Alison Chabloz convicted over antisemitic songs in landmark case

A Holocaust revisionist has been convicted after posting antisemitic songs online in a landmark case.

Alison Chabloz (Photo: Getty Images)

Alison Chabloz (Photo: Getty Images)

Alison Chabloz, of Charlesworth, near Glossop, Derbyshire, was convicted of two counts of causing obscene material to be sent and one of sending obscene material.

District Judge John Zani dismissed two alternate counts of causing obscene material to be sent.

The charges against Chabloz, 53, related to songs titled Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe, I Like It How It Is, performed at the right-wing London Forum in 2016, and a third, titled (((survivors))).

In the latter, Chabloz mocked Jewish figures, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, as well as Anne and Otto Frank, to the tune of Hava Nagila.

Judge Zani said he was “entirely satisfied” that the material was “grossly offensive”, and that it was intended to insult Jewish people.

Sentencing will take place this afternoon.

Chabloz denied all five counts she faced.

Defending the singer, Adrian Davies argued that his client’s songs were not “grossly offensive”, adding that there is no law in England against “so-called Holocaust denial”.

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