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John Blake has been jailed for six years and four months.

John Blake has been jailed for six years and four months.

A thug who tasered a man in the neck after bursting into a block of flats in Scarborough has been jailed for more than six years.

John Henry Blake, 30, rushed into the building armed with a stun gun disguised as a torch and fired at the 28-year-old victim.

The shocking scenes occurred at a multi-occupancy building for young people with behavioural problems, York Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor David Hall said Blake entered the property with two females, including his teenage niece Ellie-Mae Blake. They banged on the victim’s door.

The victim opened the door “in a cautious way, with his shoulder against it”, said the barrister.

“Ellie-Mae Blake and the other female pushed past him and ran into the hallway, followed by the defendant,” he added.

“He (John Blake) is seen to push an instrument into the neck of (the victim), who recoils against the corner of the door frame and rushes outside the building.

“Just behind (the victim) was a second male. Blake points the implement at this second male in the doorway. The male cowers away fearfully.”

Blake and the two females then rushed upstairs where they tried to force their way into a flat on the second floor, “but the occupants refused to respond”, said Mr Hall.

“Blake is holding the stun gun,” he added. “Ellie-Mae Blake is kicking at the door. The occupants are refusing to come out and this group then leaves.”

Police were called to the building in Victoria Court, off Albemarle Back Road, just after the incident at about 10.50pm on February 6 last year.

The victim told them he had been tasered in the neck but was too fearful to make a complaint. He suffered a “significant red mark” to his neck.

Mr Hall said the attack appeared to stem from a “dispute” between the attackers and a male who lived at the block of flats.

Police arrested Blake at his home in Scarborough but he refused to reveal the whereabouts of the weapon, which was at the home of Blake’s pal Lewis Hardy.

The court heard that Hardy, 19, had been guarding the weapon for Blake but had taken no part in the attack. The torch-shaped stun gun was stamped with the word ‘Police’.

Mr Hall said that Blake, of The Croft, Newby, had dozens of previous convictions for burglaries, theft, criminal damage, violence, fraud and drink-related public disorder. He also had a conviction for a previous firearms offence in 2005, when he was caught in possession of a loaded air rifle and ammunition.

He appeared for sentence for the stun-gun incident on Friday after belatedly pleading guilty to possessing a disguised firearm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and failing to answer bail by skipping an earlier court hearing, which resulted in him being remanded in custody in October.

His lawyer David Camidge claimed it was not Blake who had originally been in possession of the gun and that his niece Ellie-Mae Blake, 19, had asked for it back “because she was fearful that she wouldn’t be able to get it back to where it had come from”.

Judge Paul Batty QC said John Blake had been the “leading light” in the terrifying incident and slammed him for his shocking criminal record.

He told the defendant: “You Tasered in the neck this young man who refused to make a statement. It doesn’t take a degree of imagination to understand why that is.”

Blake was jailed for six years and four months.

At a previous court hearing, Mr Batty jailed Ellie-Mae Blake, of Edgehill Road, Scarborough, for five years after she admitted possessing a disguised firearm.

Hardy, of Seamer Road, Scarborough, was given an 18-month suspended prison term for a similar offence. A third male was given the minimum five-year jail sentence for firearms possession.

Scarborough News

David Gallacher was described by the judge as a "shabby racist" and a "thug"

David Gallacher was described by the judge as a “shabby racist” and a “thug”

A “shabby racist” who repeatedly kicked a pregnant Muslim woman, resulting in her losing her unborn baby, has been jailed for almost four years.

David Gallacher, 37, of no fixed address, attacked Samsam Haji-Ali, 34, and her husband outside a Co-op in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, in August.

He admitted actual bodily harm, assault by beating and two counts of racially or religiously aggravated assault.

The judge called him a “thug and a racist to boot.”

Aylesbury Crown Court heard Somali Ms Haji-Ali was racially abused by Gallacher in the Water Eaton Road shop on 4 August.

He swore at her and said: “You come here with your clown outfit on…”

As her husband Abdullah Sulamain, 40, attempted to calm him down in the car park outside, Gallacher hit him on the head with a bottle of wine and a bag of ice.

He then kicked Ms Haji-Ali in the stomach.

Judge Francis Sheridan said: “She told him she was pregnant and he continued to kick her again, after he was told she was pregnant.

“She is left rolling around on the ground in agony and later found there is bleeding, before she lost the baby.”

Ms Haji-Ali miscarried on 24 August

Judge Sheridan said her pregnancy had been “absolutely fine” before the attack, and in his view “the loss of that baby was a direct result of a kick to the stomach of a pregnant woman”.

