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Scott Mason has “extreme right-wing, racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views”, police say

An extremist who possessed instructions on how to make bombs and prepare acts of terrorism has been jailed.

Counter-terror police were alerted to Scott Mason’s “racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views” in October 2021.

Mason, 36, of Rainhill in Merseyside, was found with a document relating to a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook, as well as extreme pornographic images.

He admitted possessing information useful to a terrorist and was jailed at Manchester Crown Court for three years.

The charge related to him having an electronic copy of the banned Anarchist Cookbook on his phone.

Mason also admitted possession of extreme pornography.

His “extreme right-wing” views were alerted to counter-terror police after an incident surrounding reports of a domestic assault in 2021.

A banned push-dagger was also found during a search of Mason’s Elgin Court home.

He admitted owning the weapon in January and was jailed by magistrates for three months.

Mason admitted the two other charges in April and was sentenced on Thursday.

Det Supt William Chatterton, of Counter Terrorism Policing North West, said the sentencing of Mason “reaffirms our commitment to making sure those who pose a risk to our society will be pursued and prosecuted”.

BBC News

In one video he made reference to George Floyd and shared others of black people being racially abused

Anthony Barraclough was jailed for six years / Met Police

A man has been jailed for six years for terrorism and public order offences following a Met Police investigation.

Anthony Barraclough, 40, of east London was found to have shared “appalling” far-right racist material online, detective chief superintendent Dominic Murphy said.

Between November 2020 and February 2021, he was found to have shared hate speech promoting white supremacy and advocating terrorist violence.

In one video he made refference to George Floyd and shared others of black people being racially abused.

Barraclough was arrested on 25 February 2021 and was sentenced to six years in prison at Kingston Crown Court on June 10.

Mr Murphy added: “Barraclough posted appalling racist material online, with the intention of encouraging others to adopt his extremist views and hatred of black people.

“This kind of online activity is poisonous and dangerous – it is not harmless idle talk, and it often has serious real-world consequences.

“Officers acted quickly to identify the offending content, and investigate and arrest the person posting it.”

Appearing at Kingston Crown Court on May 6, 2022, Barraclough admitted to the following offences:

– Three counts of dissemination of a terrorist publication (contrary to section 2(1) of the Terrorism Act 2006).

– Six counts of distributing written material to incite racial hatred (contrary to section 19(1) of the Public Order Act 1986).

– One count of distributing a recording to incite racial hatred (contrary to section 21(1) of the Public Order Act 1986).


Two men have been jailed for attacking a man falsely accused of murdering Lorraine Cox.

Louis Mearns and Brandon Burrows targeted Naveed Rahimi because he worked at the kebab shop beneath the room where Ms Cox was killed.

Ms Cox, 32, was walking home in Exeter when she was killed by Azam Mangori, 24, in his flat above a kebab shop in September 2020.

He is serving life in prison, with a minimum term of 20 years.

Mangori was a tenant of the flat above the kebab shop and had no link to the business or its staff.

He was found guilty of the murder of Ms Cox in a trial at Exeter in April 2021.

Five men associated with the kebab shop were arrested when the body was found but later released without charge after police realised that Mangori was the killer.

Mearns and Burrows thought staff from the Bodrum Kebab shop were involved in the killing and tracked down chef Mr Rahimi to his home in Exeter.

They ambushed him on his doorstep on 2 October 2020 and accused him of “cutting up that girl” and called him a “Turkish terrorist” as they battered him about the head and body.

They both gave false alibis when arrested by police but were trapped by the locations of their phones, DNA from a drinks can they threw at Mr Rahimi, and testimony from a passer-by.

The two men were friends of Ms Cox and were inflamed by untrue rumours about the killing, Exeter Crown Court heard.

‘Vigilantist and racist views’

Mearns, aged 25, of Clyst St Mary, denied racially aggravated battery but was found guilty by a jury at Exeter Crown Court in March. Burrows, aged 26, of Farm Hill, Exeter admitted the same offence.

