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A new father from Whitchurch punched his partner while she was in a hospital delivery room giving birth to their child, a court heard.

The following day she was kicked and punched by 24-year-old Myles Davies outside her home which left her with a broken wrist.

The victim also suffered bruising to her legs and body in the assault less than 24 hours after giving birth. That morning, Davies had complained the victim rocking the child’s cradle kept him awake.

The police and social services had already been alerted when the victim was punched on the shoulder at Telford’s Princess Royal Hospital in the delivery suite.

At Shrewsbury Crown Court yesterday Judge Peter Barrie said Davies had been involved in ‘aggressive and nasty’ behaviour.

“Anyone who hears about this behaviour towards your partner and mother of your child would realise you are in serious need of help,” he said.

He told Davies that he was a high risk to the public and to partners, present and future and to children.

Judge Barrie said it was to the victim’s credit that she said in her statements that, despite being upset, she acknowledged that Davies had mental health issues and had not been getting the support he needed.

Davies was given a two-year community order which involves intense relationship and rehabilitation programmes.

The court heard Davies had been on remand for over six months which was equal to getting a 15-month prison sentence.

Judge Barrie said it was in the public interest to change the defendant’s attitude and prison was not the harsh punishment for him that it was for others.

An indefinite restraining order was also imposed on Davies for him to have no contact with the victim and any access to his young child was to be through the official channels.

Davies, of Alkington Road, Whitchurch, who appeared in court via a video link from prison, had pleaded guilty to charges of common assault and assault causing actual bodily harm on November 14 and 15 last year.

The court heard Davies had previously been jailed for assault when he was a member of the English Defence League, threatening behaviour at an EDL demonstration and a football banning order for being on Shrewsbury Town’s pitch while in possession of a firework.

Mr Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said that Davies was involved in ‘controlling’ behaviour with the victim at her home and had behaved strangely at the hospital delivery room causing staff to alert social services and police.

He said that Davies had struck her on the shoulder three or four times while she was in labour.

The next day Davies had issues with the victim nursing the baby, having a light on and having to feed the child and complained her rocking the child’s cradle kept him awake.

Mr Jones said Davies left at 2am but returned a few hours later and was unhappy that the victim had the baby on the bed with her and had complained that doors in the house were left open.

When Davies was later leaving he had pushed her back into the flat but as she tried to get to a relative’s car outside she fell and was kicked and punched on the body and legs by the defendant.

Mr Stephen Scully, for Davies, said that psychological reports indicated his client had poor self esteem, unpredictable emotions and insecurity and lost his temper when under stress and when he felt threatened.

He said Davies thrived in the secure and structured prison regime and was working to dealing with his mental health issues and the reasons for his offending.

Shropshire Star

Kevin Gaffin, 41, stormed round to the victim’s home in a fit of rage suspecting he was to blame for him being banned from pubs in Weybridge

A feud between two members of a working men’s club ended with one of them threatening to chop the other man’s head off with a meat cleaver.

The simmering tension came to the boil after Kevin Gaffin, 41, suspected Scott Rowlatt was to blame for him being banned from pubs in the Weybridge area, a court heard on Thursday.

The defendant, who was carrying a meat cleaver, stormed round to Mr Rowlatt’s home in Weybridge and caused £1,000 worth of damage to his van and vowed to decapitate him, Guildford Crown Court was told.

Gaffin, of St Mary’s Road in Weybridge, was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to making a threat to kill, criminal damage and unlawfully having a bladed article in a public place.

The court was told there was bad feeling between the two men, who were both members of Oatlands Park Working Mens Club, Weybridge.

Nick Hall, prosecuting, said the defendant went to the house where Mr Rowlatt was living on September 16 last year.

“The defendant was intoxicated and was carrying a meat cleaver,” he said.

Mr Hall said Gaffin banged on the door which was answered by another man who tried to calm him down.

He said that the defendant shouted: “I’m going to chop his f*****g head off.”

Mr Hall said during the disturbance, Gaffin struck Mr Rowlatt’s van repeatedly causing an estimated £1,000 worth of damage.

“He blamed Mr Rowlatt for getting him banned from bars in Weybridge,” he said.

Police were called and the defendant was arrested.

The court heard Gaffin had previous convictions for threatening behaviour and being drunk and disorderly.

Keith Goodhand, defending, said his client had been drinking when the offences were committed.

“He’s under no illusions that it’s going to be custodial sentence this afternoon,” he said.

Mr Goodhand stressed Gaffin had only carried the meat cleaver and had never actually brandished it in any way.

“He had a burning sense of grievance at the time,” he said.

