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Magistrates expressed surprise that no-one else was charged alongside Keith Edward Hall, 38, of Bath Street, Rhyl

Keith Hill

A man has been given a suspended prison sentence for a firework attack on a mosque.

Magistrates saw video footage which showed Keith Edward Hall twice approaching the Islamic Centre in Rhyl, lighting the fireworks and pushing them through the letterbox on November 11.

In the background, a man and woman could be heard laughing and shouting: “Hurry up.”

Having seen the film, Prestatyn magistrates expressed surprise that no-one else has been charged in connection with the attack.

Hall, 38, of Bath Street, Rhyl, had pleaded guilty to religiously aggravated criminal damage at the centre in Water Street.

In the footage, filmed from the doorway of the Bow Bar opposite, Hall was seen approaching the mosque twice in 20 minutes.

In a victim impact statement, Rafiq Ullah, the centre’s treasurer, said the damage could have been much greater had they not taken measures to improve fire safety after a previous incident.

He said people could easily have been injured as the prayer room was behind the door.

The incident occurred only two days before the Paris shootings, and Mr Ullah said tension at the mosque was high in that period. It eased when Hall was arrested.

When interviewed, Hall said he could remember very little about the incident because he had drunk eight litres of cider and eight shorts.

He woke up the following morning with a sore arm where part of the letterbox surround had hit him when it was blown off.

He denied being a racist and claimed to have several friends from ethnic minorities.

Alex Fitzgerald, representing Hall, said he found it “astonishing” that no-one else had been charged even though they were interviewed.

Mr Fitzgerald told the court that Hall did not even realise that the building was a mosque.

“It was not born out of a deep-seated hate of the Muslim community, but was an act of utter stupidity,” he said.

“He is embarrassed at his stupidity and wishes to apologise. Alcohol affects his thinking and his behaviour.”

Hall was given a 16-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, and must also observe a 7pm-7am curfew and attend a six-month alcohol treatment course and 25 days of rehabilitation.

He was also ordered to pay compensation of £558, costs of £300 and a surcharge of £80.

The Bench made a restraining order prohibiting him from entering Water Street for 12 months.

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Moss, jailed for 10 months

Moss, jailed for 10 months

A RACIST hurled vile abuse and smashed up a car in an unprovoked attack branded “utterly unacceptable” by a judge.

Ashley Moss, 26, admitted racially abusing two men and racially aggravated criminal damage.

He was part of a drunk gang in Stanley Street, west Hull, when he shouted at Alhagi Nvenga: “You are not from our country you black b******.

“Someone is going to get you, you need to get out of here.”

He then caused £1,000 of damage by smashing the window of a Fiat Multipla belonging to Anita Lovelock-Lowe, who was visiting Mr Nvenga.

Prosecutor Holly Betke said: “Ashley Moss was stood looking over the fence, possibly stood on top of the car, so he could be abusive.”

He shouted: “Ring the police, I am still going to get you.”

Later that day, Moss, along with gang member Terry Sullivan, hurled more racist abuse at Pakistan-born Mohammed Azizi as he was sitting with friends in Pearson Park, west Hull.

Ms Betke said: “He was approached by four males .

“They were drunk and carrying alcohol.

“One of the males started shouting, ‘Why don’t you get back to your own country?’

“Mr Sullivan joined in, also shouting abusive words at Mr Azizi.”

While Moss was on bail for the racist remarks, he breached a restraining order banning him from seeing his girlfriend Rebecca Grubb, who has since had his baby.

He also smashed Simon Ward’s Citroen Picasso and stole a trial motorbike, which he crashed into a police car.

Moss was jailed for ten months, while Sullivan was given a 12-month community order because he has recently had a brain tumour removed.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Moss: “It was utterly uncivilised.

“There must never, never, never be a repetition of this appalling racism.

“You must have taken leave of your senses to behave in such a way.”

Hull Daily Mail

From his Facebook account.

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A CRAZED English Defence League supporter from Rowley Regis has been jailed for brandishing an air rifle as he shouted racial abuse at a Muslim family’s home.

Neighbours of the Muslim family were terrified after seeing Shaun Havelin, aged 28, screaming and shouting racial taunts with the gun whilst wearing an EDL sweater.

The incident was sparked after an argument with his mother at her Warley Hall Road in which he shook his beloved sweater in her face and said: “I want to die in this.”

He then charged round to the Muslim’s family’s house in a nearby street not realising they were not at home.

Judge Martin Walsh told Havelin it was clear his anger had been directed at the house where the Muslim family lived.

He said: “Members of the public who saw you were in fear for their personal safety.”

Miss Sarah Pratt, prosecuting, said: “The gun was pointed towards the floor but his finger was on the trigger and his other hand was holding the barrel.

“People who saw him were very scared fearing he would be able to quickly lift the rifle and fire at them because in the dark, they did not know it was an unloaded air rifle.”

Keith Ingram just happened to be in the street and he later told police officers he believed he could have been shot and he reflected on the incident on a daily basis.

Havelin was bailed by police after his arrest and he appeared before Crown Court to deny charges but after learning his mother was to be a witness for the prosecution he warned her he would make sure she never gave evidence before smashing a window in her car.

Miss Pratt said he was allowed bail again and after bumping into a former partner by chance near Blackheath High Street Havelin punched her hard in the face fracturing an eye socket.

Havelin, of Ruskin Avenue, admitted possessing a firearm, witness intimidation and causing grievous bodily harm and the judge further made a five year restraining order forbidding him from having any contact with his ex-partner.

Mr Nathan Cook defending stressed Havelin had not pointed the rifle at anyone and told the court he realised the distress he had caused to people in the area.

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