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ONLY days after leaving jail, a convicted rapist went on the rampage robbing and terrorising women staff in four Bolton shops.

Homeless Stuart Partington “terrorised and tormented” victims with a knife and a gun over six hours one day last November in Bolton town centre, a court was told.

Yesterday was his 33rd birthday and at Manchester Crown Court he was jailed for life with a recommendation he serves at least eight years.

Mr Justice Forbes told him: “You have shown no pity for your victims or remorse for these grave crimes.

“In one case you sexually attacked one of them – it was as bad a case of indecent assault as it is possible to imagine.

“Words cannot express the true measure of the horror and degradation you inflicted upon your victim.”

Bolton-born Partington, of no settled address, admitted four robberies and the indecent assault. He also admitted twice indecently assaulting a man in a hostel where both were staying a few days before the robberies.

His counsel, Ian McDonald QC, said Partington had an untreatable personality disorder and was not mentally ill.

“He understands the seriousness of the offences, but has no insight into the terror and alarm he has caused,” said counsel. “It simply does not register.”

David Friesner, prosecuting, said Partington grabbed hold of assistants, threatening them with weapons and demanding cash.

In all, he got £340 from tills and handbags, a gold chain and personal jewellery. It included one woman’s wedding and engagement rings, which he sold.

Some victims feared they would be raped. They were dragged round the shops and a gun was put in their mouths. The knife was also held against throats.

In the sex attack, he cut through the woman’s jumper and ‘T’ shirt, fondled her breasts and removed other clothing.

He touched her private parts with the knife, dragged her upstairs and indecently assaulted her again. The ordeal lasted 45 minutes before he left. Partington bought an airgun and pellets before the last two robberies.

The court heard he was freed less than a month earlier from a seven year term imposed in May, 1991, for raping a woman.

Partington was given a life sentences for the robberies. He was given concurrent terms of eight years for the attack on the woman and four years for the indecent assaults on the man.

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From 1996

His more recent conviction can be found here

A MOTHER and her son were injured during a racially aggravated attack in Breightmet earlier this year, which resulted in one of the victims needing brain surgery.

Dale Hart outside Bolton Crown Court

The pair had been walking to a bus stop on their way to church, the 15-year-old son, Ray Nhial, had run ahead to make sure they caught the bus and ran past Dale Hart, who was walking in the opposite direction with his partner and child in a pram.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Hart thought Ray had hit or nudged the pram running past and said “watch where you’re going” or words to that effect.

A scuffle ensued the court was told by Colin Buckle, prosecuting, and Hart punched Ray. In the course of the scuffle Ray’s mother, Nyawig Mantywil Wor may have been struck as well.

Hart admitted in his plea that he had hurled racist abuse at the family.

The court was shown CCTV footage of the incident which happened in Padbury Way, Breightmet on Sunday, June 3 at about 2pm.

From the CCTV it was clear said The Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Judge Martin Walsh that “there was no contact between Ray and the pram.”

Judge Walsh said: “You challenged him and after a verbal exchange, attacked him and punched him to the face.”

He added that: “It is apparent from the footage that you were the aggressor.”

The CCTV shows Mrs Wor stepping in to break the pair up, Judge Walsh said: “It is clear her actions were not aggressive but were designed and intended to bring an end to the scuffle… As the incident was being brought to an end you shouted racist abuse towards Ray Nhial and his family.”

Rosalind Scott Bell, defending, told the court: “He has to and did accept that in the heat of the moment he used language that was deeply offensive and he recognises such language is utterly inappropriate and he is contrite.

“The only matter Mr Hart was really concerned I conveyed was an apology to Mrs Wor and Ray themselves.”

Mrs Scott Bell told the court that Hart had been living in Glasgow with family for six months “for his own protection” and had been unable to return home in the last two weeks before sentencing because of concerning social media posts.

Mrs Scott Bell added: “He did accept he was the aggressor and they were his words.”