Mearns was jailed 44 weeks and Burrows for 50 weeks by Judge Timothy Rose.

Mr Rose said: “There was no solid reason for you to believe Mr Rahimi was involved in the killing of Lorraine Cox beyond your vigilantist and racist views about the murder.

“You decided in complete ignorance he must have been involved and either found out where he lived or followed him home. It is nonsense to suggest you went there by coincidence.

“You attacked him in a vigilante-style revenge attack, fuelled by racism. You both angrily and obscenely accused him of being involved with the murder.

Mr Rahimi heard both men calling him a Turkish terrorist, although he is British and of Afghan origin.

Burrows hit Mr Rahimi with a knuckleduster and the two men told neighbours: “You are living next to a terrorist.”

Mearns told the victim he would come back for him and stab him.

Mr Rahimi was so frightened he fled his home and moved hundreds of miles away.

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Matthew Henegan was described as “potentially a very dangerous man”

A coronavirus conspiracist who distributed anti-Semitic hoax theories has been given an extended jail sentence of more than 12 years.

Matthew Henegan, 37, from St Neots in Cambridgeshire, was found guilty of possessing, distributing and publishing documents to stir up racial hatred.

A pre-sentence report said he was “potentially a very dangerous man”.

Sentencing at Winchester Crown Court, Judge Nigel Lickley QC, said Henegan “created racist material”.

In leaflets and online posts made in March 2020, Henegan claimed Jewish people were behind Covid-19 news stories and “controlled the media”, the court heard.

Residents reported receiving “offensive and anti-Semitic” leaflets through their letter boxes.

These included links to video and audio files posted by Henegan on a website which were racially inflammatory.

Cambridgeshire Police searched his home on 17 April 2020 and found a large number of leaflets.

Swastika armband

The court heard a document called Coronavirus Hoax Supplement was posted online on 9 March 2020 which included anti-Semitic themes and admiration for Adolf Hitler.

In a three-hour-long video called Corona Virus Hoax, tagged with the words Corona Virus, Adolph Hitler (sic), Nazi, Jews and Mein Kampf, Henegan spoke to the camera telling people to ignore the coronavirus curfew.

Following his arrest, he described Jewish people as “a bunch of criminals” and claimed Hitler was “clearly a righteous person”, the court was told.

The defendant, who was unemployed and lived with his mother, was ordered to remove a swastika armband during a previous hearing.

He told his trial that he was interested in historical research, particularly Germany’s role in World War Two.

He rejected the “commonly held view” that Hitler began the war, and also that six million Jewish people died at the hands of Nazis.

‘Manipulative and devious’

A pre-sentence report found that he was a “loner, [a] potential threat to society and potentially a very dangerous man”.

Henegan, who refused to attend the sentencing hearing, was jailed for eight years and one month with an extended licence period of four years upon his release.

He was also made subject to a counter-terrorism notification order for 30 years.

The judge said Henegan had previously undergone a mental health assessment after he shot himself with a gun, and he was found to be “dangerous, cunning, manipulative and devious”.

He added that “in the context of the pandemic enveloping the world, you distributed material designed to incite racial hatred”.

The court heard Henegan had previous convictions for inciting a child under the age of 16 to partake in sexual activity, as well as receiving a caution in 2021 for possession of the drug ecstasy, and reprimands in 2001 for assault and possession of an offensive weapon.

BBC News

Tony Eckersley sent a picture of Jo Cox along with the threat to ‘have you dealt with’

A white supremacist has been jailed for more than two years after sending hundreds of violent, misogynistic and racist messages to Labour MP Jess Phillips.

Tony Eckersley, 52, from Salford, Greater Manchester, sent the Labour MP more than 300 threatening messages over a nine-month period.

