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A CANNABIS smoker was caught out by police officers with a nose for crime.

Brazen Peter Scotter was puffing on the class B drug when he walked past two officers in Sunderland city centre, at 4pm on March 13.

They noticed that the 51-year-old, from Hendon Close, smelt strongly of cannabis and threw the cigarette he was smoking to the floor, Sunderland Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor John McGlone said one of the officers found it contained cannabis.

He said Scotter produced more cannabis in a bag and added: “That was seized from him.”

Anna Metcalfe, defending, said Scotter accepted he was in possession of cannabis.

She said: “He pleads guilty at the first available opportunity, and you have heard he assisted with the police search and offered to them the cannabis he had in his possession.

“He is in breach of a suspended sentence order in relation to criminal damage that was racially aggravated.

“He feels very foolish for jeopardising his liberty over a small piece of cannabis. He does not use cannabis regularly, but does use it socially.”

Magistrates did not activate Scotter’s suspended sentence, but instead imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and order he pay £85 towards court costs.
Sunderland Echo

Brendan Rycroft was caught with drugs after officers searched his home.

A man was caught hiding cannabis and cocaine in his kitchen cupboard after police came to search his house for drugs.

Brendan Rycroft was found in possession of the drugs after officers turned up at his home on St Francis Hall, Wilmslow.

He admitted that he was addicted to cannabis after they found a stash of the drug in his kitchen cupboard, as well as a bag of cocaine, magistrates were told.

The 35-year-old admitted possession of cocaine and cannabis at a hearing at Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (March 12).

Debbie Byrne, prosecuting, told the hearing: “Officers executed a search warrant under the misuse of drugs act at Mr Rycroft’s home address.

“A quantity of cannabis was found in a kitchen cupboard and a snap bag was found containing some white powder.

“Tests later revealed that it was cocaine.

“When asked he said that he bought the cocaine for £50 just for personal use.

“He told officers that he has a serious cannabis addiction and has used it for about 18 years, since he was 16.

“He said he suffers from anxiety and depression and a number of issues and that he no longer goes to doctors as when he does they make him seek counselling. Instead he self medicates using cannabis.

“He said that he is not a drug dealer he just smokes a hell of a lot of weed.”

Ruth Oakes, defending Rycroft, told magistrates that he had only been caught with a small amount of cocaine.

She said: “What the police found after searching the property was actually just dust in a small snap bag.

“He admitted that he is a heavy user of cannabis. He suffers from anxiety and depression and he self medicates with cannabis which he finds eases the symptoms. His last conviction was in March 2011 which was for an offence he committed in March 2010. It is about five years since he was last in court.”

Rycroft was fined £110 by the bench for the possession of cocaine offence, and £70 for possessing the cannabis.

He was also told that he must pay £85 costs to the court.

Macclesfield Express

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DRUGS CHARGES ... clockwise, from top left, Thomas Allen, Deborah Ritchie, Daniel Sayers and Adam Sayers.

DRUGS CHARGES … clockwise, from top left, Thomas Allen, Deborah Ritchie, Daniel Sayers and Adam Sayers.

FOUR drug dealers were arrested when police launched an undercover operation to tackle city centre crime.

Officers who posed as users ‘Gary and Emma’ were easily able to buy drugs from strangers they met while hanging around the busy streets of Sunderland.

Over a period of weeks the covert cops were regularly offered and sold cannabis.

On one occasion they were able to buy diamorphine during a deal that took place near Hudson Street Primary School.

As a result of the operation, Adam Sayers, 27 and Deborah Ritchie, 28, both of Somerset Street, Daniel Sayers, 31, of Hill View Square and Thomas Allen, 29, of Guildford Street, all in Sunderland, all admitted drugs charges.

All four have dozens of previous convictions for a variety of offences.

Prosecutor Micahael Hodson told Newcastle Crown Court; “This was an investigation into crime generally, in the centre of Sunderland.

“The prosecution say Adams Sayers is the busiest of all and he involved his girlfriend Miss Ritchie.

“Daniel Sayers made the first approach to the two officers, who were sitting on a wall in Sunderland town centre.

“The crown submit they are street dealers.”

The court heard the first meeting with the undercover officers was in early April last year.

The operation came to an end in August when the home of Sayers and Ritchie was raided and 14 wraps of cannabis were found.

Between those dates the officers had been able to purchase small amount of drugs, in exchange for cash, cigarettes and even razors.

The deals were often arranged via mobile phone after the initial street meeting in April.

Adam Sayers, who admitted supplying and offering to supply cannabis, was jailed for nine months.

Ritchie, who admitted supplying and offering to supply cannabis, was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, with a two month curfew.

Allen, who admitted supplying cannabis, was sentenced to four month imprisonment, suspended for 18 months with supervision and a two month curfew.

Daniel Sayers, who admitted one charge of supplying diamorphine, was jailed for nine months , consecutive to a sentence he is serving for unrelated offences.

Judge Paul Sloan QC told them: “Your offending was detected as a result of a police operation where two undercover officers were deployed to operate covertly in Sunderland.”

The judge said he accepted Ritchie, who has turned her back on trouble and is co-operating fully with officials who are trying to help her, and Allen, who has no previous convictions for drugs offences and has settled down with a family, were lesser involved.

The court heard the diamophine handed over by Daniel Sayers during his brief involvement was worth less than £10 and he exchanged it for 100 cigarettes.

Alec Burns, defending, said the class A drug was in prescription tablet form, which got ground down during the exchange near the school.

Mr Burns said; “It was not someone who had heroin ready to supply, it was someone who improvised at the time.”

The court heard Adam Sayers has been diagnosed with health problems and has vowed to turn his back on trouble.

Sunderland Echo

The EDL supporter in this article is Tommy Allan

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