Former soldier threatened to chop off police dog’s head during three-hour armed siege

Well-educated Dominic Taylor, who hoped to become a pharmacist like his dad, is today behind bars after a ‘disgraceful’ stand off with police

Dominic Taylor, jailed for 22 months at Newcastle Crown Court

Dominic Taylor, jailed for 22 months at Newcastle Crown Court

A former soldier threatened to chop off a police dog’s head during a three-hour armed siege.

Knifeman Dominic Taylor sparked a tense stand-off with officers, in which the armed response unit and a negotiator were called to the scene.

A court heard the 24-year-old left school with three good A-levels and hoped to follow in his dad’s footsteps to become a pharmacist.

But his life went on a downward spiral after he split from his girlfriend, ending with him phoning police and threatening to harm himself with a machete.

Now Taylor has been jailed for 22 months at Newcastle Crown Court after he admitted possessing a bladed article and a public order offence.

Judge Edward Bindloss told him: “You are an intelligent young man who obtained three A-levels and joined the army.

“On May 20 the police got a call from you threatening to harm yourself and they attended your address where they found you with a large kitchen knife.

“You came outside and entered a public place with it and for the next three hours there was a stand-off with police, there were at least five officers and a police dog.

“You were shouting and swearing at the police and threatened to cut your throat and said you wanted money from your ex girlfriend.

“You stabbed a wall and threatened to chop the police dog’s head off.

“This was significant disruption in the street and members of the public were walking past, including children who saw this disgraceful stand-off.”

It was around 1.25pm on May 20 that police went to Taylor’s then-home on Shepherd Street, Sunderland.

He was in a rage, claiming his ex owed him £500 and said he wouldn’t put the knife down until he got his money.

Prosecutor Bridie Smurthwaite told the court: “The armed response unit attended and a negotiator tried to calm him down but without success.

“He continued shouting and swearing and stabbed the wall with the knife.

“He threatened to chop off the police dog’s head if it came near him.

“The defendant was finally detained after three hours when he sat on the path to put his dressing gown on.”

Taylor pleaded guilty to having a bladed article in public, a public order offence and breaching a previous suspended sentence.

The court heard he had never been in trouble before the beginning of this year when, amid the break up of his relationship, he damaged his ex partner’s car and was then given a suspended sentence for possession with intent to supply drugs.

Vic Laffey, defending, said Taylor had lost his partner and job within a few weeks and “the situation was spiralling down hill” but he has since found a new job.

Mr Laffey added: “His father is a pharmacist and he wanted to pursue that career but wont be able to now because of his convictions.”

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