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A pensioner who told a black woman “when Brexit comes you will be gone” during an outburst in a betting shop has been fined £600.

John Keogh, 74, appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court and admitted committing a racially aggravated offence on August 30 2018.

In addition to the fine, he was handed a 12-month community order and told to pay costs and compensation to his victim.

John Keogh was fined £600 after telling Anneka Davis ‘when Brexit comes you will be gone’

Keogh lashed out at Anneka Davis while she was working at the Coral bookmakers in Peckham, south London, last year.

Prosecutor Jacqui Hughes said he told Davis she would be “gone” after becoming impatient while he waited for a £200 betting win to be handed over.

Hughes said: “Keogh came into the bookmakers to claim some winnings.

“He became impatient and when he was given the money, he told her, ‘When Brexit comes you will be gone’.

“She asked him what he meant by that and asked him to leave.”

Keogh also admitted calling Davis a “fucking n*****” as he left the shop, clenching his fists as he approached her at the door and causing her to “fear for her safety”.

Davis attended court to give evidence and said she was unable to work for five days after the incident because of stress.

Keogh leaving Croydon Magistrates Court on Monday

She said: “Due to the comments made by the man in question, I questioned whether I was welcome in this country as a black person.

“Due to the climate and everything that is going on with Brexit, I felt that I was questioning myself and whether I belonged.

“I was born in this country and I have lived here all my life. I can’t help that I was born black.”

Tariq Al-Mallak, defending, said there was “no explanation that could justify that behaviour” before telling the court Keogh suffers from PTSD following a car accident.

Chairman of the bench Douglas Hunter handed Keogh a community order lasting 12 months, in addition to a 10-week nightly curfew.

Hunter said: “People should be able to go to their place of work without fear of being abused in any way.

“It has had an impact on this young lady far beyond just that incident.”

Keogh was also ordered to pay £250 in compensation to Davis, costs of £350 and was banned from the Coral shop for one year.

The 74-year-old glared at Davis in the public gallery as he left court.

Keogh, of Lindsey Street, Bermondsey, admitted one count of racially aggravated public disorder.

Huff Post

Matthew Pond carried out the racist abuse at the pub his own mother runs in Ilkeston

Mathew pond pictured leaving court in Derby (Image: Derby Telegraph)

Mathew pond pictured leaving court in Derby (Image: Derby Telegraph)

A drunk man racially-abused a police officer who had been called to a bonfire party at the defendant’s own mother’s Derbyshire pub.

A court heard how Matthew Pond asked the Asian officer “Have you been to prayers, today?” before repeatedly chanting “EDL, EDL” at him in reference to the far-right political group the English Defence League.

Emma Heath-Tilford, prosecuting, said the offence took place at The Bridge Inn, in Bridge Street, Cotmanhay, on November 5.

She said officers were asked to attend to Pond who was “being held down on the floor” by other pub goers due to his “aggressive behaviour”.

‘Clearly intoxicated’

Miss Heath-Tilford said: “He was outside by the bonfire, clearly intoxicated, shouting and swearing.

“Officers tried to talk to him to find out what was happening and he continued to shout and swear so they tried to put handcuffs on him.

“He was resisting them as they arrested him for being drunk and disorderly he turned to PC Atwal and asked him ‘What time did you go to prayers today?’

“Then, while they were waiting for transportation (to take the defendant into custody) he was repeatedly shouting ‘EDL, EDL’ which the officer took as a reference to the English Defence League.”

‘Indian ethnicity’

Miss Heath-Tilford told Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court that PC Atwal is of Indian ethnicity and took what Pond was saying to him as “racial abuse”.

In a victim impact statement, which was read to the court, the officer said: “The language that was used towards me was horrific.

“I should not have to deal with this kind of abuse while on duty as a police officer when all I am trying to do is my job,”

Pond, 32, of Cotmanhay Road, Ilkeston, was arrested, taken into custody and the following day, when he was shown the police’s body camera footage of the incident, said he felt “embarrassed” about his behaviour outside the pub.

‘Extremely embarrassed’

He pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly and to using racially-aggravated abusive, insulting or threatening words or behaviour.