Within the emails, Eckersley sent Phillips, who is shadow minister for domestic violence and safeguarding, a picture of Jo Cox, the Labour MP who was murdered in 2016 , accompanied with the message: “I will have you dealt with.”

In the emails, Eckersley called Phillips a “treasonous cow” and a “virtue signalling rape facilitator” and said that it would be “appropriate” for her and other MPs to be blown up during a terror attack at the House of Commons.

Although police initially warned him about his conduct, Eckersley continued to message Phillips at her constituency office in Birmingham, accusing her of “abusing her authority and privilege to shut him down like so many British heroes”. His messages also contained extreme racist language, aimed predominantly towards those from an Asian or Muslim background. He was later arrested.

Eckersley was sentenced to 28 months in prison at Manchester crown court on Friday, after pleading guilty to racially aggravated harassment of the MP between May 2019 and February 2020.

He is also subject to a restraining order that bans him from being within 100 metres of Phillips’s home and workplace, and is prohibited from any kind of communication with her for 10 years.

The court also heard that Eckersley has originally sent abusive emails to the Labour MP Graham Stringer in 2018, and that he targeted Phillips because of her views on issues relating to women’s rights and gendered violence.

The prosecutor, Robert Hall, said: “He said people in the UK would become violent, including sexually violent, towards Phillips and other politicians as a response to the alleged behaviour of those politicians.”

Judge Hilary Manley, who delivered the sentencing, said that Eckersley was an “inadequate man” who “cannot cope with the reality of having reached your 50s without ever really achieving much save for a habit of sitting at your keyboard venting your frustration at others”.

She continued, saying that the “ranting, hate-filled and threatening messages contained repeated and vile slurs directed at Muslim and Arab people, repulsive language and calculated and spiteful misogyny towards a serving MP”, and that targeting a serving MP and seeking to intimidate and silence her “strikes at the heart of democracy”.

The Guardian

A FOUL-MOUTHED hoaxer caused a bomb scare at the airport because he “felt hard done by”, a court heard.

Paul Hudson was seen at Gatwick Airport making claims that there was a bomb on board a flight.

The racist 46-year-old shouted: “I have a f****** bomb, I’m not f****** joking, I’m going to make the police work for their money today.”

Norwegian Airlines staff called in the threat, and Hudson fled the airport.

As he was arrested at a ticket barrier he racially abused a rail staff worker, and said he didn’t care if he was a racist.

At Lewes Crown Court he was jailed for 14 months after admitting a bomb hoax and racially aggravated harassment.

Will Martin, prosecuting, said the incident unfolded in October last year, telling the airline staff there was a bomb on the next flight.

There was “unease at Hudson’s behaviour”, and though some did not believe his bomb threats, checks had to be done.

Hudson was previously banned from entering the airport in 2011, the court heard, but often chose to sleep there.

He shouted: “The police are not here yet. They are quick to wake me up but not quick to get here. I thought they would be here by now.

Mr Martin said: “The defendant was arrested and denied being at the airport.

“He was shouting f*** off at the officers and called the officers c**** . Other people in the station could hear him.

The defendant saw a black rail worker and said ‘What are you f****** looking at ****’. Mercifully the worker did not hear this, but the police did.

“He said he didn’t care if he was a racist and said ‘I hate r*******, I have served in Afghanistan.”

Fiona Clagg, defending, said there was no suggestion that Hudson had managed to get airside in the airport and many staff thought he was not capable of what he claimed.

He had made the threats to shop workers and airline desk staff.

Hudson had been drinking heavily in Brighton before the incident and said he had not behaved like that before.

Ms Clagg said he had “sincere remorse” for his actions and was “embarrassed by his behaviour”.

His Honour Judge Stephen Mooney told Hudson, of no fixed address, he cannot keep coming back before the courts for “one ridiculous and revolting offence after another” and told the defendant it was time he grew up and started behaving like a “decent human being.

The judge said: “It seems to me these offences are much less about your mental health and more about a really unpleasant side to your personality.

