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A Sunderland dad high on drugs has been jailed for a 60-second early hours danger drive where he powered blindly down a walkway while being pursued by police.

Unlicensed and uninsured Kieron Wright, 30, is starting 40 weeks behind bars for his cannabis-fired 50mph antics at the wheel of his Ford Focus.

After his arrest, Wright, of Rosedale Street, Bishopwearmouth, admitted he was so drugged up he could not recall getting into the motor.

He was caught on police dashcam driving above the speed limit in city centre High Street East at 1.47am on Friday, November 11.

Footage shows him flinging his motor over speed bumps while being pursued and stopping only when he jammed it between a lamppost and railings in Coronation Street.

A blood test showed he was over the legal limit for cannabis derivative THC, and illegal amphetamine was also found in the vehicle.

At South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, District Judge Kathryn Meek told him his drug taking had made him oblivious to the danger he posed to unsuspecting pedestrians.

She said video showed his driving was “completely out of control” – and confirmed he had confessed to having no recollection of taking the wheel due to drugs.

Prosecutor Lesley Burgess said: “Police state he was driving at up to 50mph in a 30mph area.

“Officers describe it as being a residential area and on two occasions his car mounts the footpath.

“He then collided with railings and was arrested for dangerous driving. A roadside swab was positive for cocaine.

“A swab at the police station showed he was under the limit for cocaine, but a blood sample showed he was over for cannabis.

“He was also found to not have insurance or a driving licence, and checks found a small bag of white powder in the car. It was amphetamine.”

Wright pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, possession of a single wrap of class B amphetamine and drug driving at an earlier hearing.

He also admitted driving without a licence, driving without insurance and failing to stop for police.

His reading for cannabis derivative THC was 2.2mcg per litre of blood. The legal limit is 2mcg.

Footage showed Wright also driving on Sans Street, Borough Road and Hendon Road.

David Wright, defending, said the pursuit had been short and dashcam showed no other drivers or pedestrians.

Mr Wright added: “It’s less than 60 seconds before he comes to a stop. I don’t think we see a single person or a car during the clip.

“If the custody threshold is crossed you do have the option of imposing a suspended sentence of up to 12 months.

“The Probation report does contain a lot of positive information. He has expressed to me that he does want help with his drugs’ use.”

Judge Meek jailed Wright for 40 weeks for dangerous driving, 12 weeks for drug-driving and four weeks for drug possession, to run concurrently.

She banned him from driving for 40 months, due to a drink-drive conviction in 2013, and he must take an extended driving test. He must also pay a £187 victim surcharge.

Sunderland Echo

A man given five cannabis plants as reward for helping a pal clear away a drugs farm was caught when police called at his home on an unrelated inquiry.

Kieron Wright, 27, at first refused to come to the door of his home in Grafton Street, Millfield, Sunderland – and his mum even denied he was at home.

When he then climbed out onto a roof to shout to ask them what they wanted on Tuesday, September 8, officers could already smell the drug from the street.

Wright then came clean about his crime – but his openness led to him being charged with a more serious offence, magistrates in South Tyneside were told.

They heard he told police how he had attained the batch, meaning he was charged with cannabis production rather than possession.

Prosecutor Marc Atkins said: “Officers attended an address in Grafton Street, in order to arrest the defendant for another offence.

“The defendant’s mother said he wasn’t at the property, but the defendant then climbed out of the loft and came onto the roof and asked what they wanted.

“He refused to come down to the door. To his credit, he told them that he had cannabis in the loft that they could also smell.

“After about ten minutes he let them in. There is cannabis bush on the loft floor and some more hanging on a radiator.

“He told officers that he had helped a friend dismantle a cannabis farm and that he was given five plants.

“There was 215g of cannabis, which was for his own use. There was no equipment for commercial production.”

Mark McAlindon, defending, said Wright had previously used crack cocaine and switching to cannabis was a way to move to a lesser drug.

He added: “The yield from the drugs was about 40g. It’s now an offence of some age.

“This could have been charged as possession, but it was production due to what he said in his interview.”Wright was fined £120 after pleading guilty to production of a controlled Class B drug, and must pay £85 court costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

Sunderland Echo

A thief who launched a wrecking “spree” that left seven vehicles damaged has been allowed to keep his freedom.

Kieron Wright targeted motors that had been parked in the River View area of Sunderland, all within hours of each other, in October last year.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that all of the vehicles, which included cars and vans, were damaged by the 28-year-old, who smashed windows and lights, and some had personal property taken from inside.

Prosecutor Paul Reid told the court: “It was a spree of breaking into vehicles parked in Sunderland.”

At the time of the car attacks, Wright was on bail after being caught with a balaclava, torch and small hammer near the scene of a burglary and for stealing perfume from Asda.

Wright, who has a long criminal record, pleaded guilty to going equipped for theft, criminal damage and theft charges.

At a previous hearing, earlier this month, Jamie Adams, defending, said Wright, of Rosedale Street, Sunderland, was “wanting to be caught” so he could get help with his drug problem.

