Neo-Nazi facing jail for racist social media posts

A Neo-Nazi who dreamed of organising a white supremacist “fight back” as he posted online “I love being a racist” is facing jail.

David Hutchinson, 61, put a string of hate-filled memes and comments on Russian social media site VK, targeting black people, Jews, and Muslims.

His social media profile featured the “white lives matter” mantra and featured the number 1488 – a coded reference to Adolf Hitler and his fascist book Mein Kampf.

Hutchinson has admitted making social media posts with intent to stir up racial hatred, as Kingston crown court heard comments he had made in online chatroom referring to himself as a “lone wolf”.

He said he is “waiting for my white race to wake up and fight back”, suggesting he is “looking for 40 men” and is “trying to organise whites”.

In another chat, Hutchinson said he thinks fear of prison is stopping others from joining his cause, adding: “I love being a racist and I want to get in with people who say ‘f*** the system’ and ain’t frightened to fight for a good cause.”

Prosecutor Lee James Harris said Hutchinson was tracked down after posting inflammatory and offensive messages on VK, a Russian social media site similar to Facebook.

Hutchinson was arrested in February this year after being linked to the social media posts, and detectives then discovered further incriminating material and messages on his devices.

He pleaded guilty to seven charges of publishing written material to stir up racial hatred, and was remanded in custody by Judge Peter Lodder KC on Thursday.

The judge will pass sentence on Tuesday, telling Hutchinson “custody is the very very likely outcome”.

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