Man jailed for membership of banned neo-Nazi group National Action

A man from Muswell Hill has been jailed for being an “active” member of the banned far-right group National Action.

David Musins, of Creighton Avenue, admitted to belonging to a proscribed organisation at the Old Bailey on March 14.

The 36-year-old was handed a three-year jail term at the same court on Friday (May 27).

Judge Anthony Leonard QC said the circumstances made it hard to come to any other view than to conclude that Musins was “fully immersed in the ideology of the group”.

Rejecting his plea for a suspended sentence, the judge said: “Your involvement in the organisation was substantial.”

His involvement – over a period from around March 2016 to September 2017 – included attending the London branch of National Action, as well as events held in Derbyshire, Darlington and Swindon.

He was also involved in a promotional video for the group, which changed its name to NS131 after becoming a proscribed organisation in December 2016.

That level of involvement saw the judge arrive at an original starting point of six years in custody.

The final term reached came as a result of reductions to reflect guilty plea, and to account for the mitigating circumstances offered.

In terms of mitigation, the judge acknowledged that Musins left the group of his own accord, and that he sought help from a therapist following his arrest.

He had no previous convictions.

While “significant”, the judge maintained those factors did not “expunge” behaviour and beliefs he described as “abhorrent”.

“You accept that you became involved with some very dangerous people over the internet while you were a member of National Action,” he remarked.

The judge further acknowledged that the 36-year-old did not know National Action was a proscribed group, but said this did not alter his sentencing.

In a letter written to the court, Musins admitted to becoming a “racist in a separatist sense” during this period.

The judge said those beliefs demonstrated a “commitment to hostility”, which supported his view that a custodial sentence must be imposed.

Musins was arrested by counter-terrorism officers on November 10, 2021 and charged with the offence on February 4 this year.

He will serve a further year on extended licence following the conclusion of his custodial sentence.


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