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John Blake has been jailed for six years and four months.

John Blake has been jailed for six years and four months.

A thug who tasered a man in the neck after bursting into a block of flats in Scarborough has been jailed for more than six years.

John Henry Blake, 30, rushed into the building armed with a stun gun disguised as a torch and fired at the 28-year-old victim.

The shocking scenes occurred at a multi-occupancy building for young people with behavioural problems, York Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor David Hall said Blake entered the property with two females, including his teenage niece Ellie-Mae Blake. They banged on the victim’s door.

The victim opened the door “in a cautious way, with his shoulder against it”, said the barrister.

“Ellie-Mae Blake and the other female pushed past him and ran into the hallway, followed by the defendant,” he added.

“He (John Blake) is seen to push an instrument into the neck of (the victim), who recoils against the corner of the door frame and rushes outside the building.

“Just behind (the victim) was a second male. Blake points the implement at this second male in the doorway. The male cowers away fearfully.”

Blake and the two females then rushed upstairs where they tried to force their way into a flat on the second floor, “but the occupants refused to respond”, said Mr Hall.

“Blake is holding the stun gun,” he added. “Ellie-Mae Blake is kicking at the door. The occupants are refusing to come out and this group then leaves.”

Police were called to the building in Victoria Court, off Albemarle Back Road, just after the incident at about 10.50pm on February 6 last year.

The victim told them he had been tasered in the neck but was too fearful to make a complaint. He suffered a “significant red mark” to his neck.

Mr Hall said the attack appeared to stem from a “dispute” between the attackers and a male who lived at the block of flats.

Police arrested Blake at his home in Scarborough but he refused to reveal the whereabouts of the weapon, which was at the home of Blake’s pal Lewis Hardy.

The court heard that Hardy, 19, had been guarding the weapon for Blake but had taken no part in the attack. The torch-shaped stun gun was stamped with the word ‘Police’.

Mr Hall said that Blake, of The Croft, Newby, had dozens of previous convictions for burglaries, theft, criminal damage, violence, fraud and drink-related public disorder. He also had a conviction for a previous firearms offence in 2005, when he was caught in possession of a loaded air rifle and ammunition.

He appeared for sentence for the stun-gun incident on Friday after belatedly pleading guilty to possessing a disguised firearm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and failing to answer bail by skipping an earlier court hearing, which resulted in him being remanded in custody in October.

His lawyer David Camidge claimed it was not Blake who had originally been in possession of the gun and that his niece Ellie-Mae Blake, 19, had asked for it back “because she was fearful that she wouldn’t be able to get it back to where it had come from”.

Judge Paul Batty QC said John Blake had been the “leading light” in the terrifying incident and slammed him for his shocking criminal record.

He told the defendant: “You Tasered in the neck this young man who refused to make a statement. It doesn’t take a degree of imagination to understand why that is.”

Blake was jailed for six years and four months.

At a previous court hearing, Mr Batty jailed Ellie-Mae Blake, of Edgehill Road, Scarborough, for five years after she admitted possessing a disguised firearm.

Hardy, of Seamer Road, Scarborough, was given an 18-month suspended prison term for a similar offence. A third male was given the minimum five-year jail sentence for firearms possession.

Scarborough News

Nancy Shaw

Nancy Shaw

FOUR people have been jailed for fraud offences after helping to scam thousands of pounds from people across the country.

Thomas Moffett, Elliot Reed, Nancy Shaw and Gary Oliphant were part of a group of 18 people sentenced for offences including conspiring to commit fraud by false representation and money laundering.

Lancashire Police made the arrests following two investigations.

The first investigation involved 32-year-old Moffett, of Bridge End in Barley, who was arrested by police in January 2013 for alleged offences as owner of Moth Communications Limited.

He ran the company from his bedroom at a former address in St Aidan’s Close, Blackburn.

Victims were told that they owed a debt and it should be paid immediately, otherwise bailiffs and the police would come to their address and seize property to the value of what was owed, usually several thousands of pounds.

The court heard that during October 2011 to December 2012, £127,000 of fraudulent cash to passed through his bank account.

The court heard how vulnerable people were targeted, including elderly owners of bed and breakfast hotels.

Officers found Moffett’s offences were linked to a second investigation involving Nancy Shaw, 50, Elliot Reed, 38 and Gary Oliphant, 42.

Shaw, from Pemberton Street, Blackburn, set up a business called The Business Hub Directory Ltd, while Reed, of Clitheroe Road, Whalley established a company called The Business Directory SEO UK Ltd.

The court heard Shaw allowed £59,000 of fraudulent cash to pass through her account between September 2012 and August 2013, while Reed’s company took £78,000 from victims between May 2012 and July 2013.

More than a dozen offenders involved in the network allowed their personal accounts to be used to launder the fraudulent money.

Oliphant admitted to money laundering and also allowing his home to be used for the purpose of fraud. He said he was aware of the scam and was present while some of the calls werehad been made.

Det con Jane Challenger, of Lancashire Police’s Economic Crime Unit, was responsible for the investigation into Moffett.

She said: “This was a sophisticated fraud investigation in relation to a boiler room scam. Victims were bombarded with telephone calls. The calls were threatening and aggressive, stating they owe for a debt and that the payment should be made immediately.”

“Victims felt pressurised to pay the money, some parting with life savings and in other cases being forced to close down their businesses.”

