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Harris had posters of Hitler in his living room, the court heard

Harris had posters of Hitler in his living room, the court heard

A neo-Nazi has been jailed for five years for attacking an Asian man on the day of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s funeral.

Richard Harris, 38, who has Swastika tattoos, smashed a bottle over Zahoor Hussain’s head at the Mornington Lodge in Blackwood in July 2013.

Newport Crown Court heard he got angry after spotting his victim talking to an “attractive white woman” colleague.

Harris, of Blackwood, was found guilty of racially aggravated wounding.

Harris, who said he was a member of a fascist “white pride” movement and had pictures of Hitler in his living room, shouted at the woman: “What are you doing drinking with terrorists?”

He then told the British Asian Mr Hussain: “You are all animals. This is not your country”.

‘Dangerous extremist’

Harris then smashed a full beer bottle over Mr Hussain’s head knocking him unconscious and leaving his left ear nearly severed from his scalp.

Harris told his trial “Hitler’s views are common sense on a lot of things” and claimed there “needs to be more research done” into whether the Holocaust took place.

He was found guilty of the attack, which left his victim with hearing problems and severe lacerations to his left ear and neck.

Sentencing him, Judge Jonathan Ferris said was a “dangerous extremist who is capable of extreme violence”.

Speaking after the case, Supt Mark Warrender, who is in charge of hate crime at Gwent Police, said the attack was a “disgusting assault” which had life-changing effects for the victim.

“The majority of people find his behaviour, which was fuelled by racism, abhorrent. There is no place for racism or any hate crime within our communities,” he said.

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FOOTBALL hooligan Jeff Marsh has been banned from football grounds for five years after admitting affray.

The 44-year-old Cardiff City supporter was found in possession of a knuckleduster when he was arrested for affray outside the Ninian Park pub in Canton, Cardiff, last June.

The self-proclaimed hooligan, who has written two books about his exploits with the city’s infamous Soul Crew and is one of the organisers of the Welsh Defence League, was fighting with Celtic fans after the inaugural match between the teams at Cardiff’s new stadium.

Marsh, from Barry, admitted affray and possession of an offensive weapon at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court in January and was sentenced yesterday.

He was given a four-month suspended jail term, 150 hours’ community service and ordered to pay £600 costs.

He was given a full five-year football banning order that will prevent him attending any football matches for five years.

Detective Constable Simon Chivers, of the Football Intelligence Unit, who arrested Marsh last summer, said: “Jeff Marsh is a convicted football hooligan.

“Behaviour such as he exhibited on the night will not be tolerated by Cardiff City or the police and anyone indulging in that sort of behaviour will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, prosecuted and banned.”

It is Marsh’s first football banning order as his previous convictions for football violence came before the 1990 Football Disorder Act which introduced the banning orders.

In 1989 he was convicted of grievous bodily harm for stabbing two Manchester United supporters in Cardiff and was jailed for two years. In 1986 he was also convicted of a football-related assault in Halifax.

Marsh is an organiser of the English and Welsh Defence Leagues which describe themselves as “a ready-made army” against Muslim fundamentalists.

There have been riots and arrests in English cities, including Birmingham and Luton, which have led to scores of arrests after the group has clashed with anti-fascist campaigners. There have also been marches in Wrexham and Swansea.

The groups have been described as “divisive” and “hate-based” by Plaid Cymru AM Leanne Wood.

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