Convicted Wrexham knifeman snaps selfie in back of police car

David Craig Burnie posted the image on Facebook as he was carted off by police

David Burnie takes a selfie in the back of a police car

David Burnie takes a selfie in the back of a police car

A convicted knife attacker gloatingly took a selfie in the back of a police car as he was carted off by officers.

David Craig Burnie joked on Facebook about his latest brush with the law three years after being jailed for stabbing a man in the neck.

Burnie snapped a picture of police on the street before taking a selfie from inside the vehicle which he posted on Facebook.

He captioned the image saying “Ooooh sh*****t” and later responded to friends asking what had happened saying “No comment” – the Daily Post understands that he was not under arrest at the time.

North Wales Police refused to comment on the incident

Burnie has only recently been released from prison after being sentenced in 2013 for five and a half years after stabbing Wayne Reginald Hodrien in the neck.

His victim Wayne Reginald Hodrien suffered two tears to the jugular vein in the left side of his neck during the incident on Plas Madoc Estate at Acrefair, outside Wrexham, in August 2012.

The victim had to undergo surgery to the stab wound and the experience had left him suffering nightmares, sleepless nights, anxiety and he had lost his confidence.

Daily Post

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