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POMPEY football thugs who terrorised Portsmouth city centre ahead of a Plymouth game were shown no mercy by a judge who threw eight hooligans behind bars for a total of nearly 10 years.

The gang of 16 defendants, who appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court throughout the week, were clinging to the hope they may be spared jail for their violent disorder before the League Two clash in April last year.

Stills from body-worn police cameras during violence before the Pompey-Plymouth game in 2017. 'Eight men have now been jailed.

Stills from body-worn police cameras during violence before the Pompey-Plymouth game in 2017. ‘Eight men have now been jailed.

But those hopes were crushed for half of them as one by one they were sent down.

Despite lengthy running battles against police in Guildhall Square and clashes with Plymouth fans, including where one was repeatedly booted like a football, things could have been far worse.

Sentencing the group, Judge Timothy Mousley said: ‘It is a matter of luck there were no serious injuries especially to the man on the floor getting kicked.’

Robbie Fowler, 22, of April Square, Landport, was handed the longest jail term out of the hooligans after he was given two years behind bars and a six year football banning order.

Judge Mousley told Fowler, who was serving a four year banning order at the time, he was the ‘most prominent among the group’ with him seen ‘limbering up’ to fight. Chief among his offences in amongst the constant violent disorder were him kicking out at a police dog and trying to get a policeman to fight him.

Matthew Allinson, 33, of Frogmore Lane, Waterlooville was given 18 months jail and a six year football banning order.

Richard Hampshire, 26, of Tudor Crescent, was given 14 months custody and a six year football banning order.

Ryan Keating, 19, of Oxenwood Green, Havant, was given 13 months in a young offenders institute and a six year football banning order.

Anthony Hopkins, 22, of Langley Road, Buckland, was given 12 months prison and a six year football banning order.

Tommy Russell, 20, of Appleshaw Green, Havant, received 12 months at a young offenders institute and a six year banning order.

Harley Hawkins, 19, of Whitecliffe Avenue, Copnor, was handed the same sentence.

Sean Mitchell, 46, of Chaucer Drive, Chichester, was handed 14 months prison and a six year football banning order.

Simon Hore, 33, of Medina Road, Cosham, was given 13 months prison suspended for 18 months, 250 hours unpaid work, compensation of £250 to Pompey and a four year football banning order.

Louis Glasspool received the same sentence but was given 10 months at a young offenders institute suspended for 18 months.

Harry Jarvie, 21, of Manor Road, Buckland also received the same but was given 12 months jail suspended for 18 months.

Connor Bowen, 19, of Lower Farlington Road, Farlington, was handed eight months in a detention centre suspended for 18 months, was given 250 hours unpaid work, 20 rehabilitation days, told to pay Pompey £250 and given a four year football banning order.

Tommy Houlden, 19, of Hayling Avenue, Copnor, was given the same as Bowen but was given 15 months at a detention centre suspended for 18 months and 15 rehabilitation days.

Asa Palmer, 23, of Sea View Road, Drayton, got nine months jail suspended for 18 months, 250 hours unpaid work, 20 rehabilitation days, told to pay compensation of £250 and a four year football banning order.

Jack Stobart, 23, of April Square, Landport, was given 12 months jail suspended for 18 months, 250 hours unpaid work, a four year football banning order and told to pay Pompey £250.

Shane Bartram, 26, of Goodwood Road, Southsea, got 12 months prison suspended for 18 months, as well as 250 hours unpaid work, told to pay £250 compensation and a four year banning order.
Portsmouth News

A CUNNING rogue staged a bogus 21st birthday bash in a staggering bid to cheat the law and escape justice.

Geoffrey Leigh Ewart went to extraordinary lengths to wriggle out of trouble for a Middlesbrough street brawl.

He faked his own 21st birthday party and falsified photographs to prove his arrest was a case of mistaken identity.

He tried to make the camera lie with pictures showing himself wearing a 21st birthday badge and blowing out candles on a 21st birthday cake.

The snaps were really taken 18 months or more after his real 21st birthday celebrations.

His audacious but doomed attempt to pull the wool over the courts’ eyes backfired spectacularly with a long prison sentence yesterday.