Following the incident the family got on the 561 First Bus and it drove away, however Mrs Wor became dizzy on the bus and got off to sit at another bus stop where she collapsed and was drifting in and out of consciousness.

Police officers and paramedics attended her and she was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital. There after a CT Scan it was discovered she hat a two brain bleeds and her brain had shifted inside her skull, requiring emergency surgery to relieve the pressure.

Mr Buckle told the court Mrs Wor was at a greater risk of brain bleeds because of a medical condition.

Yesterday the offender, Hart, aged 29, of Grantchester Way, Breightmet received a 12 month sentence, suspended for two years for affray and racially aggravated assault.

He must also complete 30 days of rehabilitation and carry out 180 hours unpaid work.

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A MAN has admitted starting a scuffle which left a mother critically injured with bleeds on the brain.

Dale Hart was due to stand trial at Bolton Crown Court yesterday accused of causing racially aggravated grievous bodily harm to the woman and racially aggravated assault of the woman’s teenage son.

The court heard how the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffers from a disease which affects her kidneys, stops her blood clotting in the usual way and makes her more susceptible to bleeding.

The woman and her three children were walking along Padbury Way on June 3 and Hart was heading along the pavement in the opposite direction.

Judge Martin Walsh was told how 29-year-old Hart believed the woman’s son had bumped into the pram being pushed by his partner and the court was shown CCTV, taken from a nearby bus, of the defendant aggressively confronting the boy. Hart swung a punch at the teenager, and made racially insulting remarks, as the mother and the rest of her family tried to intervene.

A scuffle ensued and, shortly afterwards, the woman collapsed with two subdural haematomas, bleeds on the brain, which needed surgery.

After discussions between the prosecution and defence Hart, of Grantchester Way, Breightmet ,pleaded guilty to affray and racially aggravated assault of the boy.

Colin Buckle, prosecuting, said: “It cannot be said with any degree of certainty when, during the incident, that the subdural haematoma began.” But he added that Hart’s behaviour had started the incident.

Rosalind Scott-Bell, defending, said: “He is a man who has previous convictions, albeit non for the last 10 years. It is out of character for him now to behave in such a way. Something quite clearly went wrong that day.”

Judge Walsh adjourned sentencing until Friday to allow pre-sentence reports to be prepared on Hart. “The fact that I am asking for a report and extending his bail is no indication of the sentence,” he added.

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Martin Corner, 36, was filmed attempting to break through the police lines and encouraging others to join him

Martin Corner. Image courtesy of Greater Manchester Police.

Martin Corner.

A leading member of the far-right group North West Infidels has been jailed for taking part in a violent demo against refugees in Dover.

Martin Corner, 36, was filmed attempting to break through the police lines and encouraging others to join him.

He was also caught throwing an object at counter-protestors.

Corner, of Radcliffe Road in Bolton , was jailed for two years after he was found guilty of violent disorder following a trial at Canterbury Crown Court.

He was among a number of people who travelled to Kent to protest against refugees during a march through Dover organised by far-right group South East Infidels on Saturday, January 30, last year.


Violence erupted when they clashed with a counter-demo by anti-fascists.

Several people were hurt and witnesses reported how bricks were thrown during the clash.

Corner was among a number of people who had travelled south to join the demo against refugees.

He is thought to be a key member of the North West Infidels and has spoken at a number of its demomstrations.

Corner was jailed alongside co-defendant Thomas Law, 54, from Coventry, who was imprisoned for two-and-half years after he was was seen throwing objects and caught being verbally abusive towards someone who was not involved in the disturbances.

Law was also found guilty of violent disorder.


Police spent many hours viewing footage of the violence and attempting to identify those responsible, leading to the arrests of both men in March last year.

More than 40 others who took part in the riot have previously been sentenced.

Det Con Hilary Bell said: “There is no excuse for the crimes committed by Martin Corner, Thomas Law and the more than 40 other offenders who have been sentenced so far.

“They could have chosen to walk away but instead they participated in disgraceful scenes that caused great concern and anger for law-abiding residents of Dover.