Colleen Webb, for Pond, said her client had written a letter to the court expressing his apologies to PC Atwal about what he said to him.

She said: “He is extremely remorseful and embarrassed.

“That evening he had been at a bonfire event at his mum’s pub and had too much to drink.

“Clearly something triggered his behaviour but he has little recollection of the rest of the evening.

“Since the incident he has had to build bridges with his mother because she owns the Bridge Inn and he has also received some unfortunate remarks (about the incident) on Facebook.”

Magistrates handed Pond a 12-month community order, with 100 hours’ unpaid work.

They also ordered him to pay £100 compensation to PC Atwal, £85 prosecution costs and an £85 victim surcharge.
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‘They wanted to beat me up … All three of them hit me, kicks and punches, and when I was on the floor there were more kicks and punches’, Dario Antonioni tells court

A trio of drunken racists attacked an Italian barman and told him to “go back to your own country” because they incorrectly assumed he was Muslim, a court has heard.

Shouting “f***ing Muslim” and “Muslim go home” Joshua O’Leary, 23, and Alfred Young, 19, set upon Dario Antonioni in the in Surrey Quays area of east London on 10 June.

He told Inner London crown court that he that he had a beard at the time.

“Due to your prejudice and ignorance and because he had a small beard you all thought he was a Muslim and shouted abuse at him,” Judge Benedict Kelleher said as he sentenced the pair to community service and curfew instead of jail, the Evening Standard reported. “He put up a spirited defence to your completely unjustified attack late at night while under the influence of alcohol.”

He added that a third man, who was not caught, appeared to be the leader in the attack.

Mr Antonioni said he started walking quickly to get away and began to run when a bottle was thrown at him after he exited the Canada Water tube station.

He said: “The three of them surrounded me. I fell to the ground and I was struck everywhere by all three of them. I said: ‘What are you doing? Why are you doing this?’ and I was speaking to them in Italian, but they increased the shouting. They wanted to beat me up … All three of them hit me, kicks and punches, and when I was on the floor there were more kicks and punches.”

He escaped with bruises on his elbows and knees and grazes on his face.

O’Leary denied taking part in the attack but was found guilty by a jury of religiously aggravated assault. He was sentenced to a 12-month community order, 180 hours of community services, 20 days rehabilitation and a night-time curfew for 12 weeks.

Young admitted to the same charge and was handed a 12-month community order with 80 hours community service and a six-week night-time curfew.

They were both ordered to pay compensation to the victim.

The Independent

A RACE-HATE thug has been ordered to address his drinking after a boozed-up attack on a policeman.

Handcuffed and languishing in the back of a police car, Paul Grainger used both feet to kick the officer in a violent outburst.

The drunken attack came just months after the 42-year-old was released from jail following a spate of race-hate crimes.

He was once caught on camera trying to kick in the door of a mosque in Newcastle’s West End as he brandished a Union flag and St George’s Cross.

With his pet bulldog in tow, he hurled abuse at the 400 Muslims inside, who were praying on the holiest night of the Islamic calendar.

Another time he was seen to follow a black man, telling him: “Go back to your own country. Newcastle is for whites,” before spitting at his victim.

Months later, on Blackett Street, Newcastle, he abused several African men leading to a four-month jail sentence in January last year.

Now the thug has turned his anger on the authorities.

Newcastle magistrates heard how officers were called to Summerhill House hostel on Westmorland Road, Elswick, Newcastle, where Grainger was found drunk and out of control late on March 29.

David Thompson, prosecuting, told how when police attempted to restrain him, he became “verbally abusive” before his behaviour descended into violence.

“He was arrested and placed in the rear of a police vehicle,” Mr Thompson said.

“The PC then sat in the driver’s seat and said that the defendant became violent. Using both feet, he kicked out at the officer, striking the officer in the left shoulder close to his head.”

Grainger, who resides at Summerhill House, has now been ordered to undergo treatment for alcoholism.

He was also told to pay £50 compensation to the injured officer and given a 12-month community order after pleading guilty to charges of assaulting a police officer and being drunk and disorderly.