He told Gallacher: “There was a racial element to this attack.

“The defendant is a shabby racist on the language that he used towards this lady.

“It is time you learnt that your vile conduct and abhorrent views are a thing of the past.”

Gallacher admitted two counts of racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm and three counts of assaulting a police officer during his arrest in September last year.

He was jailed for three years and seven months for the race attacks and four months for the officer assault, to run consecutively.

BBC News

A VIGILANTE gang beat up a vulnerable man in his home after accusing him of being a paedophile.

At Bolton Crown Court, Brian Cooper was jailed for a year, while Patricia Roberts and Paul Tong were each given suspended prison sentences after pleading guilty to causing actual bodily harm to the man at his house in Farnworth.

The court was told how Roberts had gone to the victim’s house on September 2 last year believing her son was inside the property.

Jane Dagnall, prosecuting, said: “Miss Roberts turned up at his address shouting ‘if you’re in there open this door, open this door you paedophile, open the ****ing door.’

“She was banging on the door and the window and was then joined by Mr Cooper who started banging on the window.”

Then 31-year-old Tong pulled up outside the house, with Roberts’ seven-year-old son in his car.

Mrs Dagnall said that, despite this, the three adults continued to attack the house, with Tong then kicking the door off its hinges and causing £500 worth of damage.

Cooper and Roberts rushed into the house and a neighbour, who had heard the shouting and banging, called the police.

Mrs Dagnall said: “Miss Roberts went in the living room and started punching the victim seven or eight times in the head.

“Mr Cooper then punched him hard to the right hand side of his head causing him to fall backwards on to the sofa.”

The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated for a fractured cheek bone and bruises and cuts.

Cooper, aged 40, and Roberts, 40, both of Starcliffe Street, Farnworth and Tong, of Ainsworth Road, Little Lever, all pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

Martin Pizzey, defending Roberts, said that on the day of the attack she was at work and had left her son with a babysitter. But when she called later in the day she discovered that he was missing.

He said: “It is unusual circumstances that led to her being at this man’s house. It has been mentioned that this could be viewed as a vigilante attack on a vulnerable person, but so far as Miss Roberts was concerned she was under the impression at the time that her child was still in that building.

“At no point was she told that he was in the car with Mr Tong. It is a regrettable misunderstanding as the information she received from the babysitter was mistaken.”

The court heard that she was told by the babysitter that her son had gone to the house, where it was claimed the man had been giving children sweets and small amounts of money.

Mr Pizzey added: “She fully accepts her responsibility and that her reaction was inappropriate and if she could turn back time she would. However, her behaviour could be described as maternal protective instinct — but sadly reason went out of the window.”

Marianne Alton, defending Cooper, said that there was no premeditation in the attack.

She said: “They went there looking for answers as to where Miss Roberts’ son was — there was no intention of assaulting the victim. The victim did not open the door and she was still looking for answers and the events escalated out of control.”

Sentencing Cooper to 12 months in jail, Recorder Simon Killeen told him: “The reality is that you had turned up at his (the victim’s) house and Mr Tong turned up with Miss Roberts’ son in his car and the man was not a danger to anybody.

“Instead of contacting the police and behaving civilly, you acted like a group of thugs.

“At some point you must have realised that you were deliberately targeting this man and you were all part of that group.

“It was an act of terror towards a vulnerable man in his own home.”

Recorder Killeen added that Cooper’s “appalling” previous record was an aggravating feature in his case and as the defendant was led from the dock he punched a wall.

The judge said Tong had a “limited role” in the incident and he was given an eight month jail sentence suspended for two years.

He was also given 100 hours unpaid work and will have to wear an electronic tag for two months as part of a 6pm to 6am curfew.

Roberts was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years and Recorder Killeen told her: “This is totally out of character and it’s obvious from when you left the house with your head in your hands saying ‘what on earth have I done’ that you were remorseful.”

She must also carry out 150 hours unpaid work and will be subject to a 7pm to 7am curfew, wearing an electronic tag, for two months.

Bolton News

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A MAN has been jailed after creeping into a friend’s bedroom, throwing a glass of milk in her face and attacking her.

Peter Scotter, who had known his victim for more than 20 years, let himself into her bedroom where punched her repeatedly and hit her with the empty glass after throwing the contents in her face during the 15-minute ordeal.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the 52-year-old had accused the woman, who he would regularly meet for cups of tea as a friend, of spreading rumours about him.