“Hopefully all those now serving time for their actions will consider if it was really worth it, and think twice before displaying such behaviour in future.”

Manchester Evening News

Two more protesters have been jailed following last year’s Dover riots.

Martin Corner was jailed for two years and Thomas Law for two-and-a-half by Canterbury Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday).

Corner, 36, of Radcliffe Road, Bolton, and Law, 54, of Raphael Close, Coventry, were both found guilty of violent disorder following a trial.

They had travelled to Dover on Saturday 30 January 2016 to take part in a march through the town, where they were involved in clashes with people holding a counter-protest at the same time.

Martin Corner. Image courtesy of Greater Manchester Police.

Martin Corner. Image courtesy of Greater Manchester Police.

Kent Police officers spent many hours viewing all available footage of the violence and attempting to identify those responsible, leading to the arrests of both men on Thursday, March 31 last year.

Investigating officer Det Con Hilary Bell said: ‘There is no excuse for the crimes committed by Martin Corner, Thomas Law and the more than 40 other offenders who have been sentenced so far.

‘They could have chosen to walk away but instead they participated in disgraceful scenes that caused great concern and anger for law-abiding residents of Dover.

“Hopefully all those now serving time for their actions will consider if it was really worth it, and think twice before displaying such behaviour in future.”

Large-scale violence had erupted that January day when a march far right groups led by the South East Alliance was countered by a protest by Kent Network Against Racism and Dover Stand Up to Racism.

Their protest had begun with a peaceful rally at Market Square but several people at the rally, many masked, broke away to confront the far right arriving at Dover Priory Station.

The height of the violence was when the two factions threw missiles at each other at either end of Effingham Street.

Kent Online

Marin Corner is best known for his attempt to burn the EU flag.

A VIGILANTE gang beat up a vulnerable man in his home after accusing him of being a paedophile.

At Bolton Crown Court, Brian Cooper was jailed for a year, while Patricia Roberts and Paul Tong were each given suspended prison sentences after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm to the man at his house in Farnworth.

The court was told how Roberts had gone to the victim’s house on September 2 last year believing her son was inside the property.

Jane Dagnall, prosecuting, said: “Miss Roberts turned up at his address shouting ‘if you’re in there open this door, open this door you paedophile, open the ****ing door.’

“She was banging on the door and the window and was then joined by Mr Cooper who started banging on the window.”

Then 31-year-old Tong pulled up outside the house, with Roberts’ seven-year-old son in his car.

Mrs Dagnall said that, despite this, the three adults continued to attack the house, with Tong then kicking the door off its hinges and causing £500 worth of damage.

Cooper and Roberts rushed into the house and a neighbour, who had heard the shouting and banging, called the police.

Mrs Dagnall said: “Miss Roberts went in the living room and started punching the victim seven or eight times in the head.

“Mr Cooper then punched him hard to the right hand side of his head causing him to fall backwards on to the sofa.”

The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for a fractured cheek bone and bruises and cuts.

Cooper, aged 40, and Roberts, 40, both of Starcliffe Street, Farnworth and Tong, of Ainsworth Road, Little Lever, all pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

Martin Pizzey, defending Roberts, said that on the day of the attack she was at work and had left her son with a babysitter. But when she called later in the day she discovered that he was missing.

He said: “It is unusual circumstances that led to her being at this man’s house. It has been mentioned that this could be viewed as a vigilante attack on a vulnerable person, but so far as Miss Roberts was concerned she was under the impression at the time that her child was still in that building.

“At no point was she told that he was in the car with Mr Tong. It is a regrettable misunderstanding as the information she received from the babysitter was mistaken.”

The court heard that she was told by the babysitter that her son had gone to the house, where it was claimed the man had been giving children sweets and small amounts of money.

Mr Pizzey added: “She fully accepts her responsibility and that her reaction was inappropriate and if she could turn back time she would. However, her behaviour could be described as maternal protective instinct — but sadly reason went out of the window.”

