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The 20-year-old has been convicted after a two-week trial

BARROW terrorist Ethan Stables has been found guilty of preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

Ethan Stables, 20, planned to kill people attending a gay pride event at the New Empire pub in Barrow, Cumbria.

Armed police stopped him on the way to the pub following a tip-off from a member of a far-right Facebook group where he had posted a message saying he was “going to war”.

Stables had written that he planned to “slaughter every single one of the gay bastards”.

He was unarmed when he was arrested on June 23 but police found an axe and a machete at his home, Leeds Crown Court has heard over the last two weeks.

The jury was shown a video of a burning rainbow flag and Stables saying “gays look nicer on fire”.

Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, said Stables had previously espoused homophobic, racist and Nazi views online, and the defendant was pictured with a Swastika flag hanging on his bedroom wall.

Stables said in his defence that did not intend to carry out the attack and he was simply venting his anger online.

The defendant, who has told the court he is bisexual and has autism spectrum condition, denies preparing an act of terrorism, making threats to kill and possessing explosive.

He denied he was doing a “recce” of the venue when he was arrested and said he was heading out to sit outside the jobcentre to use the free public wifi.

Stables claimed he was a liberal and adopted a right-wing persona to fit in with people he chatted to online.

Here’s a summary of the prosecution’s case against 20-year-old Ethan Stables:

Stables was arrested on Michaelson Road – just yards away from the New Empire pub where he had told friends on Facebook he planned to “slaughter every single one” of the people at a LGBT event.

The landlord’s wife, Lorraine Neale, described how she was terrified for her customers and feared Stables would come inside unnoticed.

Police searched Stables’ flat at Egerton Court and found match head composition and weapons including a machete and an axe inside the flat as well as a swastika flag and armband.

Government explosives expert Sharon Broome has said the material found in the flat could have been used to make a credible bomb.

During his first police interview Stables made “no comment” to all questions. He told the jury this was because he was advised to do so by his solicitor from Poole Townsend and “trusted them”.

In a later interview Stables vowed to “tell the truth” and told counter terrorism officers he was right wing and admired Nazis including Adolf Hitler.

When he took to the stand, Stables shocked the court by announcing he was bisexual, and claimed he had been scared to declare his sexuality because of his grandparents’ right wing views.

Stables told the jury he was “ashamed” and “sorry” for his racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic comments and had never intended to hurt anyone.

Stables said his Asperger Syndrome and other mental health issues explained his constant attempts to “fit in” and impress his far right friends.

Phillip Loveless, the gay godfather of Ethan Stables, said he had “always expected” something to happen but had no reason to believe his godson was homophobic.

Stables’ mother, Elaine Asbury, recalled her son’s difficult childhood and expulsion from school because of his behavioural problems and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Mrs Asbury kicked her son out of the family home after he threatened to chop her head off and burn the house down. Stables had few friends and claimed he was a victim of bullying.

Character witnesses Anne Diss and Stuart Barclay from Cowran Estates farm described Stables as a pleasant and polite young man who went out of his way to make friends.

Two psychiatrists both agreed Stables’ autistic spectrum disorder would not have prevented him from knowing his threats would be taken seriously.

One expert disputed Stables’ claim he was embarrassed of his sexuality and said he had been eager to talk about his bisexual experiences.

Defence psychiatrist Dr Matthew Appleyard said Stables was suffering from clinical depression – something which can exacerbate the features of an autistic spectrum disorder.

Since being in custody Stables has attempted to take an overdose and is being assessed to consider if he should be moved to a secure mental health unit.

North West Evening Mail

Ethan Stables is accused of preparing terrorist acts and threatening to kill people attending a gay pride event

AN alleged far-right extremist from Barrow who denies preparing terrorist acts and threatening to kill people attending a gay pride event is due to appear at Leeds Crown Court today (22).

Ethan Stables, 19, admitted a charge of possession of explosive under suspicious circumstances when he last appeared by video-link for a hearing at Leeds Crown Court on January 5.

Unemployed Stables, of Egerton Court, also pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing information likely to be useful to people preparing or committing acts of terrorism.

But he denied charges of the preparation of terrorist acts and making a threat to kill.

It is alleged that, in June, Stables made a threat to “kill persons attending a Pride Night event at a public house in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.”

The charge alleges that he made the threat to members of a Facebook chat group called “National Socialists Union standing against New World Order”.

The charge Stables faces of preparation of terrorist acts has nine separate elements.

One of these elements alleges that he was “reconnoitring and collecting information about the New Empire Public House in Barrow-in-Furness, including the taking of photographs”.

Another alleges that his preparations included declaring to a Facebook chat group “his willingness and intention to attack and kill persons attending a Pride Night at the New Empire Public House in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria” on June 23.

Other elements of the charge include: “Conducting internet searches and/or accessing material relating to joining Combat 18, the proscribed terrorist group National Action, preparing for a ‘Race War’ and ‘How to be a terrorist’.”

It also alleged he conducted searches or accessed recordings of “extreme violence, torture, executions and other terrorist acts including killing sprees, rampage killers and mass murder”.

Another element of the charge alleges Stables’ preparations included “acquiring a number of weapons including a machete, an axe, three knives, a Kendo stick and a wooden practice sword.”

Stables was remanded in custody by Judge Peter Collier QC ahead of today’s trial.

The Mail

jack powell

A FATHER-to-be who attacked the mother of his unborn child has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Jack Powell stubbed out a cigarette on the shoulder of his former partner before hitting her across the head with an electronic tablet when he flew into a rage on Sunday night.

Swansea Magistrates’ Court heard today that the 22-year-old had appeared calm when he turned up at her home, and she felt confident to let him in despite the can of Fosters lager in in his hand.

He had wanted to discuss a recent argument with the woman, who had recently found out she was pregnant with his baby.

“All of a sudden his demeanour changed and he started to say horrible things like she had used him to have a baby,” explained Alex Scott, prosecuting.

“He extinguished a cigarette on her shoulder and she asked him to leave.

“He hit her across the head with an electronic tablet and she screamed, hoping to attract someone’s attention.”

During the attack he also damaged several parts of the home.

His former partner fled the house and called police.

Powell, of Bedford Street, Morriston, was arrested the following morning and answered ‘no comment’ to police questions.

Matt Henson, in mitigation, asked the magistrates to show leniency and give “due credit” to him for pleading guilty.

The court heard he had previous convictions for assaults.

“We find the offences are so serious that only a custodial sentence can be justified,” Magistrate Ross Evans said. “It was an attack in a domestic setting and it was a sustained attack.”

He was jailed for 16 weeks for common assault and criminal damage and four weeks for criminal damage, to be served at the same time.

Magistrates explained they had reduced the sentence after his guilty plea, but ordered him to pay a total of £500 in fines, compensation and court fees.

South Wales Evening News

 Far-right thug Martin Edwards

Far-right thug Martin Edwards

Another far-right thug has been jailed for violent behaviour in Dover during clashes with anti-fascists.

Martin Edwards, 45, Bridgend, Wales, is the fifteenth person to have been sentenced following the chaotic scenes in town on January 30.

After fighting broke out, he was detained at 3.30pm when two police officers saw him pick up and throw an object at a group of opposition protesters.

Edwards was released on bail while detectives began to sift through hundreds of hours of footage of the disturbances.

Edwards pleaded guilty to one count of violent disorder and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday to 10 months imprisonment.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Hilary Bell said: “This is another great result for the investigation team and more importantly the people of Dover.

“Offenders like Martin Edwards caused a great deal of anger within the local community for their criminal actions, which were wholly unacceptable and will simply not be tolerated.”