Passing sentence, Judge Jonathan Black advised Gaffin to take steps to control his drinking and his behaviour to avoid coming back to court in future.

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A FORMER Lugar and Craigmark footballer who hurled shameful racist abuse at a demonstration over Syrian refugees being housed in Scotland was spared jail for the offence this week.

Non-league midfielder Steven Kerr was arrested during clashes between pro and anti-refugee groups in Monkton.

The 31-year-old – who is known as “Kerso” – was detained after hurling racist abuse during the demonstration on Sunday, November 15 last year.

Tempers flared in Monkton’s Main Street when members of the Scottish Defence League and pro-refugee demonstrators expressed their views about around 150 refugees being granted emergency accommodation at the nearby Adamton Country House Hotel.

Kerr was held to yell “black b******” at the rally, which took place just hours after the Paris attacks which left 130 people dead and a further 368 injured.

The demo – which saw a pro-refugee group marching through the village – also took place following Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge that Britain would receive 1,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees before Christmas.

Kerr was held in custody pending a court appearance and was charged with breaking Section 38(1) of the Criminal Justice and Licensing Scotland Act 2010.

Prosecutors claimed he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm by shouting, swearing and making racial remarks.

He was due to go on trial at Ayr Sheriff Court last month but struck a deal with prosecutors which saw him plead guilty to an amended charge just minutes before his trial was due to start.

Kerr, who is also a member of the Ayr Protestant Boys Flute Band, admitted shouting a single racist remark during the clashes.

Sentence was deferred so he could assessed by social workers and he returned to the dock this week to learn his fate, with the threat of a possible 12-month jail term hanging over his head.

Procurator fiscal depute Lucy Adams told Sheriff John Montgomery that a pro-refugee group was marching through Main Street, Monkton, when they were met with an anti-refugee group.

Words were exchanged between the attendees, some of whom are understood to have been members of the far-right Scottish Defence League, insults were traded and Kerr was heard to shout the single racist comment.

Defence solicitor Steven Maxwell said Kerr had been provoked and reacted angrily because someone with a loudhailer shouted, “Get these Nazi scum off our streets” in his ear with the amplification device as he walked passed.

Sheriff John Montgomery then asked if Kerr’s attendance at the demo was evidence of racist views he holds.

He said: “Why did he go to this? He must have some interesting views?”

Maxwell replied: “In meetings I’ve had with him he doesn’t appear to have any particularly strong views.

“He had gone there with some friends.”

The lawyer asked for leniency for Kerr, who works as a delivery driver for Benson’s For Beds.

As he spared Kerr jail and fined him £750 for the offence, Sheriff Montgomery said: “I don’t think custody is necessary for this.

“You should be aware, Mr Kerr, that such derogatory and racial views can lead to more serious things taking place.”

Kerr has also played for Junior sides Ardrossan Winton Rovers and Whitletts Victoria in his non-league footballing career.

He left hometown club Whitletts Victoria in February this year due to work commitments.
Cumnock Chronicle

A teenage soldier made religious and race hate remarks to a takeaway worker after salt was put on his chips.

Tyler Pollitt, who was described as expected to have a very bright future in the British Army, was abusive about the worker’s Muslim religion and ethnic origins after going into the Feast About takeaway in Blackpool.

Pollitt, an 18-year old logistics gunner with the Royal Artillery, of Wilkinson Street, Leigh, Wigan, pleaded guilty to religiously and racially threatening behaviour.

He was fined £500 with £85 costs and ordered to pay £100 compensation to the takeaway worker plus £50 victims’ surcharge by Blackpool magistrates.

Martine Connah, prosecuting, said Pollitt went into the Feast About takeaway on August 20 at 6.45pm and after he complained his portion of chips had salt on, the assistant made him another portion. Pollitt continued to complain and then made the vile remarks.

When a policewoman tried to arrest him, Pollitt threw himself to the floor claiming she had punched him, before making race hate remarks to a nearby group of Asian men.

A report from Pollitt’s commanding officer, which was read to the court, described him as an intelligent hard-working soldier who was expected to have a very bright future in the Army.

David Scully, defending, said his client had come to Blackpool with two friends and had too much to drink. He was ashamed of what had happened and had voluntarily offered to pay his victim compensation.

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Vile John Hennigan also banged on the glass panel of the dock, performed a Nazi salute and twice shouted “Sieg Heil” before starting to sing “Jews gas them all”

A judge stunned a courtroom by using the C-word as she jailed a racist thug.

