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Prodromou: Notorious pusher and shover

Prodromou: Notorious pusher and shover

The far-right’s Paul Prodromou, the one-man walking and talking foul mouth, has been found guilty at Liverpool Magistrates court this afternoon of using threatening, abusive and insulting words during a disastrous far-right demonstration in Liverpool last February.

Prodromou, whose mouth appears to only open for profanity, was in Liverpool with a host of other neo-Nazis as part of a plan to atone for the disaster that was August 2015 when the people of Liverpool trapped gangs of neo-Nazis in the left luggage department at Liverpool’s Lime Street station.

As with August 2015, last February’s rally was also a disaster. At his court appearance today, Prodromou claimed he had acted in self defence to a charge of hitting someone over the head with a flag pole.

The prosecution then produced prior convictions, one from 2015 where he had a twelve -month conditional discharge for a similar offence. The Magistrates concluded that Prodromou had breached that conditional discharge. His defence began to argue that for a whole year since this offence Prodromou has kept away from bother. Surprisingly, Prodromou who is known to us as a builder, claimed he is unemployed and currently seeking employment. His defence suggested a new three-year conditional discharge.

There was also some other confusion; namely over Mr Prodromou’s name. It is well known that Prodromou likes to be known as the more Anglo-Saxon sounding “Pitt”, but he confirmed to the court that his name is Prodromou. That was particularly interesting, as in this foul mouthed rant, Prodromou makes a big thing of “standing by my name.” Oh well..

The magistrates decide that he should get a two year conditional discharge starting from today. He should also meet all the court costs given a full trial has taken place. Those costs are £620.00. He was also ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

Prodromou asked if he could pay the fine back at £5 per week.

Already his supporters from his tiny South East Alliance (SEA) gang are claiming it is a great result for their leader. Others will not be so sure. Late last year, the fascist magazine Heritage & Destiny aired what a lot of people have been thinking for the last eighteen months, that it is becoming tiresome having Prodromou shouting, pushing and shoving his way around the far-right and yet unlike so many others he has encouraged, he never seems to end up in gaol. They were very clear as to how they felt about him.

Prodromou seemed to have no doubt he would be back at work tomorrow. He’s made himself a lovely little picture for his Facebook page where he claims he’ll be back terrorising women and children again this year.

Can you really believe anything he says?

Article from July 2017.

A far-right activist who photographed a suspected rioter in a court corridor has been jailed for three weeks.

Amanda Smith, 52, snapped the defendant as he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court accused of violent disorder at the Dover riots.

Her lawyer, Kerry Waitt, attempted to claim Smith was a court reporter, having attended many of the riot hearings.

But Judge Adele Williams told Mr Waitt: “I don’t think you can compare this defendant and her activities to our very well-respected court reporter from the Kentish Gazette.”

Smith, of Shipman Avenue, Canterbury, was spotted by security staff taking the picture as others posed for it outside Court 6.

She has now been jailed for 21 days after admitting being in contempt of court.

The mum of two was told by the judge: “Your conduct was wholly unacceptable – especially taking a picture of someone waiting to be dealt with for violent disorder.”

It has been an offence for 91 years to take photographs in and around courts in England and Wales and is regarded as a common law contempt, attracting jail sentences.

Mr Waitt said Smith was “not present at what has now become known as the Dover Riots but she has an association with the South-East Alliance”, regarded as a far-right group.

He added: “This is a group which shares views on politics and immigration and other topical matters. They communicate with each other in chatrooms.

“And as she lives near to the court and it being school holidays she was encouraged by others and agreed to come to the court to report to families of those who were in court.”

He told Canterbury Crown Court that Smith worked at a “local education establishment” and now “bitterly regrets allowing herself to become involved” in taking the photograph.

“She was invited to take a photograph and didn’t apply her mind to what she was doing,” he said.

“She is now contrite and has learned her lesson.”

Judge Williams said security staff were aware that Smith had attended many of the hearings involving those alleged to have taken part in the riots in Dover in January.

Kent Online

A further six men have been jailed for their involvement in violent demonstrations in Dover last January.

More than 70 people have been arrested in connection with the wide-scale disturbance on Saturday 30 January 2016, of whom 26 have since been sent to prison for offences ranging from violent disorder and affray to criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon.

A further 27 have been charged and have court appearances scheduled for the weeks and months to come, while detectives continue to make further arrests and investigate other offences committed on the day.


On Thursday 25 August the following men were sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court:

James Whitbread, 39, of Mooring Road, Rochester, was jailed for four years after being found guilty of violent disorder. He was seen on footage covering his face and throwing items towards opposition protestors. He also assaulted a man.