“Because you were fed up with being moved on by the police, you thought you would just make life difficult for them, and indeed you did so on this occasion.

“We live in a world where people are frightened about many things, and bomb threats are particularly serious because it frightens the entire travelling public.”

Brighton Argus

A judge said John Dunbar’s ‘shameful performance’ at Liverpool One had no place in our city

A racist rapist was told he doesn’t belong in Liverpool after he hurled “vile abuse” at Christmas shoppers.

John Dunbar, aka Stuart Partington, was filmed in Liverpool One launching a tirade of abuse at three Asian men last December.

The 57-year-old was captured on film hurling insults such as “c***s” and “horrible b******s” at passers-by.

Dunbar initially followed two Asian men while telling people to “f*** off” and saying he was Muslim.

After he was challenged by onlookers he told people he had been released from a 26 year prison sentence.

On Friday, a judge at Liverpool Crown Court blasted Dunbar’s behaviour, telling him there is “no place” for racism in Liverpool, which she described as a “welcoming and inclusive city”.

Judge Louis Brandon, sentencing, said: “Liverpool is a welcoming and inclusive city.

“That was demonstrated by the way that those who had the misfortune to deal with you on that day sought to protect each other.

“There is no place in this city for behaviour like that or people like you who hold such offensive views and prowl the streets.

“The public need protecting from you.”

Fiona McNeill, prosecuting, explained that the incident took place on December 2 at around 5pm when Dunbar “approached two Asian males” while “acting in an aggressive manner”.

Ms McNeill told the court that Dunbar followed the two men while shouting at them.

She said: “He was seen approaching two males, telling people to f*** off and said he was Muslim.”

Ms McNeill said he had asked one of the men “if he had cut to his hand” as he waved his bloodied arm in the air.

She added: “He seemed to be accusing the man for the injury to his hand” and is “heard to tell them to stop ganging up on him”.

Footage of the incident was played in the court, and in the video Dunbar shouts at a third man: “I’m not a f***ing radical alright”, adding: “You want to f*** with me bro? I’ve just done 26 years in prison, you mother f***er.

“You wanna f*** with me? I’ll bring the f***ing rain, the f***ing dogs down on you mother f***ers. Now f*** off.”

In the horrific abuse he calls onlookers “c***s” and “horrible b******s” while yelling “that’s right, keep walking”.

Dunbar then continues, and even says: “This is my country, don’t f***ing invade my country with your f***ing s***.”

Gesturing to a cut on his hand Dunbar says “E-N-G-L-I-S-H, English, see that? That’s f***ing English blood”.

In the video Dunbar continues to abuse members of the public and approached Lila Tamea, who filmed the ordeal, and said she had “no words” for the racism.

Ms Tamea was protected by other members of the public who intervened.

He also approaches someone off camera, while a woman can be heard saying “stop being a racist” and shouts: “Let’s go you Muslim c***.”

Footage from the body worn camera on a police officer shows an officer asking about the cut on his hand and offering to take Dunbar to the hospital, which he declines.

When asked what had happened Dunbar replied “I haven’t a clue” and admitted to the officer he had had a drink.

He then becomes agitated saying “I don’t need police, I’m not causing trouble” before the officers arrested him outside WHSmith for a public order offence.

A witness can be heard telling the officer “There’s been about three or four Asian guys, he has thrown racist abuse, I think he has called one a foreign b*****d”.

When arrested Dunbar was silent and refused to provide his name, but then his outburst continues as he shouts: “F*** you mate, f*** you right listening to them.

“So you’re saying I’m being racist what’s racist?”

Dunbar then resists arrests and continues to struggle before officers apply leg restraints and a spit hood and find a razorblade.

He was later charged with assaulting an emergency worker after he headbutted one of the police officers.

Dunbar has 26 previous convictions for 60 offences.

