Krays ‘son’s’ drug horror

GANGSTER Reggie Kray’s ‘adopted’ son Peter Gillett swallowed a bag of heroin when police searched the house he was in, a court heard.

Gillett, 43, of Apsley Close, Bewbush, admitted unlawful possession of controlled Class A drug heroin when he faced Crawley Magistrates Court.

He was found with 6.872grams of the substance when a search warrant was issued to investigate a property in Caburn Court, Southgate.

Gillett hastily swallowed a bag of heroin on the arrival of the police and a bag similar to that he swallowed was found close to his head after he collapsed on the floor.

Another was found in his hand after he arrived at hospital.

Katherine Travis, prosecuting, said: “He went into a coma and was unconscious for seven days.

“The heroin was cut with a number of other substances. The street value was approximately 250.”

Gillett, who has claimed in the past Kray befriended him during their time in prison together and has insisted Reggie “sort of adopted him”, has suffered permanent damage from swallowing the large quantity of drugs.

Geoff White, defending, said: “It is not clear how much he swallowed but it was enough to permanently damage him.

“He is now having difficulty walking and remembering and functioning at all.

“He has done irreparable damage to his nervous system. He has had substantial prison sentences in the past and while in prison he became addicted to controlled drugs. On his release he was heavily addicted.

“He has realised his addiction has taken him close to the end and he has resolved never to take drugs again.”

Gillett was given a conditional discharge for three years and was ordered to pay 70 costs.

Crawley Observer

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