Deaton Whitbread, 22, of Mooring Road, Rochester, received a three-year custodial sentence after being found guilty of violent disorder. He was filmed throwing an item at opposition protestors and breaking through a police cordon.

Roy Price, 51, of Bagleys Spring in Romford, Essex, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after admitting violent disorder. He was caught on camera shouting at and pushing two police officers, and also threw objects including a brick at opposition protestors. He must also serve an additional six months in prison after CS gas and a quantity of drugs were found during a search of his home address.

Nicholas Cullin, 40, of Robins Path in Benfleet, Essex, was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to violent disorder. He was seen on footage throwing objects including a bottle at opposition protestors, and engaging in other general violence.

Richard Williams, 31, from Bryngwran in Anglesey, Wales, received a two-year custodial sentence after admitting violent disorder. He was filmed kicking a man who was already being assaulted by a fellow protestor, as well as throwing objects at others.

Nathan Waller, 18, of Maes Meurig in Anglesey, Wales, was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to violent disorder. He was caught on camera assaulting a man with a number of other protestors.

Appalling violence

Detective Constable Kirsty Bricknell of Kent Police said: ‘Today marks the highest number of offenders sentenced on one day since the investigation into offences committed on 30 January began, and I am very happy with the results.

‘These six men contributed to some of the most appalling violence I have ever witnessed, causing a great deal of anguish for the people of Dover who were unfortunate enough to have had their town identified as the location for these demonstrations.

‘Kent Police has a statutory duty to facilitate peaceful protest but it has become obvious that many of those who attended on the day had no intention of doing anything other than fighting with those who held differing opinions to themselves.

‘Their behaviour was unacceptable and I hope these results send a clear message that such criminal actions will not be tolerated in Dover or anywhere else in Kent.’

Photos (clockwise from top left) – Deaton Whitbread, James Whitbread, Nicholas Cullin, Richard Williams, Roy Price and Nathan Waller.


Kent Police

Three protesters were racially abused at a ‘Unite Against Fascism’ march.

Tony Hyam, 48, screamed ‘You bunch of n**** lovers’ at the protesters in Villiers Street, central London.

Hyam also screamed ‘Refugees are not welcome’ at the three women, Westminster Magistrates Court heard.

Speakers at the event included Diane Abbott MP, poet Michael Rosen and comedian Jeremy Hardy.

Kate Shilton, prosecuting, said: ‘On March 19 a group of people were attending a Unite Against Fascism rally.

‘As the three victims, Jasmine Jackin, Zlatka Jakin, and Nadia Jackin turned onto Villiers Road, the defendant began shouting abuse and racial slurs towards the group.

‘He called them a “bunch of n**** lovers”, “dirty n*****” and shouted “refugees are not welcome here”.

Ms Shilton told the court the victims had been profoundly affected by the harassment.

Reading a statement from Zlatka Jackin, the mother of the two other victims, she said: ‘I now realise some people still regard others as a lower class or lower race.

‘It made me very upset.’

Hyam admitted using threatening or abusive words, one count of racially aggravated harassment.

Judge Joanna Matson adjourned the case for reports before sentence on September 15 at Westminster Magistrates Court.

Hyam, of Shearwood Crescent, Bexley, pleaded guilty to one count of threatening behaviour and one of racially aggravated harassment.

Court News

darren Shield

A protestor who joined in Nazi chants and threw objects at people during demonstrations in Dover has been jailed for one year.

Darren Shield, 49, of Crystal Palace Park Road in Sydenham, south-east London, was involved in violent clashes in the town on Janury 30 and is one of 70 people arrested so far.

Officers continue to review hundreds of hours of footage of offences committed on the day, with Shield captured gathering teams of people before throwing objects and goading protestors with opposing views to his own.

He was also seen to join in with the Nazi chant of ‘Sieg Heil’.

Shield was arrested at his home address on Thursday April 21 and charged with violent disorder the same day.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court on July 15 2016.

Judge Adele Williams described the violence committed on the day as ‘very serious’ and said local residents were subjected to considerable alarm and distress. She went on to describe Shield’s actions as ‘wholly unacceptable’.

Investigating officer PC Pete Frampton said: “The courts have been very busy lately with those involved in the January demonstrations, which I hope sends a clear message to others that such behaviour will not be tolerated in this day and age.

“Shield is the 14th person sentenced so far and there are many others who are either awaiting sentencing or trial, or who are currently on bail.

“Everyone who attended the demonstrations had their own personal reasons for doing so, and we respect their right to peaceful protest. What we have absolutely no respect for is the truly appalling scenes witnessed that day, and our enquiries will continue until all those responsible are brought to justice.”
Dover Express