Mr Adams said Wright is “trying to sort himself out” and has responded well while in custody on remand.

Mr Recorder John Aitken adjourned the case until today so that Wright can be assessed for his suitability for a drug rehabilitation order.

The judge told him at the time: “It seems to me you have shown some progress and it would be in everyone’s interests if you could get a grip of your drug abuse which might lead to you not offending again.”

Wright was given bail over the last three weeks and was told he would receive a non-custodial sentence if he can convince the drug treatment authorities that he is willing to work with them.

But the judge warned him: “If you are unable to persuade them of that, I will have no choice but to give you a custodial sentence.”

Wright has now been back in court today where the judge sentenced him to a community order for nine months with a drug rehabilitation requirement.

Sunderland Echo

A court heard Kieron Wright posted a message on a public forum complaining about being moved to a different ward and making vile comments about a female nurse

Kieron Wright, 23, from Sunderland, who posted vile racist slurs about his nurse on Facebook

Kieron Wright, 23, from Sunderland, who posted vile racist slurs about his nurse on Facebook

A patient posted shocking racist abuse on Facebook about a nurse who was looking after him following an overdose.

Kieron Wright had been admitted to Sunderland Royal Hospital after taking an overdose, the Chronicle Live reports .

A court heard he posted a message on a public forum complaining about being moved to a different ward and making vile comments about a female nurse.

He referred to her as a “big ape-looking lass” and added: “Not ******* happy.

“If anyone was thinking about popping in with fruit, leave the bananas in the house, I don’t fancy getting robbed. Ha.”

Newcastle Crown Court heard a member of staff at Sunderland NHS Trust spotted the “gross racial slur” and contacted police.
NNP Kieron Wright, 23, from Sunderland, who posted vile racist slurs about his nurse on Facebook
Wright had overdosed and was being treated

Now Wright, who said he was sorry and wasn’t thinking straight due to his overdose, has been spared jail after he admitted sending an offensive communication.

Mr Recorder Morris told the 23-year-old: “That was a deeply offensive message to post on a public forum.

“I have no doubt anyone who read it would have been disgusted by what they saw. Such language is entirely unacceptable.

“This was not just a message sent to one individual but was widely disseminated to the public.

“It was plainly a racially motivated offensive message and that is a serious aggravating factor in this case.”

Wright had ended up in hospital on the evening of March 10 this year.

The deputy head of corporate affairs at the local NHS Trust became aware of what he had written on Facebook during his stay.

Wright was interviewed by police and said he didn’t realise it would offend anyone and was sorry.

Alec Burns, defending, said: “He is very sorry about the communication offence.

“He couldn’t see it at the time but she was helping him. He didn’t understand at the time because of the state he was in. He apologises.”

Wright, of Rosedale Street, Sunderland, pleaded guilty to sending an offensive communication.

The court heard his 47 previous convictions include daubing graffiti on the walls of a police cell calling a man with an Asian-sounding name a “nonce”.

Wright also admitted assaulting a man in an unrelated offence because he wasn’t happy with the quality of cannabis he had been sold.

He had also failed to comply with a previous community order.

For the racist Facebook post and the assault, Wright was sentenced to a community order for 18 months, with rehabilitation and supervision requirements.

He was also given a restraining order to keep him away from the assault victim and his girlfriend.

Mr Burns said Wright has a history of mental health problems but has recently started working.

Newcastle Chronicle


A patient was arrested and prosecuted after he sent a racist Facebook post about his nurse from his hospital bed.

Kieron Wright, 23, said that the NHS worker looking after him at Sunderland Royal Hospital was “ape looking” and warned visitors not to bring him bananas in case she robbed them from him.

The shocking post on the social networking site was seen by the NHS trust bosses who reported it to the police.

Demolition worker Wright, of Rosedale Street, Sunderland, was arrested and admitted sending an offensive communication.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the post was put on Facebook on March 10.

It read: “Been moved ward again. Now on ward B26 and I’ve got a big, ape-looking lass for a nurse. Not happy one bit. If any of you are thinking about popping up with fruit etc, leave the bananas in the house, I don’t fancy getting robbed haha.”

Prosecutor Anne Richardson told the court the “extreme language” amounted to a “racial hate crime” which caused disgust to the hospital manager who saw it.

Wright was arrested and said he had not intended to cause any offense and was sorry if he had.

Mr Recorder Stephen Morris QC told Wright: “You realise, at the time, the nurse was in fact helping you.

“That was a deeply offensive message to post on a public forum.

“I have no doubt anyone who read it would have been disgusted by what they saw.

“Such language is entirely unacceptable.

“I do not accept you didn’t realise how offensive the message was but I accept you have apologised and shown remorse.

“This was not a post sent to one individual, it was widely disseminated to members of the public. It was a racially motivated offensive message committed against someone working in the public sector, nursing staff at a public hospital, which is also an aggravating feature.”

A spokeswoman for the trust told the Echo that the NHS bosses ‘will not hesitate’ in reporting such incidents and supporting their staff members.