She was left with a swollen face and a cut to her scalp from the glass attack.

Judge John Evans yesterday jailed Scotter, of Hendon Close, Sunderland, for 21 months and ordered him to stay away from his victim forever, under the terms of a restraining order.

The judge told him: “You assaulted her in a way which was wholly unacceptable. It was an appalling incident.”

The court heard the victim had been asleep when she heard a noise in her home and somebody coming up the stairs in the early morning of November 10 last year.

Prosecutor Simon Worthy told the court: “Before she had a chance to speak he punched her three times to the face.

“He then picked up a glass of milk from the bedside cabinet and threw the milk in her face before hitting the glass off the top of her head.”

The court heard at the time of the attack Scotter was on a suspended sentence for hurling racist abuse at a shopkeeper.

Jamie Adams, defending, said Scotter had been “lifelong” friends with the woman.

Mr Adams said: “They had been friends since they were very small and had helped each other out over the years.

“It was the fact of being wrongfully called in the way he was he took umbrage with.”

Scotter had admitted assault causing bodily harm.

Sunderland Echo

One of Sutton’s most wanted violent offenders was arrested this week after an undercover crime blitz led the borough’s top cop.

Christopher Brett, of Carshalton Road, Sutton, was arrested after Borough Commander Guy Ferguson launched a massive undercover operation to “disrupt and catch criminals”.

Dozens of plain-clothed officers, from Sutton’s Wanted Offender Team, flooded the High Street on Tuesday searching for outstanding suspects.

One officer spotted Brett, who was oblivious to the police presence around him, casually walking through the High Street.

The surprised 29-year-old was arrested on the spot and was held in custody until he appeared at Sutton Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

He was ordered to return on November 24 while probation reports were organised.

Borough Commander Guy Ferguson said: “This was a good result and criminals be warned: these impromptu operations will be repeated over the coming weeks and months.

“Sutton is a low crime borough and a safe borough and we are determined to keep it that way.”

Brett was wanted by police after he dodged a separate magistrates’ court hearing in September.

Despite being absent from court that day, he was found guilty of causing actual bodily harm to a 41-year-old man at a Carshalton party in May.

Supt Phil Willis, the officer leading Operation Holly, said: “The arrest of this wanted man was a good piece of police work and showed that officers have a good knowledge of outstanding suspects and are committed to catching offenders.”

The impromptu police operation coincided with the launch of Operation Holly to disrupt criminal activity and keep Sutton safe during the festive party season.

Sutton Guardian


A gang attacked a man with metal bars and pieces of wood outside his house – following a row about barbecue parties.

Two of the six men involved in the frightening assault in Wath-upon-Dearne last July have now been jailed for their part in the attack during which their victim was knocked unconscious and badly injured.

 Jack Houlton

Jack Houlton

The victim said he had been living ‘like a prisoner in his own home’ following the attack that involved one of his neighbours.

Danny Hare and Jack Houlton were both jailed at Sheffield Crown Court after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, said the victim’s rear garden backed onto the neighbouring property lived in by Hare, who had moved in a few months before the attack.

He said after a number of ‘minor or petty’ disagreements between them, on June 30 Hare had hosted a ‘noisy barbecue’ in which water balloons were thrown towards the victim’s open kitchen window.

Mr Goldsack said when the man asked them to stop,‘threats and abuse’ were shouted towards him.

The man hosted his own family barbecue on July 4 which ended around 10.30pm.

Mr Goldsack said shortly after midnight a man had gone to the victim’s house and repeatedly banged on the front door.

The man left after the victim said he would call the police.

Shortly after, the man left the house to walk his aunt home but six men came out of a passageway and chased him as he tried to run home.

Mr Goldsack said: “As he got to the front door, he tried to grab the door frame but felt his legs being pulled away.

“There was then a heavy blow to the back of his head and he could hear shouts of ‘Get him out of the house’.

“He thinks he lost consciousness.

“He came to in the front garden and his stepson and aunt were pulling him towards the house.”

Mr Goldsack said the man recalled being hit numerous times.

He said the victim was a self-employed builder who had at least six weeks off work because of the injuries, which included a fractured cheekbone, double vision and nerve damage.

The 36-year-old said he had been ‘living like a prisoner in my own house’ following the attack and knowing some of the people that attacked him were still at large.

Dermot Hughes, representing Houlton, said his client was now ‘remorseful’.

He said: “He has expressed sorrow for what happened to the victim. It must have been an awful attack.”

The court was told Hunt hoped to have his sentence suspended so he could return to Sheffield to live with his mother and restart working.