The court heard that in 1991 Dunbar was jailed for rape and a breach of a suspended sentence.

Ms McNeill explained that in 1995 was jailed for life with a recommendation of at least eight years in prison after robbing and terrorising female staff in four shops with a knife and imitation gun.

In his rampage a judge said he “terrorised and tormented” his victims over six hours in Bolton town centre.

Mr Justice Forbes told Dunbar: “You have shown no pity for your victims or remorse for these grave crimes.

“In one case you sexually attacked one of them – it was as bad a case of indecent assault as it is possible to imagine.

“Words cannot express the true measure of the horror and degradation you inflicted upon your victim.”

Dunbar had entered one Bolton store where he produced a handgun and tied up one 40-year-old female victim before doing the same in a second shop.

Dunbar went to a third shop, producing the knife and a handgun and made off with cash before going on to rob the fourth store, where he was “striking the victim several times with a gun causing wounds to her head”.

John Dunbar, aka Stuart Partington, 57

David Lister, defending, said: “The greatest mitigation is his guilty plea. He didn’t plead guilty at his earliest plea trial and preparation hearing, it wasn’t long after he entered his guilty pleas.

“I have had a conference with him before the hearing, he does wish for me to express his apologies and regret for the clear distress he caused to the members of the public who had to witness his frankly appalling behaviour.

“He is remorseful for that behaviour. It is clear Dunbar didn’t cope well in his release from custody.”

Mr Lister explained Dunbar had been serving a 26 year sentence and had been released for six weeks before his rampage.

Mr Listed said Dunbar “wasn’t in receipt of the support he evidently needed”.

Dunbar, of Great Howard Street, Liverpool city centre, admitted two counts of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour, and one count of resisting or obstructing a constable, possession of a bladed article and racially aggravated harassment.

Judge Brandon, summarising the offences, said: “You caused yourself an injury with a blade you were carrying at a busy shopping centre in December when the area was full of families.

“You embarked upon a racist rampage, hurling vile abuse at two young men.”

Judge Brandon said Dunbar then “turned on another member of the public” as he abused other innocent bystanders.

“Nobody should have to put up with that shameful behaviour.”

The judge added: “There were children present, it is obvious from that footage there were a lot of people present in that area Christmas shopping.”

Judge Brandon, referring to the racially aggravated offences, said: “It’s hard to envisage a more serious offence of its type, you continually made racist comments.”

The judge ruled that “serious alarm or distress was caused when you waved around your bloody arm”.

Judge Brandon said: “It is clear from the footage you were embarking on a shameful performance.”

After commenting that he had been under the influence of alcohol at the time the judge said: “I have considered all that has been said on your behalf.”

Judge Brandon noted that Dunbar had mental health difficulties but said: “It has not been suggested any of your difficulties affect your culpability and I do not find that they do.”

“In reality there is little that can be said to mitigate these offences save your guilty pleas.”

Referring to Dunbar’s previous offences Judge Brandon said: “You have made a career out of serious criminal offending.”

Dunbar was jailed for three years.

Liverpool Echo

A racist who made a Nazi salute on a Liverpool-bound flight in front of a Holocaust victim’s family walked free from court.

Louis Mann launched into a horrific tirade of racist and religious abuse on the plane, which had arrived at John Lennon Airport from Poland.

The vile rant was filmed by the family member of Holocaust victims, who said he was left “shaken”, “shocked” and “disgusted”.

The 28-year-old had been a medical student studying in Poland, and says he was groomed by far right extremists, but continued to spout his racist views – even in a report prepared ahead of his appearance at Liverpool Crown Court.

Zillah Williams, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was a passenger on a Wizz Air flight from Poland, Warsaw, to Liverpool on October 19, 2019.

“The flight arrived at Liverpool John Lennon Airport at 5.37pm.”

Ms Williams said: “The flight was full and passengers reported during the flight Mr Mann had had to be repeatedly asked to sit down, to fasten his seatbelt and to refrain from making rude and offensive gestures.”

