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David Parnham admitting sending the letters after he was arrested by counter-terrorism police.

A self-styled “Muslim Slayer” who sent the Queen fake anthrax with a note saying “The Clowns R coming 4 you” has been locked up for 12 and a half years.

White supremacist David Parnham, 36, wrote to prominent figures including the Queen and former prime ministers Theresa May and David Cameron as part of a two-year hate campaign.

The IT systems analyst also caused widespread fear and upset through “Punish A Muslim Day” letters, encouraging violence in the community, the Old Bailey heard.

He tried to instil further alarm by posting white powder in the hope it would be mistaken for anthrax, the court heard.

When the Queen was sent an envelope containing the substance, a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) response was launched.

Members of the royal household were kept separate from other staff and became “anxious for their health” and the safety of colleagues, the court heard.

Parnham pleaded guilty to 15 offences relating to hundreds of letters written between June 2016 and June 2018.

The charges included encouraging murder, making hoaxes involving noxious substances and bombs, sending letters with intent to cause distress, and encouraging offences.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC said Parnham had been suffering from an autistic spectrum disorder but rejected the suggestion he was psychotic at the time of the offences.

He sentenced Parnham to 12 years and six months in custody to be served in hospital until he is well enough to be transferred to prison.

Judge Leonard told Parnham: “You have yet to appreciate the seriousness of what you have done and seem to want to return to the community at the earliest opportunity to live with your parents.”

Parnham’s failure to appreciate the harm he caused to the Muslim and wider community meant the risk of reoffending was greater, the judge said.

The court heard that Parnham’s activities first came to the attention of authorities in July 2016 when seven letters were intercepted at a Sheffield mail centre and found to contain harmless white powder.

A further 11 letters were identified as having been delivered.

A letter to Cameron contained the wording “Allah is great”, while letters to MPs and mosques contained strong racist language.

In October 2016, more letters containing white powder said “The Clowns R coming 4 you” and were intended to reach the Queen and May.

In December 2016, Parnham sent a fan letter to Dylann Roof, the white supremacist gunman responsible for killing nine black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina.

He told Roof: “I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. Ever since you carried out what I’d call the ‘cleansing’ I’ve felt differently about what you’d call ‘racial awareness’.”

In February 2007, letters were sent to mosques and Islamic centres around the UK.

A letter to Berkeley Street Mosque in Hull contained a drawing of a sword with a swastika on it cutting someone’s head off, with the words: “You are going to be slaughtered very soon.”

The author signed off as “Muslim Slayer”.

In March 2017, letters were sent to addresses around the University of Sheffield campus calling for the extermination of minority racial and religious groups.

They contained suggestions on how to kill people and an offer to make a donation of £100 to charity for each death.

In 2018, the series of typed “Punish A Muslim Day” letters were sent to a large number of people, encouraging violence on April 3 2018 – Roof’s birthday.

Parnham, of St Andrew’s Close in Lincoln, was caught through DNA, handwriting and fingerprints on the letters.

Psychiatrists disagreed on whether he had been psychotic at the time he committed the offences.

Dr Martin Lock expressed concern that the defendant had attempted to “mislead” medical professionals.

He told the court Parnham felt “disgusted and ashamed” of what he had done but did not regard it as very “serious”.

Parnham told Dr Lock: “I just wrote letters, I did not mean for anyone to feel fear.”

Dr Paul Wallang said Parnham was suffering a psychotic illness and had felt “paranoia and suspiciousness”, particularly towards religious groups and prominent individuals.

However, he conceded it was possible Parnham could have “pulled he wool” over the eyes of medical professionals dealing with his case.

Huff Post

A man has admitted sending hundreds of racist letters nationwide including calls for a “Punish a Muslim Day”.

David Parnham, 35, sent the letters to mosques, Muslim parliamentarians including Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon, the Queen, David Cameron and Theresa May.

He pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to 15 offences, including soliciting to murder and staging a bomb hoax.

Parnham, of St Andrews Close, Lincoln, was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at a later date.

During his two-year campaign, Parnham sent wave after wave of letters across the country that included white supremacist imagery and threats to minorities, mostly Muslims.