Lewis Pearson, defending, said:

“He’s been consuming alcohol from a very young age, since the age of 14. He’s clearly alcohol dependant. He describes it as ‘binge drinking’.”


From 2010

Gangs of rival football hooligans – who caused mayhem at a train station in full view of young families – have been sentenced with one yob banned from attending any games for three years.

Violence flared at Rotherham Railway Station when fans were waiting to catch their train home following a Championship fixture between Rotherham United and Derby County on March 12 last year.

Witnesses described seeing Rotherham fans taunt Derby fans on the opposite platform to come over to them for a fight.

British Transport Police said a group of Derby fans then headed across the footbridge and a fight broke out between the rival groups, in full view of families and children also waiting on the platform.

Nine men were later arrested and charged in connection with the brawl, with them all pleading guilty to affray at Sheffield Crown Court on May 17.

Among these was Grant Lowe, aged 23, of Robin Hood, Whatstandwell, Matlock in Derbyshire, who was handed an order banning him from attending any football games for the next three years.

He was also ordered to carryout 180 hours of unpaid community work, handed a 12 month community order and made to pay £200 in costs at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday, June 23.

After the case, detective constable Ian Grice said: “Despite being surrounded by young children and their families, these men behaved in a totally unacceptable and violent manner, frightening those around them with their aggressive behaviour. How would they have felt if their own families had been caught up in this?

“Fans like these need to be reminded that the station and trains are not only used by them and need to behave accordingly. The general public should not have to witness this. Railway stations are not an extension of football stands.”

Five Rotherham United fans were each ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid community work, handed a 12-month community order and made to pay £200 in costs.

They are:- Owen Dennedy-Roughley, aged 18, and Ryan Dennedy, aged 21, both of Windsor Street, Thurnscoe, Wayne Cadman, aged 52, of Probert Avenue, Goldthorpe, Simon Cragg, aged 33, of Nicholas Lane, Goldthorpe, and David Beckett, aged 33, of Albert Road, Morley.

Three Derby County fans were handed the same sentence. They are:- Adam Parker, aged 28, of Water Street, Wirksworth, Derbyshire, Daniel Oven, aged 25, of King Street, Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire, and Jack Higton, aged 23, of Bournebrook Avenue, Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

Sheffield Star

A man from Northampton has been banned from all football games in the UK from being abroad when England play away following public order offence at a Northampton Town game.

Gavin Mobley, 27, of Northampton, pleaded guilty and was convicted at Northampton Magistrates’ Court for committing the offence at the Northampton Town v Peterborough United match on Saturday, November 19 at Sixfields.

He was sentenced at Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Wednesday 21 December, where he received a 12 month Community Order, including 100 hours unpaid work and costs of £85.

Mobley was also handed a three-year Football Banning Order, which will restrict his attendance at football matches in the United Kingdom as well as travel outside of the country when England are playing away.

Northampton Chronicle



Two men associated with the English Defence League have been jailed following a ‘very serious and frightening’ mass brawl at a Sheffield city centre pub.

The fight at The Howard pub on Howard Street near Sheffield railway station involved members of the EDL and Unite Against Fascism and took place in front of frightened onlookers.

It happened at around 3pm on Saturday, May 10, last year, shortly after demonstrations by both groups in Rotherham had finished.

Mark Johnson, 34, and Derek Hemphill, 47, both from Huddersfield, were jailed for 12 months and one day at Sheffield Crown Court today after previously admitting charges of affray.

They were given six months each for affray, with time added to their jail terms for both separately breaching suspended sentences for past offences.

Johnson was caught on camera punching a member of the UAF a number of times, while Hemphill was seen on video delivering several kicks.

Fellow EDL member Adam Storey, 32, from Brushfield Grove in Frecheville, Sheffield, was given a 12 month community order and will have to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work after also admitting affray. He was also ordered to pay £300 compensation to the pub.

Storey was seen on CCTV delivering stamping kicks towards a man being held by others.

Hayley Ellis, 36, from Leeds, admitted a public order offence after being caught on CCTV kicking a member of the UAF in the back. She was given a 12 month community order, will have to carry out 40 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay £200 compensation.

