Oct, Nov & Dec 2018

Christopher Smethurst. – Jailed for 19 years and 4 months after attacking a taxi driver.

Barbara Fielding-Morriss
– Election candidate in a Stoke on Trent by-election was jailed for 12 months for three offences of stirring up racial hatred.

Peter Gillett – Guilty of seven counts of non-recent sexual offences including rape against children. Another well known member of the EDL who gave speeches at various demos. Jailed for 18 years.

Aaron Jones – Spray painted a homeless man in Middlesbrough and received an 18 month community order.

David Parnham Pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to 15 offences, including soliciting to murder and staging a bomb hoax. He was responsible for the “Punish a Muslim” letters, *** check if he has been sentenced***

Glynn Fairclough – Jailed for 12 weeks after he pleaded guilty to a charge of racially aggravated harassment.

Paul Johnson – Guilty of an arson attack on Edinburgh’s Guru Nanak Sikh Temple and Leith Methodist Church. Jailed for 4 years.

Tobias Ruth – Was found with a home-made stun gun, an air rifle, and a large collection of knives which he was jailed for 18 months. Has a previous conviction for attacking a Mosque.

Jonathan Youthed – A BNP supporter from Peterborough who was jailed for 10 years after a brutal attack on his partner.

James Forrest This brightspark head-butted a British Transport Police officer before racially abusing another official. Jailed for 18 weeks.

Matthew Glynn – Turned his Bristol home into a bomb factory and pleaded guilty to making 5 bomb. Despite evidence of anti Muslim sentiments on his facebook account he wasn’t charged under the Terrorism act. Jailed for 5 years.

Roy Larner – “The Lion of London Bridge” pleaded guilty to having half a pound of amphetamines at his caravan. He faces a trial in Feb for other charges. This was his 2nd conviction in 2018.

Robert Ewing The convicted murderer of Paige Chivers has been given a further jail term for subjecting two young children to a catalogue of vile physical and sexual abuse.

John Lock Pleaded guilty to racially aggravated criminal damage, racially aggravated threatening behaviour, breaching a restraining order and assaulting a police constable. Jailed for 8 months.

Craig Douglas Jailed for 18 months after a racist attack on a shop keeper.

James Malcom. Left a trail of racist and neo-Nazi graffiti and vandalism about East Dunbartonshire. The cost of repairs topped £14k and he is awaiting sentence.

Ricky Ramsden – A Britain First and EDL supporter from Barnsley was jailed for life with a minimum of 17 years for kicking a drug user to death.

Simon Jones – A BNP supporter was jailed for 40 months after attempting to rob a bank with a bottle of Febreze after queuing up for 15 minutes. He was caught after other customers took photos of his bizarre garb in the bank.

The following were either found guilty or pleaded guilty to membership of National Action and were jailed for the following amount of time.
Adam Thomas – 6 years 6 months
Claudia Patatas – 5 years
Daniel Bogunovic 6 years 4 months
Darren Fletcher (AKA Darren Clifft) 5 years
Nathan Pryke 5 years 5 months
Joel Wilmore 5 years 10 months

Oskar Dunn-Koczorowk Pleaded guilty to terror offences linked to the neo-Nazi group Sonnenkrieg Division Awaiting sentence in Feb.

Sonny Grainger Jailed for 28 months for an unprovoked attack outside a pub in Hull.


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