His first letters sent in June 2016 contained a white powder as a hoax poison.

In one letter sent to David Cameron, Parnham wrote “Allah is Great” and in others sent to mosques he wrote “Paki filth”.

Three months later Parnham sent another wave of white powder letters, including those addressed to the Queen and Theresa May respectively.

One of his poison hoaxes was so sophisticated that it triggered a chemical attack alert at a Royal Mail sorting office in Sheffield.

The following February, he targeted mosques around the UK. One letter to worshippers in Hull included a warning that they were going to be “slaughtered very soon”.

‘Awards’ for attacks

In March 2017 he escalated his campaign, encouraging recipients of his post at the University of Sheffield to attack ethnic minorities, proposing that he would donate £100 to charity for each killing.

The court heard these letters amounted to soliciting to murder and Parnham’s guilty plea to this charge means he could now receive a life sentence.

A year later, Parnham sent out letters headlined “Punish a Muslim Day”, offering “awards” for attacks on people, mosques and Mecca.

He was eventually caught after his DNA and fingerprints were recovered from some of the letters, including one that he sent to Dylann Roof, a US white supremacist who is on death row for a mass murder of black churchgoers three years ago.

BBC News

A white supremacist behind the Punish a Muslim Day letters who encouraged murder and sent hoax letters to The Queen, Theresa May, and David Cameron is facing years behind bars today.

David Parnham, 35, targeted Asian MP, high profile political figures, Royalty, and Muslim centres including Finsbury Park Mosque with hundreds of poison pen letters threatening violence which stretch over two years.

Also among the victims was Tory peer and former security minister Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon.

Parnham sent dozens of envelopes of white powder to his intended targets from his home in Lincoln.

He sparked full scale alerts over fears that it was anthrax or other poisons. However, the substances eventually turned out to be harmless.

He signed off letters to Asian MPs and Mosques as “Muslim Slayer” and included the phrase “P*ki filth”, according to prosecutors.

In a message to then-Prime Minister Mr Cameron, Parnham wrote the phrase “Allah is great”.

Mrs May, then Home Secretary, and The Queen were among the targets of a series of letters containing white powder which included the sinister phrase: “The clowns R coming 4 you”.

At the Old Bailey today, Parnham pleaded guilty to a series of charges including soliciting murder, making hoaxes, and sending letters with intent to cause distress.

He admitted being the source of the Punish a Muslim Day series of letters, which caused widespread alarm and panic when they spread on social media in March and May this year.

He had also sent out hate letters under different titles, including “The Great Cleanse” which was aimed at Mosques around London in August last year. In those notes, he suggested that Muslims should be “exterminated”.

In Parnham’s so called “Jigsaw” letters from February 2017, he included a picture of a person being decapitated with a sword with a Swastika insignia, including the phrase “blood will be spilled”.

In March last year, Parnham sent letters to homes around the University of Sheffield campus, urging people to “commit exterminations of minority racial and religious groups” and offering £100 for each murder.

A letter to a mosque in Sheffield in August last year read: “To filthy sub-human c********ers I have left a little present for will go off in a short period of time.

“The results will be explosive! Muslim blood will make the floors sticky. Your brains will be splattered all over the walls. A good Muslim is a dead Muslim. Killin Muslims is awesome”.

Parnham’s letter writing campaign was eventually linked to the Punish a Muslim Day threats, which were circulated on social media and urged people to attack Muslims on April 3 this year

Police later discovered that Parnham was an avowed fan of white supremacist Dylann Roof, who shot dead nine black parishioners at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and the Punish a Muslim Day initiative was timed to happened on Roof’s birthday.

Parnham even wrote a fan letter to the convicted mass murderer in an American prison in December 2016, saying: “I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. Ever since you carried out what I’d call the ‘cleansing’ I’ve felt differently about what you’d call ‘racial awareness’.”

He added: “ My main reason for disgust is Muslims. I hate these animals with a passion. I sent letters with white powder to some mosques in London they had to close down parliament because of it.”

In one of his last series of letters, under the menacing title “Bang! You’re dead”, Parnham targeted mosques and Asian families living nearby and included a picture of a man holding a gun.

