Suspected ringleader of violent Liverpool rally jailed over far-right demo

North west Infidels member Shane Calvert jailed after violent scenes


One of the suspected ringleaders of the violent North West Infidels rally at St George’s Hall has been jailed over another ugly far-right demo in Dover weeks earlier.

Shane Calvert, a prominent member of the Infidels, was jailed for two and a half years for violent disorder after the bloody scenes on the South Coast.

Calvert, 34, of Shadsworth Close in Blackburn, Lancashire, rallied supporters to take part in the march through Dover.

Five people were injured when rival groups clashed during the Dover rally, organised by right wing protesters, on January 30.

Smoke bombs were let off and bricks hurled as hundreds of far-right demonstrators were met by anti-fascist groups.

The trouble came just four weeks before hate-filled trouble in Liverpool city centre saw smoke bombs, bricks and bottles hurled into crowds.

Ugly scenes erupted as the North West Infidels clashed with anti-fascist protesters on the steps of St George’s Hall in February.

A police officer was treated in hospital for concussion, far-right symbols were daubed on the Grade I-listed building and student Abbie James, 21, had part of her skull scraped away after being hit by a missile .

Speaking after Calvert’s trial A Kent Police spokesman said: “Calvert was filmed throwing debris, pushing against the police cordon and standing on a police vehicle during the disturbance.

“He was arrested at his home address on Monday, March 7 but denied a charge of violent disorder. A trial was held at Canterbury Crown Court and a jury returned a guilty verdict on Thursday, September 22″.

Detective Inspector Bill Thornton said: ‘While everyone involved in the violence was responsible for their own actions, Shane Calvert played a big part in bringing groups of troublemakers together in one place.

‘He has considerable influence over those who share his political views and has a lot to answer for following the wholly unacceptable behaviour witnessed in Dover last January.”

Calvert was previously jailed for being one of six right-wing activists who stormed an anti-fascist meeting in Liverpool’s Bold Street and launched into a tirade of violence.

He received a 14-month jail term after pleading guilty to violent disorder for the attack which spilled into Cafe Tabac.

The 34-year-old, known within extremist circles as ‘Diddyman’, wrote on the far-right group’s Facebook page about the Liverpool clashes on February 27: “We held St George’s Hall for over four hours.

“Or anyway we stood on the steps. We held the steps!

“Not anyone can hold steps, but we did. Our Polish Nazi brothers held some steps too.

“The police looked after us while we did it, so we threw rocks at them. Get f****** used to it.”

Calvert, who has prominent links to Merseyside and sympathisers within the city, added: “To all that stood by us – We Salute You, Nazi style.

“For all that oppose us – you just try holding some steps.”

Liverpool Echo

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