One of UK’s ‘most prolific far-right anti-Semitic video streamers’ jailed

Police said Hesketh used a spare bedroom in his home to “create his obscene videos”, which had about two million views

One of the UK’s most prolific far-right anti-Semitic video streamers, who posted films of himself as an offensive caricature of a Jewish man to 10,000 subscribers online, has been jailed.

Richard Hesketh was arrested after a charity showed police his work, which had had about two million views.

The 36-year-old, of Hollin Lane in Middleton, admitted seven counts of inciting racial hatred.

He was jailed for four years at Manchester Crown Court.

Greater Manchester Police said as part of his “campaign of abuse towards the Jewish community”, Hesketh had created an alter-ego called George and dressed up for videos “in an attempt to caricature an offensive stereotype of a Jewish male, using a false voice”.

A spokesman said Hesketh used a spare bedroom in his home to “create his obscene videos which focused on celebrating far-right terrorism and showing support for violence against Jewish people”.

‘Appalling behaviour’

Counter terrorism police were alerted to his activity by Jewish protection charity The Community Security Trust (CST), which had expressed concerns about the nature of videos being uploaded to Hesketh’s profile between 2018 and 2020.

The force spokesman said the videos had “a combined viewing figure of two million views”.

A search of Hesketh’s home found mobile phones and packs of sim cards featuring large amounts of anti-Semitic imagery as well as information on conspiracy theories.

Speaking after sentencing, Det Supt Will Chatterton said Hesketh had shown “no remorse” when he was interviewed and “even continued to upload offensive material to his social media channels after he was released under investigation”.

“Hesketh enjoyed viewing videos of serious attacks on Jewish people and even made comments referring to his disappointment that the attacker in one video did not kill the victim, showing just how depraved his beliefs are,” he said.

He said Hesketh had “shared as well as created hundreds of shockingly offensive videos and content on social media, which undoubtedly incited hatred towards the Jewish community”.

“I really do hope that his time in prison is spent reflecting upon his appalling behaviour,” he added.

CST chief executive Mark Gardner said Hesketh was “one of Britain’s most prolific far-right anti-Semitic video streamers”.

“We are pleased to have helped bring this anti-Semite to justice,” he added.

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