Judge Julian Goose QC said: “This was a frightening attack in front of his family and friends. This has caused him considerable harm.”

Hare, 28, of Bushfield Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, was jailed for two years.

Houlton, 26, of Trough Drive, Thrybergh, was given a lesser sentence of 20 months’ imprisonment because of his earlier guilty plea.

Sheffield Star

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A man who broke his cousin’s nose by head-butting him at a family party has been jailed for 14 months.

Gerald McCullion, 33, of St Helier’s Road, South Shore, Blackpool, was also accused of biting off a large chunk of an uncle’s ear at the same party but was cleared at an earlier hearing.

McCullion’s cousin was celebrating his 21st birthday party at an address on Duke Street, Blackpool, last December when violence flared.

Not only was his cousin left with a broken nose, McCullion also assaulted another man by barging into him as he stormed out.

The defendant admitted offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and also common assault.

A sentencing hearing at Preston Crown Court heard how he had been estranged from members of his family, but went along to the birthday party after it carried on from a pub.

When a row broke out between him and a relative, his cousin tried to act as a peacemaker but was attacked.

Rachel Woods, defending, told the hearing McCullion believed others had been acting aggressively towards him.

He claimed he had resorted to head-butting his cousin in order to get away from him.

But jailing him for 14 months, Judge Robert Altham told him he had effectively used his head as a weapon.

He said: “His intention was to try and persuade you the rest of the family had not set their face against you.

“He was trying to make peace between you and the rest of the family.

“Maybe he took hold of you, but your response was wholly unacceptable.”

Several weeks ago, McCullion was cleared of attacking his uncle by biting off part of his ear and causing a fractured jaw.

He told a jury he had not been involved and claimed he could not have done it because he was missing his upper front teeth.

Blackpool Gazette


Cleveland Police picture of Scott Weedall, 40, jailed for 21 months for assault at Teesside Crown Court

Cleveland Police picture of Scott Weedall, 40, jailed for 21 months for assault at Teesside Crown Court

A harrowing 999 call captured the moments a terrified woman desperately begged for help while hiding from her attacker.

A hushed courtroom heard part of the 12-minute recording in which the petrified victim pleaded in panicked whispers: “Hurry up. Hurry up. Please please please.”

She sought refuge in a bathroom as her raging assailant Scott Weedall pounded on the door, armed with a baseball bat, bellowing: “Open the door.”

She was so scared she could not remember where she was or who had just been punching her.

A Teesside Crown Court judge said today it was one of the worst assault cases he had ever had to deal with.

Weedall, 40, repaid the woman’s kindness with violence after she took a taxi to his home on South Avenue, Billingham in the early hours of February 25.

She was concerned for him after he posted a Facebook message saying he was going to “end it”.

She saw him swigging vodka from the bottle after he had drunk 26 cans of lager and cider, the court was told.

After some “banter”, he exposed himself to her but she resisted his advances.

She got into bed with him but turned him down again when he tried to kiss and cuddle her.

He “exploded” and pushed her off the bed, trapping her between it and the wall, said prosecutor David Crook.

He hit her, delivering powerful, forceful blows to her head and face as she shouted: “Please stop.”

She did not remember how she got away, but locked herself in the bathroom and called 999.

She was so scared during the call it took her nine minutes to remember Weedall’s name.

She stalled Weedall as he banged on the door repeatedly shouting: “Open the door now. Open the door.”

Weedall bowed his head in the dock as he listened to the distressing call, apparently for the first time.

The call handler tried to get more information and reassure her while tracing her phone.

Weedall walked away from the bathroom door during the 999 call and had to be restrained when police arrived.

Officers had to convince the woman to open the door. She suffered a black eye, a cut lip, bruising and swelling to her face and head.

She later said in a statement: “This incident really shook me up.

“I’m so scared of what could have happened if Scott had got into the bathroom.

“It was like he had a split personality. He just flipped. He was so aggressive and is a big man. He’s almost twice the size of me.

“I’ve suffered violence in the past so this has brought it all back.

“I went to Simon’s in good faith to help him. I didn’t have to but I did. That’s what kind of person I am.”

Weedall admitted assault causing actual bodily harm. He had one old conviction for assault.

Peter Wishlade, defending, said: “He is utterly and totally ashamed of his totally reprehensible and undoubtedly dangerous behaviour.

“He’s not a persistent offender by any means. He’s not an assaulter of women in normal circumstances.”

He said Weedall still had little memory of the events.

