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Colin Pearson owes over £3,000 to the courts, and stole a month after his last appearance – but was spared jail

Colin Pearson leaves South Tyneside Magistrates Court. (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

Colin Pearson leaves South Tyneside Magistrates Court. (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

A career thief who has had “all forms of punishment” to stop him breaking the law is back on the take.

Colin Pearson targeted Wilko and Poundland on his latest shoplifting spree.

Once banged up for burglary, he owes over £3,000 to the courts – yet none of it has stopped him offending.

“He’s a man who has had all forms of punishment,” admitted his long-term solicitor, Susan Grey.

“There’s not one thing which seems to have deterred him.”

The dad-of-two was given a community order in August in a bid to curb his booze-fuelled theiving.

But a month later he was stealing again.

In blatant view of CCTV, he stole £189 of Duracell batteries – selling them for just £30.

“They are all low-level shop thefts – they are not sophisticated,” added Ms Grey.

“When the money for drink has run out he goes out and steals.”

Alcohol was described as a “demon” in the 38-year-old’s life and the catalyst for most of his offending.

However probation workers claimed Pearson, who pleaded guilty to theft, was finally making progress on a community order which had acted as a “lifeline”.

“It has been a huge success for him,” added his solicitor.

Despite that, South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard he was facing another stint behind bars after admitting the Sunderland shop thefts.

But his eight-week jail sentence was suspended for 18 months after a passionate plea from his solicitor.

“[Prison] has always left him coming out with broken community ties,” added Ms Grey.

She said it simply ended in him getting in more trouble, adding: “Any long term hope with this defendant has to be in the community.”

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