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David Craig Burnie posted the image on Facebook as he was carted off by police

David Burnie takes a selfie in the back of a police car

David Burnie takes a selfie in the back of a police car

A convicted knife attacker gloatingly took a selfie in the back of a police car as he was carted off by officers.

David Craig Burnie joked on Facebook about his latest brush with the law three years after being jailed for stabbing a man in the neck.

Burnie snapped a picture of police on the street before taking a selfie from inside the vehicle which he posted on Facebook.

He captioned the image saying “Ooooh sh*****t” and later responded to friends asking what had happened saying “No comment” – the Daily Post understands that he was not under arrest at the time.

North Wales Police refused to comment on the incident

Burnie has only recently been released from prison after being sentenced in 2013 for five and a half years after stabbing Wayne Reginald Hodrien in the neck.

His victim Wayne Reginald Hodrien suffered two tears to the jugular vein in the left side of his neck during the incident on Plas Madoc Estate at Acrefair, outside Wrexham, in August 2012.

The victim had to undergo surgery to the stab wound and the experience had left him suffering nightmares, sleepless nights, anxiety and he had lost his confidence.

Daily Post

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A MAN entered a shop and told its Muslim owner “I’m a racist and I kill Muslims,” on the first anniversary of the death of soldier Lee Rigby.

Daniel Lee Lewis, of Church Street, Wrexham, entered the shop on Chester Street in Flint after midnight on May 23.

He asked the owner where he was from and if he was a Muslim.

The owner replied he was Turkish but had an English passport and told Lewis he was Muslim.

Lewis told the owner: “It’s alright, I won’t cause any trouble. It’s my country, I will do what I want. I’m a racist and I kill Muslims.”

He spat on the shop floor and invited the owner outside for a fight. But the police had been called and he was arrested.

The 32-year-old told police: “It’s one year today to the death of Lee Rigby, there will be thousands of us in Manchester on Saturday,” before chanting EDL [English Defence League] at them.

Appearing at Wrexham Magistrates Court yesterday, Lewis pleaded guilty to using threatening or abusive words or behaviour with intent to cause racially aggravated fear of or provoke unlawful violence.

He also admitted failure to surrender to bail.

Sentencing, district judge Gwyn Jones said the fact Lewis was drunk did not condone using “offensive and appalling language”.

He said: “This was extremely upsetting behaviour. You gratuitously made offensive and racist comments to someone who was serving members of the public.

“It is clear you were very, very drunk but that does not justify using such offensive and appalling language. Taking that into account, it makes this a hate crime, serious enough for a community order and you will pay compensation for the pain you caused the victim.”

Lewis was given an 18 month community order, supervised by probation and the community mental health team.

He was ordered to undertake a 10 day ‘eradicating racism and promoting equality programme’, and pay £200 in compensation.

Victoria Lewis, defending, said Lewis had no recollection of the incident.

She added: “He isn’t a racist, does not hold these views and does not know where they came from. At the time he was influenced by alcohol and his mental health issues.

“His business went under last year and he suffered a nervous breakdown. It was a

one-off and he wants to get back on track.”

In addition he will also pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £60.”

Andrew Connah from the probation service said: “He accepts full responsibility but has no memory of the incident.

“He is ashamed, maintains he is not a racist and it upsets him to think he behaved like that.

“He had been drinking heavily, and accepts alcohol is an issue. He had suffered a nervous breakdown and has serious mental health issues. He was sectioned last year and has been signed off until 2016.”

North Wales News

A MAN was abusive and threatening to two British Muslims outside Wrexham’s new mosque and threatened to burn it down.

David Jared Evans, 36, sent texts to people suggesting a visit to the mosque in the former Miner’s Institute and a demonstration and said flare throwers made “good legal weapons”.

Evans received a suspended sentence after he admitted using threatening, abusive and insulting language and behaviour towards Abdulla Anwar which was racially and religiously aggravated. He had a similar previous conviction in 2006 after he abused a black woman.

Judge Niclas Parry, sitting at Mold Crown Court, said North Wales was becoming a cosmopolitan area and the courts would do everything they could to ensure people lived in harmony.

The judge said Mr Anwar and a colleague had approached Evans outside the mosque and offered him help.

“For that, they were subjected to a torrent of disgraceful abuse,” the judge said.

The comments were religiously and racially aggravated, persistent and escalated to threats of violence.

“Wrexham is a cosmopolitan town,” he said. “North Wales is becoming a cosmopolitan area.

“The courts will do everything they can to ensure people live in harmony in a cosmopolitan society.

The comments Evans had made generated hatred which had to be stamped out.

“You come into this case as a racist individual,” said the judge, but he was prepared to accept Evans had changed following his experiences in custody.

“Your future behaviour will show if I am right,” Judge Parry told him.

A prison sentence was inevitable but the judge took into account Evans had already served the equivalent of a six month sentence on remand.

He had pleaded guilty and rather than sending him back into custody for what could only be a matter of weeks he believed it would be better to tackle his “intransigent attitudes”.

Evans, of High Street, Rhos, received a 36 week prison sentence, suspended for a year.

He must carry out 200 hours unpaid work and attend an offending behaviour programme run by the probation service specifically to address his racially motivated behaviour.

“I think that will benefit you,” the judge told him.

Evans was also made subject of a two month 7pm-7am curfew at weekends and Judge Parry told him to pay £500 towards prosecution costs and £150 compensation to Mr Anwar.

A restraining order was made which bans him from going to the mosque or approaching Mr Anwar.

Elizabeth Bell, prosecuting, said on September 10 Evans was taking photographs of the former Miner’s Institute in Grosvenor Road, which had been bought by Wrexham Muslim Association and turned into a mosque.

He saw the two men outside and said to them: “This is a disgrace, you using this place. You’re probably just making your bombs here.”

Evans then used a racist term and asked them why they did not go home. Both men had been born in the United Kingdom.

Mr Anwar, who was left feeling frustrated and distressed, took a photograph of Evans and the defendant did likewise.

When Mr Anwar refused to give Evans his name, he said: “I will be back with my friends. We will give you a good seeing to,” and before leaving threatened to set the place on fire.

Arrested the following day, pictures of the mosque were found on his mobile phone along with a racist song.

A text message was found which he had sent to another man asking him if he was “up for a visit to the mosque tonight?” Another asked a third man if he wanted to join in a demo against the mosque.

One text made reference to a flame thrower making a great legal weapon.

Interviewed, he denied the offence and made no comment when questioned about the text messages.

Evans pleaded guilty after asking the court for a sentencing indication.

Andrew Green, defending, said Evans now realised it was a deeply unpleasant incident.

He had been disciplined in work but as far as he was aware his job was still available to him.

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