at 25 weeks amid a ­campaign of intimidation by the far-right group – banned from Facebook last week

Kelli Best with her daughter Skylah, who was stillborn at 25 weeks (Image: SWNS)

Kelli Best with her daughter Skylah, who was stillborn at 25 weeks (Image: SWNS)

Kelli Best was devastated when ­daughter Skylah was stillborn at 25 weeks.

The tragedy happened amid a ­campaign of intimidation by the far-right group – banned from Facebook last week.

Its founders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding harassed Kelli and her two young sons while her Muslim partner was ­remanded in custody awaiting trial for rape.

The pair filmed 23-year-old Kelli, abused her at home and handed out leaflets about the case to neighbours.

Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen

Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen

One night the mum was bathing her two young sons when they arrived at her house and shouted through the letterbox: “Dirty Muslim rapist.”

Kelli recalled: “My son kept saying, ‘I’m not dirty Mummy. I’ve just got out of the bath.’

“I was so scared. I didn’t know what they were going to do. I thought they were going to come in and attack me.

“It was just me and my boys. I took them into the back room and we hid in the dark.”

Just 36 hours after the attack, Kelli – who was six weeks pregnant at the time – suffered a haemorrhage.

She said: “I had three panic attacks within an hour of them leaving.

“My whole body was shaking ­uncontrollably. It must have been under immense pressure. I’ve had two healthy children and no complications before.”

After being given a police panic alarm she was in and out of hospital and suffered repeated bleeding before Skylah was stillborn last September.

She said: “Even the day I gave birth I was convinced she was still alive. “The funeral took a long time to arrange so I went to see her for two weeks every day.

“When she was born I kissed her head. She was a beautiful angel and was buried in a white coffin.

“I carried her into the church.”

Her boys have been left scarred by Britain First’s thuggish harassment at their home in Ramsgate, Kent.

Kelli said: “My son still gets scared if anyone knocks at the door.

“He tells everybody about the naughty people that came to the house. He would say, ‘I’m not dirty,’ for a long time. He still has nightmares.” Kelli dumped her partner, Tamin Rahmani, 38, a pizza boss, when he was convicted at Canterbury crown court and jailed for 14 years last September.

The Afghan – who is the father of her two boys – raped a 16-year-old white girl above his takeaway in Ramsgate with two other Muslim pizza workers and an ­unnamed youth.

Kelli said: “I got back home after a weekend away to see the police had raided my home. I didn’t know what was going on.

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard what he’d done.”

The case attracted the ­attention of Britain First founders Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding. They handed out leaflets and posted online videos about the case and were jailed by Folkestone magistrates earlier this month for religiously aggravated harassment.

Fransen, 32 – who is Britain First’s deputy leader – was sentenced to 36 weeks. ­The group’s co-founder and leader Golding got 18 weeks.

Kelli gave evidence behind a ­curtain during the case because she was ­petrified to be in the same room.

Kelli said: “Jayda just wanted people to hate me and be in fear for my life.

“She posted leaflets round the street with a picture of my ex-partner explaining the crimes along with my address.

“He didn’t even live there. She was knocking on people’s doors to get a witch hunt going. But I was a victim. I didn’t do anything wrong.

“Me and my boys are innocent. They are babies.”

Kelli has been too scared to leave her home for fear of being killed and is ­moving house. She said: “I’m constantly worried someone will break in. I have to check every room in the house to make sure no one is there. I try not to go out on my own.

“I get panic attacks just picking up my son from nursery.” Kelli was horrified when US President Donald Trump ­catapulted Fransen to fame by sharing her notorious Twitter posts with his 23 million followers in November.

She said: “Trump gave her a platform to millions of people. That scared me even more. When I saw Trump had retweeted her on the news I was shocked.

“I thought with his backing I would be harassed even more. It felt like everyone was on her side.”

Fransen and Golding founded Britain First in 2011 and run it from their £400,000 home in Penge, South East London. Last Wednesday Facebook banned the group from using the site to spread its messages of hate and racism.

Its Facebook page – which included a picture of its leaders captioned “Islamaphobic and proud” – had more than two million likes.

Prime Minster Theresa May welcomed the ban, which came after the group ­repeatedly posted twisted anti-Muslim videos despite repeated warnings.

There have been calls for Britain First to be listed as a terror organisation.

Kelli said: “Jayda and Paul should have been locked up for longer.

“But no matter how long they got, it would never be enough.

“That day has changed me forever. Jayda had the opportunity to say sorry but she didn’t. She just wanted fame.”

Britain First leader Paul Golding has begged governors to move him to the SAME unit for vulnerable prisoners as the Muslim rapists he protested against.

Golding, 36, feared for his life when he arrived at HMP Elmley, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, earlier this month, said a source.

But the three rapists were already in the segregated unit so his request was turned down over fears they could attack him.

And last Wednesday, less than a week after he arrived, two other lags beat him up and broke his nose in the main prison.