A well-timed pub refurb and detective work rumbled Ewart’s elaborate deception.

Teesside Crown Court heard how Ewart, now 24, was caught in a melee near Albert Bridge at about 2.15am on September 26, 2008.

Five police officers identified him from CCTV footage as the man headbutting and kicking another unidentified man for no apparent reason.

When interviewed Ewart said he wasn’t there and “it didn’t even look like me”.

He produced the photographs which he claimed would prove his innocence – some supposedly taken around his 21st birthday in May 2007, months before the street fight.

They showed him with a tattoo on his right arm – unlike the man in the CCTV film.

CPS prosecutor Alexander Menary said: “It is meant to say, ‘This couldn’t have been me because my tattoo would have been shown, because here I am on these photographs with it on May 2007’.”

The scam was undone with police inquiries at the Norman Conquest pub in Normanby, where the “birthday” pictures were taken.

The pub owner said the photos must have been taken after refurbishments, which took place after Ewart’s fight.

Other photographs were doctored with dates superimposed on to them.

Ewart, of Grisedale Crescent, Grangetown, admitted affray and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He also admitted an unprovoked actual bodily harm assault on a man at the Garage pub on January 16, 2009.

He repeatedly punched Ryan Leopard-Sheffield leaving him with cuts, bruises and a chipped tooth.

The judge, Recorder Jonathan Sandiford, saw it was Ewart’s subterfuge which earned him the jail term rather than the violence.

He said: “I’m afraid this was not the panicked reaction of somebody giving a false name to the police station.

“It was a pre-meditated, determined and well-planned attack on the court process. It involved the manufacture of evidence. It was persisted in.”

He said it was sinister that Ewart’s solicitors were given the names of people in the photographs to seek statements backing up his lies.

“It’s plain to me that to have any chance of success this scheme would have had to have involved persuading those individuals to give false evidence to say that that was your 21st birthday party.

“In fact, as we know now, it must have been staged at a later point.

“It has been said many times that the court process must be protected,” added the judge.

“And you transformed what was a case involving two bad enough incidents of violence into something more serious.”

Ewart, who had only one previous conviction, was jailed for two-and-a-half years, his first prison sentence, including 18 months for the deception.

Jonathan Walker, defending, said: “It appears to be a fairly determined attempt to warp the smooth running of the criminal justice system.

“The ill-judged stupidity started to unravel when he approached members of his family who quite properly refused to become involved in their son’s folly.

“It became abundantly clear that this was an ill-judged attempt to ramp up what he believed was a proper defence.”

He added Ewart apologised for his “drunken and thuggish activities”, was not inherently violent and had not been violent in the last 18 months.

Ewart was otherwise amiable, industrious, hard-working with strong family support and character references.

Mr Walker said on the day of the 2008 affray Ewart had been to the funeral of a friend whom he had found dead.
Gazette Live

From 2010.

Geoffrey Ewart, from Grangetown, left one girl scarred for life after bombing around Scarborough in a BMW 330

Geoff Ewart appeared at York Crown Court to admit a dangerous driving charge

Geoff Ewart appeared at York Crown Court to admit a dangerous driving charge

A banned drink-driver who seriously injured two teenage girls in a seaside horror crash has been jailed.

Geoffrey Ewart, from Grangetown, bombed around Scarborough in a BMW 330 when the car careered off the road and tumbled down a steep embankment.

The 30-year-old – who ignored his passengers’ frantic pleas to stop – ran from the wrecked vehicle, leaving the two girls trapped inside.

Prosecutor Andrew Semple said one of them suffered catastrophic injuries including broken bones and was left immobile for weeks.

Mr Semple said the car, which had come off its wheels, had £12,500 of damage in the smash on Castle Road on June 24 last year.

Police found Ewart at a nearby taxi rank at about 1am.

Ewart, of Grisedale Crescent, was breathalysed three hours later by which time his alcohol level had dipped, but experts worked out that at the time of the accident he would have been about one-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit.

The offshore oil rigger admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving, aggravated vehicle-taking, drink-driving, having no insurance and driving while disqualified.

Ewart once faked own 21st birthday party to evade justice

York Crown Court heard that the BMW belonged to Ewart’s father and that his son had taken it without his consent before setting off for Scarborough.

