Wifebeater thug jailed for headbutting ex-lover was known activist for Scottish Defence League hate group

PREVIOUS convictions for violence didn’t deter David Knowles, 42, from headbutting and punching his former girlfriend at her flat in Leith, Edinburgh.

Wife beater David Knowles (R) at a Scottish Defence League Rally in Dundee last September

Wife beater David Knowles (R) at a Scottish Defence League Rally in Dundee last September

A PROMINENT activist in the far-right Scottish Defence League has been jailed for nine months for beating up a woman.

David “Pod” Knowles, 42, headbutted former girlfriend Suzanne Sime and repeatedly punched her on the head and body.

He had a series of arguments with Suzanne over the phone before the late-night attack at her flat in Leith, Edinburgh.

Knowles, a regular at SDL rallies around Scotland, has previous convictions for violence.

He denied attacking Suzanne, forcing her to go to court to testify against him, but was convicted last week.

Knowles dated Suzanne as a teenager and attacked her after getting back in touch with her through Facebook.

She said: “He’d hit me before. He promised he wouldn’t do it again, then this took place.

“It felt like it lasted for hours but it was probably only 10 to 15 minutes.

“I had bruises all over me, including on my arms as he pinned me down, and he left a scar on my nose. My rib cage was killing me.

“But yet when the case came to court he constantly pled not guilty. The lies he came out with were disgusting. He tried to make out I was paralytic drunk.”

Shop worker Suzanne believes Knowles should have got a longer sentence. She said: “I wish I’d never got involved with him again.

“Initially, I thought, ‘Great, I haven’t seen him for years, I wonder how he’s getting on?’ You only start hearing all the stories after something like this happens.”

She added: “He was always going off to SDL protests. But while the SDL guys say they would never hit a woman, they are just hypocrites.”

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