The vile YouTube videos of a Welshman jailed for saying Muslims should be gassed

The evil views of a man who has appeared in court for calling for Muslims to be gassed and put on bonfires are still being watched on video-sharing website YouTube.

The twisted videos posted by white supremacist Jonathan Damian Jennings are still being hosted by the Google-owned website.

In long monologues lasting up to 40 minutes each, the 34-year-old from Brynamman, Carmarthenshire, pours out his bitter, murderous world view.

One strange and chilling video entitled ‘A Royal message from Meghan Markle’ shows a black golliwog doll with Jennings hoarsely saying ‘Harry, darling, I’ve become a trans’.

In others, he fulminates against “feral, inbred, raping” Muslims, lauds Finsbury Park mosque killer Darren Osborne and attacks gay people.

Jennings was jailed for 16 months in Swansea Crown Court last week over messages he posted on the American-based social networking site GAB, which styles itself as a “free speech” platform.

Those posts warned Jews that they would “get the same treatment as Muslims” and called for prominent EU remain campaigner Gina Miller to be hunted down and killed, as well as boasting he would first in line to ‘Jo Cox’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

But although his Twitter, @BZNTweets, has been taken down, his YouTube channel is still up.

The channel, called MrJDJennings, has been online since July 3, 2009.

It has had 187,366 views in that time, with 423 subscribers. The last video was uploaded five months ago.

Online still there are a few dozen videos featuring Jennings’ ramblings, including a few recordings of his ‘White Genocide Podcast, with one episode called ‘Jo Coxsucker’ with a picture of a noose.

Jennings refers to himself in t videos as ‘BLAZINOAH, Fuhrer of the troll Reich’.

In one video, called ‘Truth is Haram’, he refers to a storyline in Coronation Street where teenager Bethany Platt is raped by a member of a sex ring.

Jennings says in the video: “Why is the leader of the Bethany Platt character rape gang a white man, when in real life it would be a Muslim Pakistani?

“Coronation Street on some level is meant to be a reflection of real life.”

Jonathan Jennings pled guilty to 10 offences

Jonathan Jennings pled guilty to 10 offences

In another podcast, called ‘Darren Osborne Did Nothing Wrong’, Jennings refers to Osborne , who as found guilty of murder and attempted murder after deliberately mowed down people outside two mosques in north London in June last year, as the ‘Saint of Finsbury Park’.

He says it in attacks Muslims and says: “This will coming to a town near you soon. It most probably already has. Get back to the desert, you raping, inbred b******* and climb back on your camels.

“Islam’s ideology doesn’t belong here.”

He also refers to gay people in the UK as the ‘Geystapo’.

Jennings said in the video: “I was on my travels last week when something caught my eye that initially shocked me, and on second site, disturbed me. It was the sight of an LGBT rainbow flag fling outside a police station.

“I had to do a double take when I first saw, I couldn’t believe it. It was the equivalent of seeing a Nazi swastika flag flying outside a mosque or the ISIS flag flying outside Buckingham Palace.

“Homosexuality is wrong. It causes damage not only to those who partake in it, but society as a whole.”

The 34-year-old pleaded guilty to 10 counts of publishing threatening written material to stir up religious hatred, sending an electronic communication conveying a threatening message, and sending an electronic communication of an offensive nature when he appeared at Swansea Crown Court via videolink from prison on July 20.

YouTube have been contacted for comment.

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