I’ve put together a list of all the various members and supporters of the English Defence League, Scottish Defence League and The Infidels who will be spending Christmas Day in a cell somewhere.

It doesn’t include Mark Sleman who is on the run after been recalled to prison, people who been sent to prison and done their time this year or those on remand.

I’ve no doubt that some have been missed but even as it is, over 50 members of a “not racist and not violent” organisation are in prison for racist and violent crimes.

The text in bold links to the news article about the jailing.

Walsall Demo
Douglas Ralston 20 months
Darren Davies 22 months
Neil MacDiarmid 15 months
Alan Turnbull 26 months
Stephen Currien 28 months
Lee Rogers 24 months
Gary Lycett 26 months
Jack Lambert 14 months
Michael Thomas 28 months
Jack Clark 16 months
Christopher Boyall 24 months
Benjamin Banfield 20 months
Mark Baker 21 months
Dean Lidster 28 months
Craig Forward 25 months
Stephen Bennett 20 months
Christopher Jelley 22 months
Myles Smith 24 months
Nicholas Cooper 27 months
Peter Kirkham 14 months
Mark Conroy 30 months
Kirk Reeves 18 months
Richard Schulz 42 months
Dean Smith 27 months
John Cureton 36 months
Kirk Jones 33 months

Football hooliganism.

Ashley Evans 3 years

War Memorial Damage

Daniel Smith 12 weeks

Gloucester Mosque Arson.
Clive Michael Ceronne 4 years 6 months
Ashley Henry Juggins 3 years 6 months

Burnley Racist Attack.

Wayne Lord six months
Declan Clayton eight months

Edinburgh Mosque Attack
Wayne Stilwell 10 months

Attempted Robbery.

Guramit Singh Kalirai 6 years 6 months + 9 months for a bail breach

Shaun Havelin 2 years 6 months

Liverpool Anti-Fash Attack

Nathan Smith 15 months.
Liam Pinkham 17 months
Michael Kearns 14 months
Matthew Coates 10 months
Peter Hawley 13 months
Shane Calvert 14 months
Stephen Dumont 5 months + 4 months

Clint Bristow (not sure of the sentence)

Criminal Damage

Tobias Ruth 2 years 9 months

Joseph Guite 30 months

Violent Disorder and other crimes

Marcus Ward 11 years

Mosque Attack
Geoffrey Ryan 9 months

Knife Attack
David Morris 6 years

Drugs and Firearms

Paul Duffy 5 years

Mosque Threats
John Parkin 18 months

Assault and Other Crimes
Daniel Smith 9 years

Cameron Schofield 11 years.

Lee Preston 18 months

Aaron Muxlow 33 months

Robbery and Assault
Daniel Grant Jailed Indefinitely (4 years)

Stoke Mosque Arson

Simon Beech 10 years
Garreth Foster 10 years

Happy Xmas or whatever you celebrate.

A teenager who stabbed to death a 17-year-old over a Facebook feud scrawled a ‘sick’ cartoon of the killing on his cell wall.

Cody Turner died after being stabbed in the chest with a 10-inch long carving knife by Cameron Schofield, also 17.

Manchester Crown Court heard that the victim’s family had gone to Schofield’s Bolton home to confront him.

Cody Turner was stabbed to death
Killer: Cameron Schofield murdered Cody Turner

Killing: Cody Turner (left) was stabbed to death by Cameron Schofield (right) in a row over posting ‘abusive’ comments about a family tragedy on Facebook

They suspected he was responsible for abusive comments about a family tragedy posted on Facebook.

Cody’s sister Lois and Schofield’s mother Jennifer began fighting, said Ian Unsworth QC, prosecuting.

Schofield then stabbed Cody with ‘severe’ force, using the largest of a small arsenal of knives he had in the house.

He had planned to claim he acted in self-defence at trial but confessed to murdering Cody on the day the hearing was due to begin.

The 17-year-old will now spend at least 11 years behind bars before the authorities are allowed to consider his release and could serve much longer than the minimum term.

The court heard that in a ‘chilling’ final insult, Schofield scrawled a picture of his crime while on remand earlier this year.

The sketch, on a pillowcase recovered from his cell, depicts a man with a knife sticking from his chest. Next to it the teenage killer scrawled a smiley face and the words, ‘haha, haha’.

Classmates: Cody passed 12 GCSEs at Sharples School in Bolton, which his alleged attacker also attendedClassmates: Cody passed 12 GCSEs at Sharples School in Bolton, which his alleged attacker also attended

Sentencing, Judge Clement Goldstone QC, called the crude drawing ‘sick’.

He said: ‘How you could ever have thought that what you had done was funny defies belief. It’s a chilling piece of evidence for which only a very limited excuse can lie in your troubled mental state at the time. Cody Turner’s death was as tragic as it was unnecessary.’