The source said: “As soon as Golding arrived at the jail he requested to be housed in the vulnerable prisoner unit.

“With around 100 Muslims here, the last thing Golding wanted was to be put on one of the ordinary wings. He would rather mix with sex offenders and other vulnerable inmates. He really fears for his life.”

Golding, who is serving 18 months for religiously aggravated harassment, has decided to stay in his cell.

Tamin Rahmani, 38, Shershah Muslimyar, 21, and Rafiullah Hamidy, 24, and a boy of 17 got a total of 49 years for rape.

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Leader and deputy leader Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were found guilty of religiously-aggravated harassment.

Far-right group Britain First leader Paul Golding (front right), and deputy leader Jayda Fransen at Folkestone Magistrates' Court on 7 March PA

Far-right group Britain First leader Paul Golding (front right), and deputy leader Jayda Fransen at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on 7 March PA

Supporters of far-right group Britain First hurled abuse at a “left-wing” press and justice system as their leaders were jailed for launching a “political campaign” in which Muslims were branded paedophiles and rapists.

Leader and deputy leader Paul Golding, 36, and Jayda Fransen, 32, both of Penge, south east London, were found guilty at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday of religiously-aggravated harassment.

They were arrested on May 10 last year in an investigation into the distribution of leaflets and online videos during an on-going trial at Canterbury Crown Court.

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen with Britain First supporters (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen with Britain First supporters (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Three Muslim men and a teenager were later jailed for raping a 16-year-old girl in a flat above the 555 Pizza takeaway in Ramsgate, Kent.

Judge Justin Barron, jailing Fransen for 36 weeks for three charges and Golding for 18 weeks for one charge, said the crimes were “deliberately planned against targeted victims”.

The court descended into chaos as he attempted to continue, but Fransen, dressed in a black suit, spoke over him and said: “This is a very sad day for British justice. Everything I did was for the children of this country and they are worth it.”

This caused cheers and applause to erupt from the public gallery as the pair were led away and Judge Barron temporarily left the court room before concluding his directions.

As supporters left the court room, they hurled abuse at court staff and members of the press, branding the proceedings a “shambles” and shouting: “Left-wing twats, scumbags, no surrender” and adding: “If we say anything these days we get sent to prison.”

The pair visited the 555 Pizza takeaway on May 5. Golding was filming while Fransen banged on the windows and doors, screaming “paedophile” and a “foreigner” as two children played in the middle of the shop and Jamshed Khesrow, a friend of the owners, was inside.

Mr Khesrow said Fransen was shouting: “Come out you paedophile. You’re a rapist. Come outside, I want to talk to you.”

He said he was “so scared” and she was “aggressive and angry”.

Later, she shouted out: “I’m not scared of the police. I don’t care about the police.”

Mother-of-two Kelli Best blamed Fransen for her daughter being stillborn after she was subjected to racist abuse in her home.

Fransen shouted through the front door of defendant Tamin Rahmani’s home when Miss Best, who was pregnant, was alone with their two children – aged three and 18-months-old – on May 9.

Giving evidence from behind a screen, she said: “She (Fransen) was making racist remarks: ‘Dirty Muslim rapist, come out, we’re not going to leave until you’re gone, come out. Dirty scumbags’.

“It was directed at Tamin because she thought he was in there but he wasn’t.”

She said two days later she started to bleed heavily and her daughter was stillborn, adding: “I blame Jayda Fransen because there was no other reason for it to happen.”

In a victim impact statement read to the court, Miss Best said she was “traumatised” by the ordeal and had panic attacks. She said her three-year-old son was still scared when someone came to the door and would follow her around the house.

Judge Barron said it was “impossible” to find Britain First responsible for the stillbirth based on the evidence he saw, but accepted their actions caused further stress to those associated with the defendants who had been on trial at the time.

Ikram Safai was told to move house by social services after Fransen mistakenly targeted his home, believing it to be that of Sershah Muslimyar – another defendant in the trial.

Mr Safai, originally from Afghanistan, found a video on the Britain First website which showed Fransen knocking on his door, identifying it as the home of Muslimyar – but he had moved out some two years earlier.

In the video she shouted: “Come out dirty Muslim. Rapist Muslim. Come out and speak to me face-to-face if you’re man enough.”

The group distributed leaflets wrongly identifying Faiz Rahmani, the brother of defendant Tamin Rahmani, as Muslimyar.

Golding was cleared of his involvement in this incident.

Judge Barron said their words and actions “demonstrated hostility” towards Muslims and the Muslim faith, adding: “I have no doubt it was their joint intention to use the facts of the case [in Canterbury] for their own political ends.

“It was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants.”

Restraining orders were granted to stop the pair contacting victims and witnesses in the case. Fransen was ordered to pay £2,000 in compensation to those affected and Golding was told to pay £500.

Another charge against the pair, based on allegations Fransen told Faiz Rahmani that Muslims were “bastards and rapists” when approaching him outside Canterbury Crown Court, was dismissed.

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