He used the words: “I have acquired a weapon and I am more than prepared to use it on you and members of your Masjid”.

Parnham, from Lincoln, today pleaded guilty to soliciting to murder, five charges of hoaxes involving sending noxious substances, seven charges of sending letters with intent to cause distress or anxiety, one count of making a bomb hoax, and one count of encouraging offences believing one of more would be committed.

He was remanded in custody until a hearing on November 23 to decide when he will be sentenced.

Evening Standard

Police said he “crossed the line between free speech and the abuse of an entire group of people based on their ethnicity”

A 48-year-old man has been sentenced to a year in jail after making a speech aimed at stirring up racial hatred at a rally in Westminster.

Jonathan Bedford-Turner, of Rudgard Lane, Lincoln, was charged with inciting racial hatred on October 3 last year.

He was first arrested after making a speech in Whitehall with the “intention to stir up racial hatred” on July 4, 2015.

After pleading not guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on October 30 last year, he was found guilty on Monday (May 14) by a unanimous verdict at Southwark Crown Court.

He was jailed for 12 months but will serve half of the term in prison. He has been warned he will be at risk of licence recall if he re-offends.

Detective Sergeant Matt Hearing, investigating officer from Metropolitan Police’s Public Order and Resources Unit, said Bedford-Turner’s “intention was to stir up racial hatred”.

He added: “Bedford-Turner gave a speech in Whitehall that crossed the line between free speech and wholesale abuse of an entire group of people based on their ethnicity.”
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ELEVEN Lincoln City football fans who clashed with Luton Town fans have been sentenced for violent disorder charges at Lincoln Magistrates Court today.

The Lincoln fans pleaded guilty to the charges, which relate to a violent clash in a Lincoln pub before Lincoln City’s home game against Luton Town in October last year.

The violence started in The Ritz pub, before spilling out into High Street and Firth Road.

Furniture and glasses were thrown and two women were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

The below 12 defendants pleaded guilty to violent disorder at earlier hearings:

Nathan Luke Ashmore (33), of St Catherine’s Grove, Lincoln – 3 years prison

Tomas Samways (20), of Jenson Road, Bracebridge Heath – 2 years 4 months young offenders institute

Lee Anthony Oliver Swain (26), of Walnut Place, Lincoln – 3 years prison

Daniel Oliver White (20), of St Johns Road, Bracebridge Heath – 2 years 4 months young offenders institute

Marcus Johnathan Greatorex (22), of Geneva Avenue, Lincoln – 2 years 8 month prison

Phillip Neil Adams (36), of Prior Street, Lincoln – 3 years prison

Callum Busby (19), of De Wint Avenue, Lincoln – 2 years 8 months prison

Ashley Evans (22), of Picton Street, Lincoln – 3 years prison

Andrew John Deans (27), Clipstone Village, Mansfield – 3 years prison

Jake Sinclair (26), of Vernon Street, Lincoln – 2 years 8 months prison

Liam Wiggins (18), of Chester Road, Birkinhead – 2 years 1 month young offenders institute

Josh Atter (18), of Matlock Drive, North Hykeham – 18 months detention and training order

All defendents were given a ten-year football banning order.

DI Suzanne Davies, from Lincolnshire Police, said: “This was a protracted police investigation that went to great lengths to track down every single offender involved in the violence on that day.

“Its success was largely down to the tenacity and professionalism of PC Andy Pearson.

“All of these offenders are thugs who masquerade as football fans.

“ give decent, law abiding home and visiting fans a bad name and they have rightfully been brought to justice.

“We hope our investigation and the subsequent convictions and sentences send out a very clear message to offenders in Lincoln and those visiting to cause trouble.

“We will arrest you and put you before the courts.”

Luton & Dunstable Express

Shane Overton

A Lincoln man has been issued with a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Crasbo), following his attendance at an English Defence League demonstration in Newcastle last year. 

Shane Overton (38) of Parker Avenue, Lincoln, was granted a 10-year Crasbo at Doncaster Crown Court yesterday, Wednesday March 9, which prevents him from attending any public meeting organised by the EDL.