Vile John Hennigan, 50, was being sentenced by Judge Patricia Lynch QC when he told her she was “a bit of a c***”

But, taking no prisoners, the judge immediately retorted: “You are a bit of a c*** yourself. Being offensive to me doesn’t help.”

Hennigan shouted back: “Go f*** yourself.”

“You too,” replied the judge

The court heard Hennigan has 23 convictions for 47 offences, many of them involving Nazi salutes and racist incidents

The court heard Hennigan has 23 convictions for 47 offences, many of them involving Nazi salutes and racist incidents

The court heard Hennigan has 23 convictions for 47 offences, many of them involving Nazi salutes and racist incidents

Judge Lynch dropped the C-bomb as she jailed Hennigan for 18 months for insulting a black Caribbean mother.

He told Tanisha Ford: “I don’t agree with inter-racial relationships. I like natural” later adding: “I prefer white children”.

The court heard Hennigan has 23 convictions for 47 offences, many of them involving Nazi salutes and racist incidents.

The latest offence, committed in his hometown of Harlow, Essex, was his ninth breach of an ASBO banning him from acting in an anti social way or using racist language.

In October 2012 he was seen performing a Nazi salute in a central London pub and calling black people vile racial slurs.

Describing Tanisha’s reaction to Hennigan’s racist outburst, Prosecutor Lynne Shirley said: “She was shocked and surprised.

“The incident made her feel very upset, hurt, out of place and distressed. She was alarmed her children had to listen to the comments.”

While sentencing Hennigan at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday, Judge Lynch told him: “Your offence is thoroughly unpleasant and repeated breaches of this order using the most unpleasant of language and causing distress.

“It’s said custody would be distressing for you but it seems you never learn.

“This is the ninth time you have breached this order, the same offensive, racist comments and you don’t deserve another chance.”

It was at this point that Hennigan began talking directly to the judge and swearing at her.

Following their c-word exchange Hennigan banged on the glass panel of the dock, performed a Nazi salute and twice shouted “Sieg Heil” before starting to sing “Jews gas them all….”

Judge Lynch, still speaking in a measured tone, commented: “We are all really impressed. Take him down.”

It isn’t the first time the judge has been in the limelight.

Last year, Judge Lynch apologised for not jailing a pervert pensioner who abused teenage girls.

She spoke out after Michael Taylor admitted sexually assaulting two youngsters at Mistley Place Park animal sanctuary.

The 75-year-old groomed, kissed and groped the two girls, forcing kisses on them and touching one teen’s breasts.

Taylor admitted the sickening acts and was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court however he avoided jail after Judge Lynch said her hands were tied by strict sentencing guidelines.

She told the victims and their families she wanted to pass a longer than minimum prison term, possibly suspended but due to the guidelines she could only pass down a 36-month community order.
Daily Mirror

A SERIAL racist who has blown a £50,000 inheritance through drinking and misbehaving will be given a chance to mend her ways with the help of a tough East Lancashire rehab regime.

Jasmine Astin, who has no fewer than six convictions for racially-aggravated disorder, has been told she must live in a women’s only drying-out unit run by Blackburn-based Thomas.

Appearing before Burnley Crown Court, the 22-year-old admitted attacking Asian-owned takeaways in Rawtenstall and Blackburn.

Emma Kehoe, prosecuting, said Astin had initially been ordered to leave Mi-Mi’s, in Bacup Road, Rawtenstall, on February 7, after being racially abusive to staff and customers. But she returned armed with a knife, which she began waving around and continued to be offensive.

Astin, of no fixed address, was charged with a racially-aggravated public order offence and possession of a bladed article before being bailed by police.

But on February 14 she was found abusing Asian staff at the Tasty Spot takeaway in Darwen Street, Blackburn, the court heard.

Miss Kehoe said: “She climbed over the counter … and when she was challenged she then started with the racial abuse.”

Astin also tried to spit at staff before they managed to remove her from the premises. She then went next door to the Pyramid takeaway, where she started throwing chairs around and racially abused staff.

Mark Stuart, defending, said his client, who admitted involvement in each of the incidents, had received a substantial inheritance, aged 18, after the death of her father. He told the court she had spent the money, on drinking, and staying in hotels and bed and breakfasts.

Others had taken advantage of her, including people she met through Facebook, but she now realised her life had to change,which could be assisted through the alcohol-free Thomas Project said Mr Stuart.

Imposing a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, Judge Jonathan Gibson told Astin she had a ‘shocking record’ for racially-aggravated offences.

The judge said Astin, who must undertake a 12-month rehabilitation requirement,should initially live as directed by Thomas.

Lancashire Telegraph