Marianne Alton, defending Cooper, said that there was no premeditation in the attack.

She said: “They went there looking for answers as to where Miss Roberts’ son was — there was no intention of assaulting the victim. The victim did not open the door and she was still looking for answers and the events escalated out of control.”

Sentencing Cooper to 12 months in jail, Recorder Simon Killeen told him: “The reality is that you had turned up at his (the victim’s) house and Mr Tong turned up with Miss Roberts’ son in his car and the man was not a danger to anybody.

“Instead of contacting the police and behaving civilly, you acted like a group of thugs.

“At some point you must have realised that you were deliberately targeting this man and you were all part of that group.

“It was an act of terror towards a vulnerable man in his own home.”

Recorder Killeen added that Cooper’s “appalling” previous record was an aggravating feature in his case and as the defendant was led from the dock he punched a wall.

The judge said Tong had a “limited role” in the incident and he was given an eight month jail sentence suspended for two years.

He was also given 100 hours unpaid work and will have to wear an electronic tag for two months as part of a 6pm to 6am curfew.

Roberts was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years and Recorder Killeen told her: “This is totally out of character and it’s obvious from when you left the house with your head in your hands saying ‘what on earth have I done’ that you were remorseful.”

She must also carry out 150 hours unpaid work and will be subject to a 7pm to 7am curfew, wearing an electronic tag, for two months.

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Wayne Riley outside Bolton magistrates court

Wayne Riley outside Bolton magistrates court

A PROTESTER has been fined after parking outside polling stations on General Election day with a ‘Labour paedo party’ sign on his van.

Police were called to Horwich Library in Jones Street on May 7 after the white van had been spotted there, Bolton Magistrates Court heard.

Officers traced the van to Wayne Riley and found it on the street outside his Singleton Avenue home — still with two signs stuck to the side.

Riley swore and became abusive to officers, who quizzed him about the signs, the other of which read ‘please do not vote Labour’.

He was arrested after police made repeated efforts to reason with him, the court was told.

Riley appeared in court yesterday representing himself, but was removed by security staff at the request of chair of the bench Roz Clarke, after repeatedly shouting down magistrates and court staff.

He left the court building and security staff were instructed not to let him back in. The case was then heard in his absence.

Giving evidence, Sgt Alex Metcalfe said: “I could see straight away that he was angry and belligerent.

“He was swearing and he was aggressive. Children of school age were playing out and they were within hearing distance of what he was saying.

“His behaviour, coupled with the signs he had put on his van, and the fact we had already been called to one incident meant I was alarmed at how he was behaving.

“There were children playing out and mums walking past his can. There was no option but to arrest him.”

PC Alison Casey said in her evidence that Riley eventually turned his abuse to her, saying “the police never do anything about child abuse”.

The court heard she might not have taken any action had Riley calmed down and removed the signs from the van — which was parked on the street in full public view — but he refused to do so.

Riley was found guilty of a public order offence of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

He must pay a court bill of £1,255, comprising a £350 fine, £350 in costs, £520 criminal courts charge and a £35 victim surcharge.

On the day of the election, Labour councillor for Horwich Kevin McKeon said: “I feel sorry for a person whose bitterness can compel them to do something like this.

“I don’t think this will have any effect on voters today.

“I am of course disappointed that someone has done this but I am very pleased that the police have taken swift and correct action on the matter.”

Labour MP Julie Hilling went on to lose her Bolton West seat to the Conservatives’ Chris Green by just 801 votes.
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Mosque protest

Mosque protest

A PROTESTER has been convicted of shouting racist abuse from the top of a bus leaving a demonstration against a planned new mosque in Astley Bridge.

Shaun Jones had been at a demonstration led by the North West Infidels at the site of the proposed mosque in Blackburn Road on on Saturday, August 2, last year.

After the protest, Jones was seen to racially abuse a group of Asian men after poking his head through the roof of the bus and gesticulating at the crowd.

Jones left but police circulated his description and he was promptly arrested.