Ms Williams clarified that the offence for which Mann was charged took place when the flight had landed in Liverpool.

She explained Mann “got out of his seat before permitted to do so” when the seatbelt sign was still on and despite being repeatedly told to sit down by the crew began a “tirade of racial and religious abuse by words and gestures”.

Ms Williams said: “He was standing in the aisle of the flight making a Nazi salute and was shouting ‘Anglo-Saxon race, we are superior’.”

Mann had said: “‘Know your place, don’t answer back, you’re a Slavic race traitor n***** lover.'”

He also used a derogatory word used by the Nazis ‘inferior people’.

Mann was shouting abuse to “Jewish n***** lovers”, Ms Williams explained.

She said: “Mr Tych, a Polish national, was recording him. He was particularly upset, he lost family members during the Holocaust. He was extremely shaken by it.

“He was talking about people being inferior and was being derogatory to Jewish and Black people.

Wlodzimier Tych wrote in a victim impact statement: “Prior to this I have always felt very welcome in this country.

“I have lived in this country for 31 years, I have never experienced this sort of behaviour.

“I am of Jewish origin, this made me feel very shaken and upset, I also felt angry, disgusted and upset as he continued his behaviour regardless of other people’s feelings.”

Ms Williams explained that police boarded the plane at Liverpool and “heard the abuse that was still going on during his arrest”.

The rant continued even when Mann had been transported to the custody suite, telling one constable “You’re alright, you’re Aryan.”

Ms Williams said Mann was “clearly drunk”, which a medical examination confirmed, and was deemed unfit for an interview “for reasons to do with his mental health”.

He has no previous convictions, the court heard.

David Traynor, defending, said the behaviour was “disgraceful” adding “no one should have to observe it”.

He explained Mann was a medical student in Poland and in the weeks leading up to the incident his family “noticed a deterioration” in his mental health.

Mr Traynor explained his “isolation in Poland” and stress from his course “contributed to a deterioration in his mental health”.

He said: “He had a fixed view that he had meningitis, which seems to have started by rumours in medical school”.

Mr Traynor explained that leading up to the racist hate-speech Mann’s “intake of alcohol increased drastically”.

Citing a report Mr Traynor said there were “links” between his illness and his behaviour and at the time was likely suffering from a “psychotic illness”.

Mr Traynor said Mann had told him when he was in Poland he had been groomed by far right extremist groups which is “where those views come from” and said “that’s where he got the terminology from”.

He told the court that a medical report stated immediate custody would “cause Mann’s mental health to deteriorate” and it would be likely he would self harm if sent to jail.

Mr Traynor explained he lives at his parent’s address and would be able to work with the relevant services in a stable environment if spared jail.

He said: “Mr Mann has been unwell and remains unwell. The public would be best served by him being managed appropriately to ensure incidents like this don’t happen in the future.”

Mr Traynor also referred to a pre sentence report which said Mann has “ongoing mental health” problems with a diagnosis of Autism.

Mann, of Euston Grove, Morecambe, admitted being drunk on the plane but after denying racially aggravated harassment that charge was ordered to lie on file.

The court heard that the charge of Mann being drunk on a plane encapsulated the racial harassment and the judge increased the sentence to reflect the racial element.

Judge Anil Murray, sentencing, labelled it “disgraceful conduct on your part”.

The judge said: “You got on a plane at Warsaw, bound for Liverpool Airport, you were drunk. You had had some warnings when the plane was in the air.

“You got out of your seat and shouted vile racist abuse including Nazi salutes which seriously affected other passengers including someone who had lost family in the Holocaust.

“I can only imagine the effect of your behaviour on him.

“It seems you have entrenched racist views.”

Liverpool Echo

A ‘far-right extremist’ who threatened to shoot and kill an MP during a terrifying campaign of ‘vigilante democracy’ because she supported a second Brexit referendum has been jailed.

