Jailed racist Ashley Moss abused men and smashed up car in ‘utterly uncivilised’ act

Moss, jailed for 10 months

Moss, jailed for 10 months

A RACIST hurled vile abuse and smashed up a car in an unprovoked attack branded “utterly unacceptable” by a judge.

Ashley Moss, 26, admitted racially abusing two men and racially aggravated criminal damage.

He was part of a drunk gang in Stanley Street, west Hull, when he shouted at Alhagi Nvenga: “You are not from our country you black b******.

“Someone is going to get you, you need to get out of here.”

He then caused £1,000 of damage by smashing the window of a Fiat Multipla belonging to Anita Lovelock-Lowe, who was visiting Mr Nvenga.

Prosecutor Holly Betke said: “Ashley Moss was stood looking over the fence, possibly stood on top of the car, so he could be abusive.”

He shouted: “Ring the police, I am still going to get you.”

Later that day, Moss, along with gang member Terry Sullivan, hurled more racist abuse at Pakistan-born Mohammed Azizi as he was sitting with friends in Pearson Park, west Hull.

Ms Betke said: “He was approached by four males .

“They were drunk and carrying alcohol.

“One of the males started shouting, ‘Why don’t you get back to your own country?’

“Mr Sullivan joined in, also shouting abusive words at Mr Azizi.”

While Moss was on bail for the racist remarks, he breached a restraining order banning him from seeing his girlfriend Rebecca Grubb, who has since had his baby.

He also smashed Simon Ward’s Citroen Picasso and stole a trial motorbike, which he crashed into a police car.

Moss was jailed for ten months, while Sullivan was given a 12-month community order because he has recently had a brain tumour removed.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Moss: “It was utterly uncivilised.

“There must never, never, never be a repetition of this appalling racism.

“You must have taken leave of your senses to behave in such a way.”

Hull Daily Mail

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