Alleged far-right extremist from Barrow, 19, due to appear on trial today

Ethan Stables is accused of preparing terrorist acts and threatening to kill people attending a gay pride event

AN alleged far-right extremist from Barrow who denies preparing terrorist acts and threatening to kill people attending a gay pride event is due to appear at Leeds Crown Court today (22).

Ethan Stables, 19, admitted a charge of possession of explosive under suspicious circumstances when he last appeared by video-link for a hearing at Leeds Crown Court on January 5.

Unemployed Stables, of Egerton Court, also pleaded guilty to four counts of possessing information likely to be useful to people preparing or committing acts of terrorism.

But he denied charges of the preparation of terrorist acts and making a threat to kill.

It is alleged that, in June, Stables made a threat to “kill persons attending a Pride Night event at a public house in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.”

The charge alleges that he made the threat to members of a Facebook chat group called “National Socialists Union standing against New World Order”.

The charge Stables faces of preparation of terrorist acts has nine separate elements.

One of these elements alleges that he was “reconnoitring and collecting information about the New Empire Public House in Barrow-in-Furness, including the taking of photographs”.

Another alleges that his preparations included declaring to a Facebook chat group “his willingness and intention to attack and kill persons attending a Pride Night at the New Empire Public House in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria” on June 23.

Other elements of the charge include: “Conducting internet searches and/or accessing material relating to joining Combat 18, the proscribed terrorist group National Action, preparing for a ‘Race War’ and ‘How to be a terrorist’.”

It also alleged he conducted searches or accessed recordings of “extreme violence, torture, executions and other terrorist acts including killing sprees, rampage killers and mass murder”.

Another element of the charge alleges Stables’ preparations included “acquiring a number of weapons including a machete, an axe, three knives, a Kendo stick and a wooden practice sword.”

Stables was remanded in custody by Judge Peter Collier QC ahead of today’s trial.

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