Ardrossan man’s anti-Muslim calls to police

A racist who made anti-Muslim comments on his mobile to police claimed that he had not intended to make the abusive call, but had sat on his phone.

Jordan Henry, 39, made offensive remarks over the phone to officers just before 7pm on April 28.

Henry, of Ardrossan’s Glasgow Street, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to one charge.

The court heard that Henry made a 999 call and said: “Bunch of Muslim b******s” before hanging up. Police called Henry back and he answered saying: “Awright, what’s happening man? When we blowing it up?”

When the police officer identified himself, Henry claimed the call was a mistake and that he had been sitting on his phone. He was then asked to provide his details to which he gave a false name and address. When challenged, he provided the correct information.

Police attended Henry’s address. On coming to the door, he said: “Is this about the phone call regarding the Muslims?” He then stated that it was “only a laugh”.

Later at the police station, Henry made comments such as: “There’s no freedom of speech in this country. Rule Britannia.” During this time his phone rang with Islamic sounding music similar to when Muslims are being called to prayer.

Defending Henry, solicitor Brian Holliman said that his client had been drinking and that he had given false details to the police because he had thought it was his friend “winding him up”.

He added: “He’s made a total mess of this.

“He tells me the first call; the phone had been in his pocket and he had not deliberately called the police. It’s quite apparent when listening to the call, other voices are in the background. It does not appear that it was directed at anyone on the other side of the call. It doesn’t take away that that comment was made.

“It was objectively concerning and alarming. It was a stupid thing to have said and it would have been alarming to the call handler to have heard. He does not hold views relating to religious prejudice.”

Henry was fined £320.

Ardrossan Herald

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