Millionaire heir to £2billion Portman property empire, 50, who called anti-Semitism activist ‘Jewish scum’ after court hearing for Holocaust denier is jailed for four months

Piers Portman, 50, is the son of Edward, 9th Viscount Portman of Bryanston
Portman abused Campaign Against Antisemitism CEO Gideon Falter
Mr Walter was called ‘Jewish scum’ outside Westminster Magistrates’ Court
Portman was ordered to pay £10,000 in compensation and £10,000 in costs

A millionaire heir to the Portman property empire who racially abused an anti-Semitism campaigner outside a court has been jailed for four months.

Piers Portman, 50, who is the son of Edward, 9th Viscount Portman of Bryanston, called Campaign Against Antisemitism CEO Gideon Falter ‘Jewish scum’ at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on June 14, 2018.

He also described his own Jewish ex-wife as a ‘greedy, grasping, thieving and lying criminal manipulator of the system.’

The Harrow-educated aristocrat’s family owns the Portman Estate, which covers 110 acres of Marylebone in West London, including the land under Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Mr Falter was leaving the building after a court hearing for anti semite Alison Chabloz-Tyrer when he was abused by Portman.

Passing sentence on Portman, Judge Gregory Perrins said that crowd including men in Nazi replica uniforms at the Chabloz-Tyrer sentencing hearing was a ‘who’s who of Nazi deniers and extremists’.

‘You have shown no insight at the impact of your offending and no remorse and continue to see yourself as the victim,’ the judge told Portman.

‘At the trial you told the jury you were an honourable British man.

‘You are, I am afraid, anything but.’

Judge Perrins also ordered Portman to pay £10,000 in court costs and a further £10,000 in compensation to Mr Falter.

‘You are an extremely wealthy man, in the circumstances I do not see why you shouldn’t pay for your trial,’ added the judge.

‘It would be ultimately a matter for Mr Falter, however I agree it would be appropriate to donate that to the Campaign Against Antisemitism.’

Shaved-headed Portman in black trousers and a navy water-proof jacket stood with his mouth agape as he heard he would be taken to jail while his mother supported him from the public gallery.

Lewis Power, QC, defending, told the court that his client, of a ‘proud heritage’ and a good family now had a ‘permanent stain’ on his reputation.

‘The stain of prejudice, as your Honour knows, is often indelible,’ said Mr Power.

The barrister called Portman a ‘now broken man’ who knew he needed to be punished but merely asked for clemency.

‘At the time of the incident, Mr Portman had undergone and suffered a traumatic divorce which may have impactive his perspective him life,’ said Mr Power.

‘Since that date Mr Portman has become ostracized from his family.

Speaking after the case, Mr Falter said: ‘I am extremely reassured by this sentence, which sends a very clear message to antisemites that even the wealthiest and most privileged cannot escape British justice.

‘I have been awarded £10,000 in compensation which I am donating to Campaign Against Antisemitism to help us ensure that anti-Jewish racists like Mr Portman face the consequences of their actions.’

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