‘COMPLETE BEAST’ Sick sex fiend attacked victim 3 times in 24hrs and bit her HEAD while working at Glasgow superhospita

A SEX fiend raped two women while working at Scotland’s crisis-hit superhospital.

Keir Wotherspoon, 24, brutally assaulted one victim three times in 24 hours, including throttling her with a belt and biting her head.

The support worker at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital attacked a second woman while on bail.

He was convicted last month at the High Court in Airdrie.

A QEUH staffer said: “He’s a complete beast. It’s horrible to think he was on these wards and in close contact with vulnerable female patients.”

The court heard Wotherspoon pounced on his first victim at the Kelvingrove Hotel in Glasgow’s west end over two days in June 2019.

The brute seized her by the hair, bound her wrists and choked her with a belt.

The second woman was targeted at the city’s Strathclyde Uni last August.

Wotherspoon, of Airdrie, denied the charges but a jury found him guilty of four rapes, including one to the danger of the victim’s life.

Detective Inspector Lauren McDonald, who led the probe, said: “Keir Wotherspoon is a dangerous individual and his actions will no doubt have lasting effects.”

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the fiend was sacked in July.

He will be sentenced later this month.

Scottish Sun

Further info on Wotherspoon can be found here

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