After picking up his passengers, he began to drive “very fast”.

Mr Semple said: “One of the girls said her head was forced back into the seat by his speed.”

He rejected their pleas to let them out before the car left the road and clattered through bushes as it rolled down the embankment.

The older girl suffered a broken shoulder and fractured pelvis.

Her injuries were so serious she was transferred to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough where she underwent several operations, had two blood transfusions and remained bed-bound for three weeks.

It was another six weeks before she could move without a wheelchair or crutches.

She was left scarred for life with a 14cm injury on her arm.

The younger girl suffered whiplash injuries and had to undergo 10 weeks of physio.

Scarborough crash followed ‘night of sheer stupidity and madness’

Ewart had three convictions including one for violence and perverting the course of justice in 2010, when he was jailed for punching a man repeatedly during a street brawl in Middlesbrough.

Ewart tried to evade justice on that occasion by faking his own 21st birthday party and using falsified photos from the pub ‘shindig’ in a forlorn attempt to convince police he was elsewhere at the time of the incident.

Following his release from prison in December 2014, he was caught drink-driving and given a 12-month ban.

Ewart’s barrister James Kemp said the horror crash in Scarborough followed a “night of sheer stupidity and madness”.

But Judge Richard Wright QC slammed Ewart for his “dangerous, show-off” driving and “callous” decision to leave the girls in the car as he fled the scene.

“You have shown little or no remorse towards your victims,” he added.

Ewart was jailed for two years and eight months, and given a five-year driving ban.

Gazette Live

From 2016.

A man has been jailed after violence flared during a march and counter demonstration in Sunderland.

Police made three arrests on Saturday afternoon following disorder in the city centre.

The Wearside-based Justice for the Women and Children Group, which campaigns against sexual violence and assault, organised a march through the city centre, which was joined by members of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA).

March organiser Tasha Allan defended the group’s involvement in the protest: “The football lads are not racist, they have proved that,” she said.

“Just because somebody has said somebody is racist does not mean they are.”

The two groups marched down Fawcett Street before turning up up High Street West to make their way to the former Crowtree Leisure Centre site for a rally addressed by speakers including UKIP leader Gerard Batten.

Previous Justice for Women and Children Group protests have passed off without incident but trouble erupted on Saturday when the march reached Keel Square, where a counter demo organised by Sunderland Unites and Stand Up To Racism North East was taking place.

Some protesters defied the efforts of march stewards and tried to break through police lines which separated the two groups.

Two of the three men who were arrested were charged with assaulting a police officer.

Lee Graham Parkinson, 36, of no fixed abode, appeared before South Tyneside Magistrates Court this morning and pleaded guilty to the charge.

He was jailed for 12 weeks, with a further 12 weeks to run consecutively imposed for breach of a suspended sentence.

Fifty-eight-year-old Thomas Allen, of Hartside Road, Sunderland, who was also charged with assaulting a police officer, will appear before South Tyneside Magistrates on Monday, October 15.

A third man, aged 24, has been served with a fixed penalty notice for disorderly behaviour.

Sunderland Echo

A TEENAGER who pulled a knife on two cab drivers in two days will be detained in a young offenders’ institution for 12 months.

Alex Grogan brandished a knife at the cabbies after they asked him to pay his fare, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

The 19-year-old, of South Parade, Cleckheaton, swung the knife at one of the drivers, who then suffered a cut to his hand when he tried to defend himself.

The incidents happened on April 22 and 23 this year, when Grogan had been drinking.

In the first, Grogan was taken from his home to another address in Cleckheaton. When they arrived, Grogan claimed he needed to get some money but, when asked by the driver to leave something as insurance, he produced a six-inch knife, the court was told.

Prosecutor Duncan Ritchie added: “He swore at the driver then walked away.”

The following day, Grogan booked a cab with a different company to take him from Dewsbury to Cleckheaton. When he was asked for the fare, Grogan pulled out a knife and swung it towards the driver, who fought back.

After a struggle, Grogan got out of the car but dropped his mobile phone and another knife, which the cabbie drove off with. Grogan was arrested the next day.