Overton entered a guilty plea racially aggravated public order (section 5 Public Order Act) following an incident on a train at Doncaster on May 29 last year, for which he was arrested by British Transport Police.

DC Andy Haworth from the National Domestic Extremism Unit, a national police unit who worked alongside BTP and Lincolnshire Police, said: “It is only the second time a Crasbo of this nature has been granted to individuals participating in Defence League demonstrations, and it is widely anticipated other police forces will follow suit and apply for Crasbos to stop violent individuals from subverting other wise legitimate, lawful, protests.

“While the Defence Leagues are entitled to protest, violence has been a persistent feature of their demonstrations, and on this occasion on the offence was committed while travelling from a demonstration.

“We are working to support all police forces with Crasbo applications against any individual who persistently commits criminal acts at (or travelling to and from) Defence League demonstrations, regardless of whether they profess to support the Defence League or oppose it, in order to ensure future demonstrations are peaceful and lawful.”

A/DI Simon Bromiley, from Lincolnshire Police, said: “We are extremely pleased with this result. We have worked closely with our national partners on this case and we are hopeful that utilising this kind of legislation will enable us to curb Overton’s offending and tackle racism and Islamophobia in our community in the future.”

Chief Inspector Tom Naughton of British Transport Police said, “Racist abuse of any sort is unacceptable, but the nature of Overton’s insults levelled at a family minding there own business sat on the platform were despicable.

“Everyone has the right to travel without fear of abuse or threatening behaviour, and when that behaviour is further exacerbated by racist undertones, our stance becomes firmer still.

“BTP and the wider rail industry will not tolerate any form of racism on the rail network and we welcome the Crasbo handed to Overton.”

The local CPS Criminal ASBO lead, Yvette Levy, said: “No one should be made to feel fear or concern for their safety purely because of the language they speak or the colour of their skin. Overton’s victims were subjected to racially offensive language whilst patiently waiting for their train.

“The extreme views expressed by Overton caused two children to cling to their parents in fear.

“We have worked closely with the National Domestic Extremism Unit to ensure the strongest possible case was built and that any ASBO imposed against him would truly prevent further offending and protect the public.

“Overton is now prohibited from travelling on the country’s rail system or entering any railway station which is a significant step forward for the safety of train users.”

Lincolnshire Police

LIKE millions of other young people, Shaun Rossington used the internet to while away the hours chatting to friends.

As he logged onto his Facebook profile on the evening of June 2 last year, it is likely he expected to do little more than catch up on his social life.

He could never have predicted that a conversation he was about to have would ultimately lead to his death.

Shaun, 21, pictured below, entered into an online chat with a 13-year-old girl, who was using a computer at Nicolas Shelbourne’s flat

It was later claimed in court that during the chat, she had offered him a sexual favour in return for money and cigarettes.

The conversation got the attention of Shelbourne, 27, as well as his friends Daryll Jones, 17, Jordan O’Rourke, 17, Mark Jackson, 21 and another 17-year-old girl, who cannot be named.

The young girl arranged to meet Shaun and the others decided to accompany her.

In the early hours of June 3, Shaun met the teenager on grassland off Searby Road, Lincoln.

Moments later, he came face to face with the other five people.

Terrified Shaun gave them cigarettes, but told them he had no money. What followed was a vicious attack that began with a blow to the head with a glass bottle and took him to the ground.

He was then savagely beaten as he lay on the grass, pleading for mercy.

After the attack, Shaun was left with more than 41 separate injuries. During the ten-week trial, Jones was described as having “danced” on Shaun’s head.

It was also claimed he had taken a knife to Shaun’s back.

At one stage, Shelbourne and Jackson picked up Shaun off the ground. He begged them to stop hurting him and asked them to take him home.

But Shelbourne refused, saying it would then be obvious he had been attacked.

As they were holding him up, Jones was said to have knocked him to the ground again before continuing the attack.

The group then walked away, smoking his cigarettes and leaving him for dead.

Later on, passer-by Leslie Sampher came across Shaun’s prone body and shook him, asking if he was OK. He noticed Shaun did not have any shoes on and assumed he may have been drinking.