Glasses, snooker balls and chairs were all thrown during the wider disorder, with one member of the UAF having a glass smashed over his head.

Around £1,000 of damage was caused to the pub, with fighting spilling out on to the street outside the pub.

Witnesses said it had been a scene of ‘chaos’, with members of the public left fearing for their safety as the two groups clashed.

Sheffield Crown Court heard today that the fight had been sparked by members of the UAF coming into the pub with their faces covered while a small group of the EDL, including Johnson, had been inside drinking.

One member of the UAF, who has not been identified, went up to the group and asked them to leave the pub.

Johnson, who is mixed race, claimed when he started to confront the group, one called him a ‘race traitor’ – resulting in the violence starting.

Other members of the EDL who had been by the station ran up to the pub to get involved in the fighting, which spilled out on to the street.

Ian Goldsack, prosecuting, said tables had been overthrown, with chairs, stools, glasses and pool balls all thrown within the pub.

A window was broken and hundreds of pounds worth of damage caused to walls, ceilings and two chairs.

Mr Goldsack said one witness described seeing a member of the UAF having a glass smashed over his head before being dragged outside and assaulted.

The court heard one member of the UAF called Samuel Ross suffered a gash to his head during the fighting. Ross has previously been given a conditional discharge for attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to the case after he sent text messages to other members of the UAF asking what he should tell the police about what happened.

Sentencing, Judge Robert Moore said it had been a ‘very serious and frightening disturbance’ in which all four defendants had played a part.

But he added that problems had been caused by the UAF provoking the small number of EDL members inside the pub, resulting in the fighting starting.

Investigating officer Police Constable Chris Wright from Rotherham said: “Today marks the culmination of a lengthy investigation into violent disorder and I am pleased with the result at court today.

“Even though the demonstration in Rotherham concluded peacefully, a group of individuals seemed intent on violent disorder.

“These four endangered the safety of members of the public who were enjoying a drink in a Sheffield pub that day. It is lucky that nobody was seriously injured as a result of their reckless actions.

“I hope this case serves as a warning to those individuals who seek to engage in violent disorder that we will not tolerate this behaviour.”

Sheffield Telegraph

EDL supporter Kenneth Holden posted anti-Muslim messages on Facebook.

EDL supporter Kenneth Holden posted anti-Muslim messages on Facebook.

A SOUTH Tyneside ex-soldier used his Facebook page to make racist comments about Muslims.

Kenneth Holden wrote the anti-Islamic messages after he started supporting the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

The 30-year-old was arrested after police were alerted to the abusive comments that were written on his personal page.

Holden, of Winskell Road, South Shields, pleaded guilty to two counts of sending an offensive message by a public communication network at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court last week.

Magistrates adjourned the case until yesterday for the probation service to write a report about him.

The report recommended that Holden be placed under the supervision of probation so his attitudes towards Muslims could be looked at.

Kevin Smallcombe, defending, asked the magistrates to go along with the report’s recommendation.

Holden was given a 12-month community order with supervision.

Jeanette Smith, prosecuting, told the court that the messages were brought to the police’s attention on April 21.

She said: “After receiving the report, officers searched Facebook, found the defendant’s page and saw the religiously abusive comments.

“He was arrested, and asked the police if it was because he didn’t like Muslims.

“In a second police interview, he posted the comments on his page and accepted that they could be seen as offensive to Muslims.”

At the first hearing, Mr Smallcombe said: “He was in the Army, and has some fairly strong views about Muslims.

“He supports some of the beliefs of the English Defence League and believes that the group was started after some Muslims spat on soldiers who were returning from Afghanistan.

“The comments on Facebook were of a religious nature.

“Some people say it is part of free speech, but by his guilty plea Mr Holden accepts he crossed the line.

“Most of our country has fair and tolerant views but some are extremists, on both sides of this argument.”

Holden was also sentenced for a separate criminal damage charge relating to his grandfather’s home.

The case goes back to June 28 when police found him in the house while his grandfather was in hospital.

He had broken into the home through the back door.

Holden was ordered to pay £60 compensation to his grandfather and £160 court costs for both cases.

Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette