Barefoot racist thug attacked strangers at their Bolton home

A BAREFOOT racist thug launched a random vicious attack on an Asian family, leaving a grandfather needing to have his teeth removed.

Liam Withington left a mum and her children, who he did not know. terrified after hammering on the door of their Breightmet home, shouting racist abuse.

And when frightened Arabiya Doodhwala called her father, who lived nearby, for help, he was attacked, punched and kicked and chased into the road by raging Withington.

When brave Ms Doodhwala left her home to try and help her father, 25-year-old Withington attacked her too.

And when relative Mohammed Marothi, an off-duty special constable, arrived at the scene, Withington tried to kick him and spat a mouthful of blood towards him.

“These were wholly unprovoked and abhorrent offences committed against a family who were entirely blameless,” Recorder Stan Reiz QC told Withington.

“Two young children had to see their grandfather and their mother beaten by you in a place which they were entitled to regard as a safe haven.”

Withington, of Poplar Avenue, Horwich, pleaded guilty to the racially aggravated offences of causing actual bodily harm, assault and using threatening behaviour.

Alistair Reid, defending, said Withington, who has previous convictions for violence, had been drinking.

“He has absolutely no explanation as to what was happening on that night,” said Mr Reid.

“He has no recollection of leaving his house, he cannot explain where his shoes were — he blacked out, effectively, following drinking. He has friends from all manner of ethnic and racial backgrounds and he is mortified that he should have acted in such a manner.”

Verity Quaite, prosecuting, told how Ms Doodhwala was with her children when she heard hammering on her door and a voice shouting: “Open the f***ing door.”

“That alone would have been shocking and frightening, but it escalated from there,” said Recorder Reiz.

After being phoned, Gulam Marothi went to his daughter’s home, but Withington ran towards him and punched him several times in the face, knocking him to the ground and kicking him.

Mr Marothi stumbled into the road, where vehicles had to slow to avoid hitting him and Withington continued the attack in the carriageway, punching him to the ground again. The assault left the victim needing teeth removed. When Ms Doodhwala ran to her father’s aid, she too was hit in the head and shoulder.

Throughout the incident Withington shouted threats and racial abuse.

Sentencing him to two years and two months in prison, Recorder Reiz said he accepted Withington had been drunk at the time.

“But that is not a mitigating factor for your shameful behaviour,” he added.

“While you may be remorseful, you chose to drink that night.”

As he was led from the dock to begin his prison sentence, Withington said: “I apologise to the victims, it must have been a terrifying ordeal for them .”

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