Mr Ritchie said: “The driver was struggling to sleep after the incident. He feared the defendant might attack him again in the future.”

At an earlier hearing, Grogan pleaded guilty to six offences — two of having a bladed article in a public place, two of making off without paying, threatening a driver and causing actual bodily harm.

Grogan must also pay a £900 criminal court charge and a £100 victim surcharge.

Telegraph & Argus

Jacob Laskey was on federal probation from a 2002 hate crime conviction

Jacob Albert Laskey, known for his ties to white supremacy, pled guilty to assault in the fourth degree and unlawful use of a weapon on Sept. 10.

According to court records, Circuit Court Judge Valeri Love sentenced Laskey to six months in the Lane County Jail, 30 months at the Department of Corrections and another 24 months of post-prison supervision.

Laskey was arrested on Jan. 19 of this year for a weapon-involved assault. Laskey had been working at his family’s Creswell business Wolfclan Armory, which moved to Cottage Grove, leading to several protests in that city of its alleged racist associations.

According to prior reporting by EW, sources had alleged that Laskey, 38, stabbed a person, later revealed to be a Eugene man named Devin Reid Wolfe, during a party that night in January.

At that time, Laskey was on federal probation from a prior hate crime conviction in 2002 which had earned him 11 years in prison for throwing swastika-etched rocks through the windows of the Temple Beth Israel synagogue in Eugene.

Since his release from jail after that incident, Eugene Antifa and others have alleged that Laskey is tied to American Front, a white supremacist group, though he has denied these claims.

Laskey has claimed that he no longer associates with white supremacists since his stint in prison, but rather refers to himself as an “anti-antifa supremacist.” He was featured in an EW cover story on antifa in Lane County, published in October 2017, in which he talks about his clashes with antifa and anti-fascists in general.

After that story was published, Laskey claims he and others burned and trashed copies of the paper. He sent a video of the burning to EW through the Wolfclan YouTube channel, though it was later deleted.

After that, news of Laskey did not resurface until January’s stabbing incident.

According to Lane County court records, Laskey was set for trial in front of a 12-person jury on Sept. 11, but pled guilty to his charges on Sept. 10.

Laskey was convicted of the Class A misdemeanor of assault in the fourth degree and the Class C felony of unlawful use of a weapon. He was originally charged with another misdemeanor of criminal trespass, though that charge was dismissed.

Eugene Weekly

A DAD and son were beaten unconscious on the way home from a day out at Sunderland Airshow.

Thomas and David Surtees had been on a trip with relatives, including the family’s 86-year-old great-grandfather and a new baby, to watch the seafront displays when they were attacked without reason.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Thomas Surtees’ face and head were kicked and stamped on, leaving him with a serious nose injury which required surgery and may never be fully fixed.

His son David was punched and kicked and left covered in cuts and bruises.

Prosecutor Christopher Rose told the court the attackers had initially shouted abuse at the family before the violence started last July.

He said: “David recalls being kicked from behind. He was knocked to the ground and while on the floor he was kicked and punched until he lost consciousness. His father Thomas tried to intervene and he himself was attacked.

“He was either kicked or stamped to the face, and suffered a significant injury to his nose which involved the internal dorsal collapsing.”

Thomas Allen
, of Wylam Grove, Hendon, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and assault.

The court heard he had Mr Surtees Snr’s blood on his shoes when he was arrested.

The 25-year-old also admitted causing grievous bodily harm to a woman, whose arm was broken when a brick was thrown at her, after violence flared in Borough Road after the Tyne-Wear derby in January.

Judge Roger Thorn sentenced him to a total of 32 months.

Stuart Halliday, 24, of Redwood Court, Sunderland, admitted affray on the basis he was with the group which carried out the attack on the Surtees family, but did not throw any punches or kicks.

He was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, with probation supervision and programme requirements.

Judge Thorn said: “This was violence involving a group attack on a family unit, including a father and son, and more particularly a grandfather who was 86 and a young baby.

“There were women in that group. People are entitled to enjoy themselves and expect to have fun without any violence or apprehension of violence.

“This was the most disgraceful attack.”

Defence barristers said both men plan to stay out of trouble in future.

Sunderland Echo

From 2011