Colin Brown, who had “expressed support” for the murder of Jo Cox, said he wanted to “make an example” of Bridget Phillipson, MP for Houghton and Sunderland South.

The 50-year-old, who has a previous conviction for hurling racial abuse at council staff, also threatened he was going to “hurt” Julie Elliott, MP for Sunderland Central and said politicians needed “shooting”.

During the shocking threats he made in 2019, Brown warned he would drive a car into a mosque in a bid to target Muslims.

At Newcastle Crown Court, Judge Tim Gittins sentenced Brown to 18 months behind bars and said the jail term was a “deterrent to others who seek to poison democratic and political debate by threatening those who disagree with you”.

Judge Gittins told Brown some of his statements were “chilling” and told him: “It is clear you hold some views that are extreme and appalling in relation to race and religion.

“You took exception to the local MP’s stance on withdrawal of the UK from the European Union.

“You are perfectly entitled to hold a different view to anyone, as is she.

“What you are not entitled to do is threaten serious violence and death to that person holding a different view.”

Sunderland Echo

He was jailed earlier this year for putting Adolf Hitler stickers on lampposts

David Holmes was congratulated by one Far Right movement for ‘a good job in Heanor

This racist who was previously jailed for peppering lamp posts and bus stops with Neo Nazi stickers, has now been sent back to prison after police found cans of CS gas at his home.

Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court heard how officers uncovered the banned spray when they went to the home of David Holmes, in Heanor, on June 12.

The heavily-tattooed 63-year-old, who has an infatuation with the Far Right pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing a weapon designed or adapted for the discharge of a noxious liquid.

The magistrates who jailed him for 26 weeks told him “it has to be custody because these are very serious matters”.

In August, Holmes was jailed for a year after he pleaded guilty to a number of charges including racially aggravated harassment, racially-aggravated criminal damage and witness intimidation.

On that occasion Derby Crown Court heard how he placed the offensive stickers around Ilkeston, Heanor, Mapperley, in Shipley Park and on the Nutbrook Trail during 2019.

Siward James-Moore, prosecuting on that occasion said police received a number of complaints about them including one from the head teacher who saw one placed on a lamppost outside his primary school.

Mr James-Moore said: “Some said ‘deport illegal immigrants’ and other showed an emoji of Adolf Hitler with a hand written note which read ‘Muslim scum out’ and ‘Hitler was right’.

“More of the Hitler stickers were found around Heanor and Langley Mill and were forensically analysed and linked to this defendant through a fingerprint.

“Another sticker was found on a bus stop and showed a white toddler with a shaved head and the number 88 on it which is a link to a far right ideology linked to Hitler’s birthday and the letters HH for ‘Hiel Hitler’.”

Mr James-Moore said Holmes was arrested at his home address in Ashforth Avenue, Marlpool, Heanor and a number of items were seized.

He said this included letters from a far right movement the defendant is a member of congratulating him for “a nice job in Heanor” and to “keep up the good work”.

In August the hearing was told how Holmes also displayed a Klux Klan figurine from his window and put bottles of his “potent” home made wine on neighbour’s doorsteps.

On them were written more racist slogans and one celebrating Klaus Barbie, a Gestapo officer known as the Butcher of Lyon and who tortured and killed Jews during the Second World War.

Mr James-Moore said: “In interview, the defendant was upfront and frank telling police he had placed more stickers around Shipley Park and on the Nutbrook Trail.

“He said his views were the normal views of people living in the area and were not offensive.

“He said he had issues with extensive immigration and what he called the ‘dilution of Aryan blood’.”

Jailing him on that occasion, Recorder Stuart Sprawson said: “You have deeply-held entrenched views about other people of different ethnicity to you.

“One of the people to complain was the head teacher of a primary school concerned about the impact this would have on the pupils and totally against the views being taught there.”

Derby Telegraph