A Folkestone father has admitted egging a Muslim traffic warden and calling him a terrorist

The 26-year-old admitted racial assault but will see a community psychiatric nurse before he is sentenced

A father-of-two from Folkestone has admitted a racist attack on a Muslim traffic warden because he gave him a parking ticket.

Jordan Tanner, 26, of Pilgrim Spring, egged and tried to pull the warden out of his car after he woke up to a parking ticket on his street.

Tanner previously denied the offence and said the enforcement officer was a “terrorist to motorists”, but today (February 20) admitted racial assault.

John Bishop, prosecuting, told Folkestone Magistrates’ Court that a Polo had been following two traffic enforcement officers on George Gurr Crescent and blocked them in.

Jordan Tanner, 25, previously said he did not mention terrorist in a "racial way"

Jordan Tanner, 25, previously said he did not mention terrorist in a “racial way”

He said: “The defendant started to throw eggs at the enforcement officer’s vehicle.

“Two were thrown at the window screen and broke.

“He went to the driver’s door, opened it, grabbed Firat Yildrim and tried to pull him out of the vehicle, calling him a terrorist.”

‘Middle finger’

He added that the victim, who has a “Middle Eastern appearance”, took this to be a reference to his race or religion.

The prosecution continued: “The defendant pulled up behind the officers’ car, got out of the car, went into an address at the top of George Gurr Crescent, got back into his Polo and drove past sticking his middle finger up.

“Both officers managed to take photographs of the incident on their mobile phone.”

Pat Cuffe, defending, said although Tanner is in a relationship, has two children, and earns a good wage, he has underlying mental health issues and gets “very, very angry”.

He said: “We all get parking tickets, but we don’t always go and complain about it.

“We do not then go and confront parking control officers and throw eggs.”

The defence added that Tanner, who is on anti-depressants, “goes a step outside what the normal man and woman in the street would do”.

He requested that the 26-year-old has an assessment with a community psychiatric nurse to “protect the public” and “stop this sort of behaviour happening again”.

Tanner, who the court heard has a previous conviction for criminal damage after he became upset when he was arrested for assault on his partner in 2011, will be sentenced on Wednesday, March 14.

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