Wright, who has previous convictions for violence and disorder, was before the judge for the Communications Act offence and an assault by beating, which he was convicted of after a trial.

The violence related to him punching a man at his home when he went to complain about the quality of the cannabis he had bought from him.

Wright, who has been on a curfew for around eight months as part of his bail conditions, was sentenced to a community order for 18 months with rehabilitation and supervision requirements.

Alec Burns, defending said: “He is very sorry for having done this and very sorry she had to read what he had written.

“He did not see it at the time but she was helping him.

“He apologises and apologised very shortly afterwards.”

Mr Burns said Wright has now got a demolition job and is willing to work hard and stay out of trouble.

A spokeswoman for City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust said: “The NHS is a very diverse workforce and it is unacceptable for any member of our staff to be the subject of racial comments on social media whilst caring for patients.

“The Trust takes all forms of abuse very seriously, whether that be verbal, racial or violent, and we will not hesitate to support our staff by reporting such incidents.”

Sunderland Echo

A vandal who painted offensive graffiti on a random pub and house ‘has no idea’ why he did so.

Kieron Wright, 23, used black paint to daub slogans onto the wall of a house in Hylton Road, and the nearby Railway Tavern pub, Sunderland magistrates heard.

The court was told the properties were randomly selected, and had nothing to do with what was written on them.

Prosecutor Lee Poppett said: “This case concerns three offences of graffiti, for want of a better term.”

Mr Poppett said a rented property was defaced twice, on July 3, and July 7.

And on July 4, he repeated the offence on an outside wall of the Railway Tavern.

Mr Poppett added: “There is no suggestion that either of the premises were targeted in any way, or racially motivated in any way.

“Mr Wright has taken it upon himself to write on them in black paint.”

He was identified from CCTV footage and when police searched his house, they found a small amount of cannabis bush.

Wright, of Rosedale Street, Sunderland, admitted three counts of criminal damage, possession of cannabis, and breaching two conditional discharges.

He has 33 previous convictions for a total of 47 offences, five of which were criminal damage.

Tony Southwick, defending, said: “The second incident on July 7, he painted over what he had previously painted. He added a little bit extra.

“This was not targeted in any way. It’s not racially aggravated because he would not have known who the landlord was.

“He has no explanation as to why he has done this.

“He accepts that the small quantity of cannabis in the house was for his own personal use. He tells me it’s barely enough to make one joint.

“He was laid off from work in May and he uses cannabis more or less on a daily basis because he is bored.”

Wright was sentenced to a six-month community order with 10 days’ specified activity.

He was told to pay a £50 fine, and £110 in compensation.

Sunderland Echo

Attacks woman in front of her children just hours after walking free from court
Mother-of-four had chunks of hair pulled out and vile racist abuse was thrown at her
He had just been given a community order for previous assault on a man with learning difficulties

A thug out celebrating his ‘lenient’ court sentence left a shop worker cowering and crying in front of her children in a sickening attack.

Kieron Wright was given a community order in March for his part in a cowardly assault that left a man with learning difficulties battered and bleeding in a pub toilet in Sunderland.

Within 24 hours of walking out of court the 19-year-old, who was given an ASBO in 2010, had turned his violence on Syeda Chowdhury, known as Sally, at a store in the city.

Newcastle Crown Court heard yesterday during the terrifying attack the victim had chunks of her hair pulled out and vile racist abuse was thrown at her.

Wright was handed a suspended sentence for his latest attack by Judge Roger Thorn QC.

The mum-of-four has been told it could take two years for her missing hair to grow back.

Prosecutor Richard Herrmann told the court the violence flared when Mrs Chowdhury confronted Wright over a pack of pork scratchings he had walked out of the store with but not paid for.

As the trouble spilled outside Mrs Chowdhury ended up standing at the door of her nearby home and her children came out.

Mr Herrmann said: ‘The defendant became racially abusive to her, throwing punches in her direction.

‘Two other people became involved, one who was convicted of threatening behaviour

‘The complainant describes she was very upset during the incident.

‘She was shaking, crying and chunks of her hair were on the ground.

‘Her children were screaming at the distress of the situation.’

Wright, of no fixed address, admitted breaching the original community order, breach of an antisocial behaviour order and affray.

Judge Thorn said: ‘He got what he thought was a lenient sentence and went out to celebrate to such an extent he committed the affray.’

Tony Hawks, defending, said Wright has been in Durham jail since March, which he has found an ‘intimidating experience.’

Judge Thorn said because Wright has spent the equivalent of a 12-month sentence on remand his 12-month prison sentence for the offence will be suspended for 18-months, with supervision.

The judge told him: ‘Newcastle Crown Court, in your view clearly, gave you a lenient sentence that you were not expecting.

‘I’m not going to express my own view of that because I don’t know the circumstances in which you were sentenced.

‘You went out and celebrated in a completely foolish way and committed further offences.’

As Wright left the court Judge Thorn warned him: ‘The last thing you ought to do is go and celebrate.’
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