Mr Unsworth described how Cody – who left Sharples School with top GCSE grades – made a ‘forlorn attempt’ to flee after being stabbed.

A neighbour then saw him crumple to the floor like ‘a puppet whose strings had been cut’. Cody’s relatives and onlookers battled to save his life as the killer ran inside to call 999. Cody was declared dead at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

After being charged with murder Schofield told police: ‘I just want his family to know I’m really sorry and I didn’t mean to do it.’

While he was on remand concerns for his mental health grew after an officer saw him self-harming and pacing in his cell – and the disturbing pillowcase picture was found.

Defending, Stephen Meadowcroft QC said: ‘They came to his house and they came to confront him. He didn’t go looking for trouble.’

The court heard that childhood experiences had left Schofield scarred by a post-traumatic disorder.

However, sentencing, Judge Clement Goldstone said this ‘provided limited explanation or excuse’.

Sending him down, he told Schofield: ‘By your wicked violence you have snuffed out the life of a boy, who, like you, had his whole life to look forward to.

Daily Mail

LIKE millions of other young people, Shaun Rossington used the internet to while away the hours chatting to friends.

As he logged onto his Facebook profile on the evening of June 2 last year, it is likely he expected to do little more than catch up on his social life.

He could never have predicted that a conversation he was about to have would ultimately lead to his death.

Shaun, 21, pictured below, entered into an online chat with a 13-year-old girl, who was using a computer at Nicolas Shelbourne’s flat

It was later claimed in court that during the chat, she had offered him a sexual favour in return for money and cigarettes.

The conversation got the attention of Shelbourne, 27, as well as his friends Daryll Jones, 17, Jordan O’Rourke, 17, Mark Jackson, 21 and another 17-year-old girl, who cannot be named.

The young girl arranged to meet Shaun and the others decided to accompany her.

In the early hours of June 3, Shaun met the teenager on grassland off Searby Road, Lincoln.

Moments later, he came face to face with the other five people.

Terrified Shaun gave them cigarettes, but told them he had no money. What followed was a vicious attack that began with a blow to the head with a glass bottle and took him to the ground.

He was then savagely beaten as he lay on the grass, pleading for mercy.

After the attack, Shaun was left with more than 41 separate injuries. During the ten-week trial, Jones was described as having “danced” on Shaun’s head.

It was also claimed he had taken a knife to Shaun’s back.

At one stage, Shelbourne and Jackson picked up Shaun off the ground. He begged them to stop hurting him and asked them to take him home.

But Shelbourne refused, saying it would then be obvious he had been attacked.

As they were holding him up, Jones was said to have knocked him to the ground again before continuing the attack.

The group then walked away, smoking his cigarettes and leaving him for dead.

Later on, passer-by Leslie Sampher came across Shaun’s prone body and shook him, asking if he was OK. He noticed Shaun did not have any shoes on and assumed he may have been drinking.

He could not have known then that Shaun’s trainers had been thrown into the road with the intention of making it look like a hit-and-run road accident.

He tried to rouse the 21-year-old a second time, but could not.

Meanwhile, the group returned to Shelbourne’s flat, where they began to concoct their cover story.

Jones bleached his trainers and his bloodied clothes were bagged up and dumped.

O’Rouke, Jackson, the 17-year-old girl and the 13-year-old returned to the field at about 4am, where they found Shaun dead.

The 17-year-old girl, who was later convicted of manslaughter, called 999.

She told police they had found the body and were interviewed as witnesses.

But after leaving the police station, Jones went into the City Square area of Lincoln, where he described what he had done to several people.

Over the next 48 hours, he told more people he had been involved in killing someone and even sent a text message saying “I could be getting done for murder”.

Meanwhile, after meeting the group and taking witness statements, police found that the 17-year-old girl’s phone number was in Shaun’s phone and put her at the scene.

And those who had been on the end of Jones’s casual admissions came forward to give statements.

Seven people were arrested on suspicion of murder on Saturday, June 5, and taken to separate police stations to be interviewed.

Some lied about what had happened and at first they explained their presence at the Ermine shops, as seen on CCTV, as a trip to get cash for a pizza. This was because they knew they would be on CCTV, as they knew the area well.

Forensic investigators then found that trainers seized from members of the group matched footprints that had caused marks on Shaun’s forehead.

While on remand in a young offenders’ centre, Jones told his mum in a phone call: “I’m going to plea bargain it to manslaughter and say I was drunk, we all ended up fighting, we all hit him.”

It was later determined that Shaun had died from a lack of oxygen, having been so badly beaten he was unable to raise his head up to breathe.

This is Lincolnshire