Cavan Medlock: Alleged right-wing terrorist denies plot to kill solicitor

An alleged right-wing extremist has denied a terrorist plot to kill a solicitor in north-west London.

Cavan Medlock is alleged to have arrived at the Duncan Lewis law firm in Harrow on 7 September 2020.

The Old Bailey heard Mr Medlock was allegedly armed with a knife and handcuffs, while carrying a Confederate flag and a Nazi flag.

The 29-year-old pleaded not guilty to six charges against him including preparation of terrorist acts.

Mr Medlock denied a separate charge of making a threat to kill solicitor Toufique Hossain.

He pleaded guilty to four other offences relating to three other staff members.

Mr Medlock, from Harrow, admitted battery and threatening the receptionist with a knife and causing racially aggravated alarm, harassment or distress to the two other employees.

He is also alleged to have abused two other members of staff because of their racial or religious background.

Prosecutors allege Mr Medlock is an extreme right-wing terrorist who planned to kill the solicitor because he objected to his involvement in preventing the Government deporting immigrants.

Mr Justice Wall set a two-week trial for 11 July next year at Kingston Crown Court.

BBC News

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