A thug who took part in January’s violent clashes in Dover has been banged up

A violent protestor who threw objects during a disturbance in Dover has been jailed for two years and 10 months.

Lee Robinson, 24, of Tipton Street, Sheffield, travelled to Kent to take part in a march on Saturday 30 January.

There were violent clashes as a counter-protest was held at the same time and fighting broke out between the two groups.

Robinson was filmed acting in an aggressive manner at various points throughout the day, including pushing against the police cordon and throwing objects at opposition protestors.

His photograph was circulated to other police forces for identification but he was arrested after returning to Dover for another planned protest on Saturday 2 April.

Robinson later pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court today (September 30).

Investigating officer PC Peter Frampton said: “By returning to the scene of his crimes, Lee Robinson clearly thought he had got away with the disgraceful behaviour he displayed last January.

“Like more than 70 others arrested since that day, he appeared far more interested in causing trouble and getting into fights than carrying out any type of peaceful protest.

“The courts are coming down hard on offenders like Robinson, and I hope this sends a clear message to anyone planning on attending demonstrations in Kent that you risk receiving a lengthy prison sentence if you are unable to behave in a responsible manner.”

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