He could not have known then that Shaun’s trainers had been thrown into the road with the intention of making it look like a hit-and-run road accident.

He tried to rouse the 21-year-old a second time, but could not.

Meanwhile, the group returned to Shelbourne’s flat, where they began to concoct their cover story.

Jones bleached his trainers and his bloodied clothes were bagged up and dumped.

O’Rouke, Jackson, the 17-year-old girl and the 13-year-old returned to the field at about 4am, where they found Shaun dead.

The 17-year-old girl, who was later convicted of manslaughter, called 999.

She told police they had found the body and were interviewed as witnesses.

But after leaving the police station, Jones went into the City Square area of Lincoln, where he described what he had done to several people.

Over the next 48 hours, he told more people he had been involved in killing someone and even sent a text message saying “I could be getting done for murder”.

Meanwhile, after meeting the group and taking witness statements, police found that the 17-year-old girl’s phone number was in Shaun’s phone and put her at the scene.

And those who had been on the end of Jones’s casual admissions came forward to give statements.

Seven people were arrested on suspicion of murder on Saturday, June 5, and taken to separate police stations to be interviewed.

Some lied about what had happened and at first they explained their presence at the Ermine shops, as seen on CCTV, as a trip to get cash for a pizza. This was because they knew they would be on CCTV, as they knew the area well.

Forensic investigators then found that trainers seized from members of the group matched footprints that had caused marks on Shaun’s forehead.

While on remand in a young offenders’ centre, Jones told his mum in a phone call: “I’m going to plea bargain it to manslaughter and say I was drunk, we all ended up fighting, we all hit him.”

It was later determined that Shaun had died from a lack of oxygen, having been so badly beaten he was unable to raise his head up to breathe.

This is Lincolnshire

A football hooligan who performed a Nazi salute and unveiled an English Defence League flag has been banned from football matches.

Lincoln City supporter Peter Briggs, 19, was associated with several violent flare-ups at football matches between 2009 and February this year.

He appeared at Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, April 5, where Lincolnshire Police applied for a civil banning order against him.

The court heard Briggs was involved in clashes at Grimsby Town, Notts County and in Lincoln High Street when on July 24, 2010, the Imps played Celtic. Five people were taken to hospital and 27 people arrested.

During a match against Stockport on January 22 last year, bottles, glasses and chairs were used in a pub when the rival clubs clashed.

Lincolnshire Police solicitor Daniel Richardson told the court: “Briggs unveiled a flag with Lincoln City Youth, EDL, No Surrender, printed on it.

“On May 7 last year Lincoln City lost to Aldershot, relegating the Imps from the Football League. People invaded the pitch and Briggs was one of those.”

The court heard that some of Briggs’s close associates were arrested following disorder at a game at Alfreton, where a security fence was torn down.

Mr Richardson went on to describe various exhibits, including CCTV and pictures of Briggs with the ‘Lincoln risk group’ with people performing a Nazi salute.

Briggs, of Bentley Drive, Bracebridge Heath, Lincoln, who was not represented by a solicitor, did not seek to contest the evidence.

Magistrates banned him from attending any football ground or any regulated UK matches in the UK for three years.

Briggs will also have to surrender his passport so he cannot go to any games being played outside the UK.

He cannot be in the Sincil Bank area during the two hours before and after any games. He cannot be within a five-mile radius of any England games.

If Lincoln are playing away, Briggs cannot use trains without permission from the British Transport Police.

Once two thirds of the order is completed, Briggs can apply to the court to consider shortening it.

It is usual to ban someone from football games in criminal proceedings.

But after the disorder of the European Championships in 2000, changes were made allowing police to apply for civil banning orders.

They can be applied to anyone who has caused, or been involved in violence at football matches in the UK or any other country.

It is seen as a preventative measure and police in Lincoln say it is working.

Football intelligence officer Andy Pearson said after the hearing: “We haven’t done our end of season statistics yet but we’ve been doing this operation for two years now and last season we reduced disorder by 58 per cent both at home and away.”

This is Lincolnshire