Jan, Feb & March 2018

Christopher Gamlin – Tried to meet a 13-year-old girl for sex in a park.
Jailed for 21 months and 10 years sexual harm prevention order.

Scott Mallaburn – Affray
12 months suspended for 2 years

Jack Renshaw – Stirring up racial hatred.
Jailed for 3 years.

Brandon Russell – Possession of explosive materials. Brandon is the leader of Atomwaffen and is closely aligned with National Action.
Jailed for 5 years.

Marek Zakrocki – Britain First supporter who drove his van into a curry house.
Jailed for 33 weeks.

Joshua Ingram ABH and threatened to throw a toddler out of a window.
Jailed for 3 years. The sentence was originally suspended but converted on appeal.

Joseph Ingham – Assault.
Jailed for 10 years.

Roy Larner – The “Lion of London Bridge” guilty of racially aggravated common assault.
8 weeks suspended for 12 months.

Darren Osborne – Guilty of a terrorist attack and murder.
Jailed for 43 years.

Ethan Stables – Guilty of planning a terrorist attack.
Ended up with an indefinite hospital order which means he may never me released. If his mental health improves has can be re-sentenced.

Liam Seabrook Threatened to petrol bomb Mosques.
Jailed for 8 years

David Bitton – Pleaded guilty to sending Homophobic and anti-Semitic messages to Manchester Police.
Jailed for 4 years.

Andrew Littlefair – Posted about wanting to shoot Muslims.
Jailed for 20 months

Lukasz Poczesny – Pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder.
Igor Fiodorow – Pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder.
Marcin Lasota – Pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder.
Patryk Lesniowski – Pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder.
Mateusz Slezak – Pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder.
All sentenced to 18 months suspended for 2 years + unpaid work

Leigh McMillan – Well known member of the EDL guilty of child sex offences against a 10 year old girl.
Jailed for 17 years

Jasper Gough Guilty of Sexual Assault and ABH.
Jailed for 3 years 9 months

Paul Moore – Guilty of Attempted Murder after driving his car over a woman twice.
Jailed for minimum of 20 years.

Paul Golding – Guilty of religiously-aggravated harassment
Jayda Fransen – Guilty of religiously-aggravated harassment
Golding jailed for 18 weeks and Fransen jailed for 36 weeks.

Warren Snedden – Possession of documents containing information likely to be useful for terrorist purposes; possession of firearms and ammunition; and, production of cannabis. Police couldn’t find a motive but his facebook account is littered with anti-Muslim content.
Jailed for 10 years + 5 on license.

Leon Payne – Guilty of Affray.
Jailed for 8 months

Steven Bracher – Has extreme homophobic and racist views made bombs at his historic Devon home.
Jailed for ?????

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