The 34-year-old, of Cromwell Road, Eccles, pleaded guilty to the charge at Bolton Magistrates Court.

He was conditionally discharged for three years and ordered to pay £415 costs.

Jones had previously denied the charges but changed his plea, with the period of his conditional discharge rising from two to three years because it was racially aggravated.

Ch Supt Shaun Donnellan said: “There is no place for any type of racist behaviour, especially those individuals who use the guise of a peaceful protest as a way of verbally attacking our community.

“Any reports made to police will be thoroughly investigated and positive action will be taken.”

Dozens of protestors attended the rally organised by the far right group the North West Infidels.

It was the second large-scale demonstration at the site of the application made by Taiyabah Islamic Centre, with dozens of police officers deployed to control the protests.

Hundreds of members of the local community also took to the streets.

Plans were approved by Bolton Council in July at a meeting which was disrupted by angry protesters from campaigners when the decision was made.

Councillors had to be escorted from the Festival Hall at Bolton Town Hall while the protesters were escorted out.

Cllr Guy Harkin, who represents Crompton ward, said: “Some of the behaviour at the protests was obscene and disgusting.

“I am very pleased that there has been a conviction and regret that there have not been more, although I understand that the police have to keep the peace and it is very difficult to gather evidence in this sort of melee.”

The plot of land just off Canning Street has been earmarked for a mosque, complete with a dome, minaret tower and 19 classrooms.

Those behind the proposals say the new building will bridge the gap between “negative perceptions” of Islam and the faith’s true meaning.
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Tom NelsonAN English Defence League supporter from Bolton is part of a large group jailed after violence flared at a protest in Birmingham.

Thomas Nelson, aged 21, of Seaforth Road, Astley Bridge, has been convicted of violent disorder and jailed for 22 months.

He was one of 50 men to have appeared before Birmingham Crown Court over the past five weeks after violent scenes in the city on July 20, 2013.

After EDL protestors listened to speeches and displayed their flags, factions of the crowd of about 2,000 supporters started to turn violent with missiles being thrown at police, who were trying to maintain order.

A number of police officers suffered minor injuries as they tried to restore order in what they said was a “violent minority”.

After the disorder in Centenary Square, police launched an inquiry to track down those involved.

West Midlands Police said they conducted operations across the midlands and further afield to catch them all, with appeals to trace suspects featuring on the BBC’s Crimewatch programme in January last year – leading to a flood of calls to the incident room.

People were arrested from as far afield as West Sussex and Tyne and Wear, having travelled to the West Midlands to take part in the demonstration.

The sentences ranged from a 12 month community order to 3 years 8 months imprisonment.

Supt Richard Baker, from Birmingham Police, said: “A team of detectives have worked tirelessly on this investigation for more than a year, determined to trace those involved in the disorder and bring them to justice.

“People who commit public order offences such as these should not rest easy as, no matter how long it takes, we will find you.”

Full list of people sentenced:

1. Ashley Rowland, aged 25, of Adwick Road, Nesborough – 31 months
2. Neil Jones, aged 45, of Meadow Farm Drive, Shrewsbury – 15 months
3. Melvyn Parker, 46, of Mewtondale Avenue, Mansfield – 24 months
4. Andrew Edge, aged 44, of Wellington Road, Stockport – 21 months
5. Mark Connor, aged 25, of Tantara Street, Walsall – 22 months
6. James Harrington, aged 30, of Kentmere Avenue, Leeds – 24 months
7. William Bartlett, aged 26, of Hotspur Avenue, Whitley Bay – 12 months
8. Joel Smith, aged 24, of Lupton Road, Sheffield – 30 months
9. James Cocks, aged 35, of Binton Close, Redditch – 24 months
10. Jake Hill, aged 32, of Church Street, Stourbridge – 22 months
11. Alan Fisher Crib, aged 20, of Wheeler Street, Newtown – 10 months
12. Shane Williams, aged 27, of Dragons Lane, Leicester – 24 months
13. Lloyd Lewis, aged 23, of Cooks Close, Atherstone – 14 months
14. Josh Norrey, aged 23, of Priors Way, Erdington – 25 months
15. Adam Beebee, aged 28, of Boundary Road, Erdington – 13 months
16. Anthony Webster, aged 38, of West Road, Newcastle – 21 months
17. Thomas Wilkie aged 23, of Kent Road, Wednesbury – 18 months
18. Rob Pay, aged 35, of Gypsy Lane, Erdington – 22 months
19. James Olley-Shields, aged 22, of Hanbury Hill, Stourbridge – 12 months
20. John Warrender, aged 28, of Oakdale Close, Oldbury – 15 months
21. Gareth Wall, aged 25, of Moresdale Lane, Leeds – 20 months
22. Thomas Milner, aged 21, of Herbert Street, Darlington – 16 months
23. Philip Collins, aged 28 – 16months + 2 + 17 months TOTAL 35 months
24. Benjamin Crowder, aged 22, of Lumsdale Crescent, Matlock – 24 months
25. Christopher Michael Layton, aged 28, of Tustin Grove, Acocks Green – 14 months + 6months TOTAL 20 months
26. Jason Harris, aged 40, of Lime Street, Eccles – 20 Months
27. Lee Joshua, aged 43, of St Marys Court, Brierley Hill – 16 months
28. Michael Dyer, aged 34, of Morse Road, Nailbridge – 12 months
29. Steven Cooke, aged 39, of London Road South, Lowestoft – 24 months
30. Simon Reeve, aged 43, of London Road, South, Lowestoft – 18 months
31. Adrian Rimmel, aged 51, of Swallow Avenue, Smithswood – 24 months
32. Thomas Flynn, aged 22, of Grange Drive, Swindon – 14 months
33. Otis Bloodworth, aged 36, of Market Place, Alford – 18 months
34. Scott Davidson, aged 24, of Camross Drive, Shrewsbury – 12 months
35. Gary Watts, aged 30, of Stevens Close, Canvey Island – 15 months
36. Andrew Warren/McGill, aged 48, of Freehold Street, Shoreham by Sea – 12 months
37. Stuart Snowball, aged 24, of Howarth Street, Sunderland – 13 months
38. Danny Purvis, aged 34, of Newcastle Hill, Kent – 27 months
39. Thomas Nelson, aged 21, of Seaforth Road, Bolton – 22 months
40. Matthew Dunn, aged 28, of Park Rod, Lowestoft – 12 months
41. Marc Collins, aged 34, of Bandywood Crescent, Kingstanding – 12 months
42. Lee Hunter, aged 32, of Nidd Drive, Castleford – 6 months
43. Sonny Marland, aged 20, of Meadow Road, Melksham – 8 months
44. Kenny Graham, aged 20, of Ottawa Road, Middlesborough – 26 months
45. Kane Moffatt, aged 22, of Hawthorne Crescent, Mexborough – 22 months
46. Adam Emms, aged 24, of Donnington Close, Redditch – 13 +13 TOTAL 26 months
47. Joshua Wall, aged 21, of The Ridgeway Erdington -16 + 29 +1 TOTAL 46 months
48. Karl Reed, aged 51, of Maple Grove, Bletchley – community order 12 months (not pictured)
49. Jamie Wilder, aged 22, Devonshire Road, Hastings – total of 6 and a half years (including other offences)
50. Mark Morgan, aged 25, of St Johns Avenue, Newcastle – 16 months

Sentencing of Michael Wilson, aged 20, of Arkley Crescent, Hartlepool, has been adjourned until January 30.

Dean Kenny is wanted in connection with the investigation.

Two men are yet to appear before court, charged with violent disorder at the counter demonstration on the day of the July 2013 protest.

Khurram Shabir, aged 22 of Finnemore Road, Bordesley Green, Birmingham, pleaded guilty at a hearing in December and awaits sentence.

Nadeem Zaffar, aged 26, of Somerville Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, awaits trial at Birmingham Crown Court on January 12.

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