He told how Weedall successfully tackled his alcohol problem and stopped drinking, but hit the bottle again when his wife had an affair and left with the children.

Weedall, who had character references, stayed sober since the assault because of his “shock, horror and amazement at what he had done”.

Judge Howard Crowson told Weedall: “A caring woman was trying to help you in a time of crisis.

“You attacked her having got her inside the house.

“You attacker her when she was vulnerable, when she was defenceless.

“You continued to try to attack her when she was locked in the bathroom, terrified. You were armed by this time with a baseball bat.”

He jailed Weedall for 21 months.

Gazette Live

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Matthew Walley

Matthew Walley

DRUNKEN Matthew Walley smashed a man over the head with a bottle – after he was asked to put his dog on a lead.

The 22-year-old was told by Mark Dias to put his dog on a leash as he was concerned it may harm his partner’s cat.

But Walley who had drunk 20 cans of lager, became aggressive.

Mr Dias told him he did not want any trouble but the defendant raised his hand and smashed a bottle or glass on his head causing a 2cm cut

Now Walley has been jailed for two years and three months after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard Walley had spent May 25 drinking and at 11pm Mr Dias noticed the defendant’s dog was in his partner’s garden in Silverdale Road, Newcastle.

Prosecutor Joanne Wallbanks said: “Mr Dias asked the defendant if he would put the dog on its lead as he was concerned his partner’s cat would be harmed.

“The defendant was acting as if he had been drinking, and was irrational and aggressive.

“The defendant said, ‘Come on lad’. He was twice the size as Mr Dias who said he did not want any trouble.

“The defendant raised his hand and slammed a bottle or glass on Mr Dias’s head causing a 1cm-2cm laceration, which was glued.”

Police arrived and Walley said: “If you touch me I will set my dog on you.”

The court heard Walley, of Kimberley Road, Newcastle, has previous convictions for threatening behaviour, robbery, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Stuart Muldoon, mitigating, said Walley had a history of mental illness but his family have seen a dramatic change in him as a result of the medication he has been prescribed.

Mr Muldoon said: “He is adamant that his future is positive. He now realises the triggers behind his offending, both the use of alcohol, binge drinking, and the regular use of cannabis. He appreciates cannabis exacerbates whatever issues are going on in his mind.”

Judge Paul Glenn said a sentence of immediate custody was inevitable and jailed Walley for 27 months.

He said: “Mr Dias was simply trying to get his partner’s cat in the house. He was concerned about the cat’s safety and asked you to put your dog on a lead.

“You became aggressive and confrontational.

“He was scared and he told you he did not want any trouble. You smashed a glass or bottle against his head and the glass shattered.

“Fortunately the injuries were not as serious as they could have been but they required hospital treatment.”

Judge Glenn said the offence was aggravated because Walley used a weapon, he has relevant previous convictions, he was on bail for another matter and was drunk.

He added: “As matters stand you represent a high risk of re-offending and of causing serious harm to other people.”

Stoke Sentinel

Matt Walley facebook

Matt Walley facebook

A 43-YEAR-OLD assaulted a man in his own home following a row over a dog, a court heard.

Anthony Forrester, aged 43, of St Luke’s Court, Hanley, was handed a 10-month sentence for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Yesterday Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court was told Forrester, who has 28 previous convictions, hit Roger Rixon on May 12 leaving the victim needing hospital treatment.

After initially pleading not guilty to the charge, Forrester reversed his plea ahead of a court trial.

Fiona Cortese, prosecuting, said: “At about 7.30pm Mr Rixon had drank three litres of cider and the defendant was in the living room.

“During the argument the defendant punched him and then left the house.

“He was arrested on May 14 and said Mr Rixon was shouting at him. He said he had drank two cans of cider and regretted his actions and denied stepping on him.”

Although Mr Rixon claimed he had suffered a broken nose during the assault there was no medical evidence to back up his claim.

A statement by Forrester read out in court stated: “Mr Rixon and I argued and I punched him in the face and he grabbed my leg, so I kicked out.

“I don’t accept that I stamped on him and I deny I broke his nose.”

Hamish Noble, defending, said: “It was an argument over a dog and the condition the dog was in.

“He knows what he did was wrong and that he shouldn’t have done it.

“The defendant left a special school with no qualifications and moved on to drink and drugs.

“He now has settled accommodation in Hanley and lives there with his son.”

Judge Granville Styler said: “This was an unpleasant attack.

“If you continue with gratuitous violence you’ll get longer and longer prison sentences.”

Stoke Sentinel