Ever since the EDL was formed back in 2009 the Facebook group Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online (Expose) have been a small but very real pain in the arse for them and their bastard offspring. We are on our 33rd incarnation now due to constant mass reporting to facebook, by the EDL, that’s how little we bother them. Unfortunately for them, we’re going nowhere until they stop with their racism, threats and lies.

What we do is simple, we take their own words of racism, violence and threats and highlight them, exposing their lies, hypocrisy and attempts to put on a rational  face for Joe Public. In doing this we noticed there were an awful lot of out and out criminals, thugs and lawbreakers in their ranks for a protest group that describes itself as a ‘Human Rights Organization‘  so we started to document their crimes.

This blog, in a searchable and tagged form, is an ongoing record of our research into their criminal activities ranging from affray, through football related violence and assault and many racially aggravated crimes, right up to paedophilia and murder. We know there are many that we’ve missed or were unable to get original documented evidence from local press reports or other first hand sources but nonetheless, it’s been a valuable resource for many seeking to show them for what they really are rather than what they claim they are.

For ease of use click the tag or category you are interested in and that will bring up every story that contains that info. Alternatively use the search box.

The criminals listed here are only those who have been arrested, charged and sentenced. Please feel free to send us details regarding pending cases, but we won’t be able to publish the details until due process has been completed.

Facebook: Exposing racism and intolerance online (EDL) XXXIII

Twitter: Far-Right Criminals exposetweets

Blogs: exposingon.tumblr.com/

Youtube: TheExposeTube

Feb 2018 update.

Over the last few years the EDL have become a barely functioning body with fewer and fewer people turning up to their demos. They have been totally superseded by other groups which they have hemorrhaged supporters to.
With that in mind we have decided to re-brand as Far-Right Criminals because even though the EDL is all but gone, the level of criminality hasn’t diminished and our aims and objectives are still the same.

Authors Hazel Zebulon, Dave Hunter, John Goldstein  2011 / 2020

© Exposing racism and intolerance online 2020

  1. LINDA drew said:

    when are going to post what andrew paul heeleys criminal record on here which the police say is as long as his arm, probably longer. I believe he now uses alises after following what another criminal did . Meals with people then he adds their name to his as a middle name. Andrew Standbridge morrisroe is one name I looked into. He doesnt exist in the official records and yet a person of significant influence in a company.

    • Hello Linda, he is not somebody I’ve heard of. If you have news reports and his facebook account I’ll have a look.
      Cheers John.

  2. Sandra da Gama said:

    PLEASE PUBLISH THIS SHORT STATEMENT – CARL GUSTAV BACKLAND. Your report, ‘Six sentenced following violent disorder in Whitehall’, mentions Carl Gustav Backland, 59 (14.11.59)’.


    As a friend of Carl Backland for many years, I need to point out that he was not involved with any of the other defendants below, and he was at the protest, where the incident happened at the request of the Unite the Union and wearing a Unite t-shirt to protest against the Tommy Robison’s supporters.

    The police statement below gives the impression that he was part of a group of Tommy Robison’s supporters, but this is not the case. This is probably why the other defendants received 18 months, but Carl only received 9 months. At the time the Tommy Robinson’s supporters were throwing missiles at the police and Carl was caught up in the situation. I believe that the police are aware that he wasn’t a Tommy Robinson’s supporter. His sentence came out of a situation, in which he was been beaten up, so badly by the police that anyone in such a situation would try to defend themselves. Even though Tommy Robinson’s supporters were shouting: “He’s not one of us” to the police Carl, but the police still went ahead and arrested him.

    I would be very grateful if you can put this statement up on your blog.

    Sandra da Gama, London E3

    (Please withold my name).

    • No, I’ll post at the bottom of the article a note outlining what you say. You need to take it up with Met Police. We didn’t write the article. Just copied it over as we have done from 950+ news articles over the years.

  3. brendan rycroft said:

    why am i on this i’m not far right i’ve never been to any marches i’m entitled to an opinion it doesn’t mean i’m far right as u say so i want you to remove it or i will be seeking legal action

    • Hello, I’m more than happy for you to go ahead with legal action. As we have included screengrabs of your racism I doubt you will get far.
      These sorts of things were covered by a famous case and our response is pretty similar.

      Do a search for Arkell v. Pressdram.

      Cheers and have a nice day!

  4. Daniel Holmes said:

    Iwant my name removed from this site as iwas found guilty due to poilce making wrongful stament against me and fact iwas stopped after finishing work with a box cutter ihad nothing to do with edl or racism what so ever

    • As you seem to be a bit dim or ignorant, I’m going to pin your conviction as the first post people see on this website from Tuesday 25th Feb.

  5. Maria said:

    If I can suggest- systematic tags for “violence against women or girls” “ideological sexism” “misogyny” “domestic violence” and “intimate partner violence” … there is a very clear pattern of such violence on the far right plus specific ideological beliefs driving it that isn’t (as far as I can see) currently tracked by existing tags. Links to “male supremacy” and “sexual entitlement” aka “incel” ideas too. Thank you for this work.

    • That is something we have talked about in the past but for some reason we couldn’t come up with a tag that encompasses everything. Domestic Violence is easy enough to sort, but there is a load of other criminality that doesn’t fit that category.

      Something like violence against women would work but it feels too generalised.

  6. Valerie Quinn said:

    Thank you. I am the Treasurer of Mid Beds CLP.
    This account will be a useful resource for the activities of Mid Bedfordshire Constituency Labour Party.
    We are aware that Yaxley-Lennon lives in the county, and his partner/ ex-partner has just bought a house opposite one of our members, and who is unhappy about it.
    Please feel free to block me if you do not think we should use your account for this.

    • The website is set up for exactly that sort of thing. If you need any other help let us know.

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