Det con John Banks, of Blackburn CID, responsible for the second investigation with det con David Gill, added: “The investigation into Shaw, Reed and Oliphant was extensive and involved dealing with hundreds of victims throughout the country.

“The impact on the victims has not only been detrimental financially but also physically and mentally with some victims losing their businesses and becoming seriously ill as a result of these crimes.

Moffett, 32, was sentenced to two-years and 10 months in prison, Reed, 38, two-years and two months’ jail and Shaw, 50, two-years. All pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation.

Oliphant, 42, of Campbell Street, Blackburn, admitted conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation and money laundering, sentenced to and was jailed for two-years, and five months’ jail.

The following also pleaded guilty to money laundering as part of the scam: Marcus Moss, 44, of Vicarage Lane, Wilpshire, was sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for two-years.

He was given 200 hours’ unpaid work; Reginald Gregory, 53, of Ivinson Road, Darwen, sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for two-years.

He was given a 35-week curfew and electronically monitored; Samuel Dysart, 22, of Haslingden Road, Blackburn, sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for two-years.

He was given 280 hours’ unpaid work; Zak Deaffern, 25, of Ratcliffe Street, Darwen sentenced to 22 weeks in prison suspended for two-years.

He was given a 26-week curfew and 12 months’ supervision;

Joanne Orr, 25, of Tythebarn Street, Darwen, was sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for two-years.

Anthony Lucas-Brewer, 32, of Cavendish Street, Darwen, receivedwas given a two-year community order and £500 fine;

Lauren Poland, 27, of Marsh House Lane, Darwen, was given a 26-week curfew and electronically monitored;

Bryan Baron, 40, of Moorfield Avenue, Ramsgreave, was given 170 hours’ unpaid work;

Christopher Hayes, 38, of Selkirk Close, Blackburn, was given a two-year curfew, electronically monitored for 20 weeks and a supervision order of 18 months;

Coleen Turner, 42, of Douglas Place, Blackburn, was given a two-year community order and 26 week curfew;

Gary Brown, 42, of Wood Street, Darwen, was given a two-year community order and 200 hours unpaid work;

Michael Middlehurst, 35, of Powell Street, Darwen, was given 12 months in prison suspended for two-years;

Sharyle Connor, 40, of Fawcett Close, Blackburn, was given a two-year community order;

Kevin McAuley, 35, of Seacole Close, Blackburn, was given a two-year community order and 200 hours unpaid work.

Lancashire Telegraph

With the announcement today regarding his guilty plea in the mortgage fraud case I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick guide to all of his criminal convictions we have on this site.

EDL leaders fined over rooftop protest

The BNP past of the EDL leader

Right-winger charged with assault at Muslim poppy-burning protest

EDL leader Stephen Lennon convicted of assault

EDL founder Stephen Lennon fails in appeal over Luton brawl

EDL Leader Lennon Jailed For Passport Offence

EDL founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon admits mortgage fraud

I’m sure there’s another couple of convictions missing from the list.

All the articles lead back to the original media organisation.

26/5/17 Yaxley-Lennon pleads guilty to contempt of court.
Tommy Robinson ‘targeted by extremist groups’ as he admits to contempt at Canterbury Crown Court

25/5/18. Jailed for 13 months for another contempt of court charge.
This judgement was quashed and referred to the Attorney General.

5/7/19 Found guilty of all three counts of Contempt of Court.
The Independent

11/7/19 Sentenced to 9 months for the three counts of Contempt of Court.

30/11/20 Sentenced to 300 hours Community Service + £3000 in fines and costs for an assault.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was previously jailed for using someone else's passport

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was previously jailed for using someone else’s passport

English Defence League (EDL) founder and former leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has admitted mortgage fraud offences.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiring with others to obtain a mortgage by misrepresentation from the Abbey and Halifax building societies.

The 30-year-old, also known as Tommy Robinson, committed the offences in 2009.

Robinson’s address and the court where he appeared cannot be named for legal reasons.

He was warned he could face a prison term when he is sentenced in the new year.

Earlier this year, Robinson was jailed for 10 months for using someone else’s passport to travel to the USA.

He left the EDL last month, citing increasingly racist elements within the group.

Yaxley-Lennon founded the EDL in 2009 after five Muslim men demonstrated in Luton against a homecoming parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment.

BBC News

A MOTHER put hi-tech computers which did not exist for sale on eBay and then pocketed the cash, Plymouth magistrates heard.

Hayley Wells, aged 26, tried to raise cash by selling iPads over the internet auction website but never sent the customers any machines.

Wells, of Shell Close, Leigham, admitted two counts of fraud by false representation on September 13 and 24 last year.

Sandra Walsingham, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Wells advertised an iPad for sale on eBay and a man transferred £425 for it into her account.

Wells sent the buyer a message saying the iPad was on its way, but it never arrived. EBay’s history was investigated and it was found that £365 was paid to Wells for another iPad.

Paul Brookman, for Wells, said she had just split up from a long-term partner, moved into a new rented home and needed money for work on the property.

He said that she left her personal details with the buyers adding: “It is difficult to see how she ever thought that she was going to get away with it.”

Mr Brookman said that she pleaded guilty immediately to what was her first offence.

She was given a conditional discharge for two years and ordered to pay full compensation for the amount she received.

This is Plymouth