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HEAVY drinker Kelvin Chell hit his partner in the face up to four times – moments after revealing he wanted to end their relationship.

The 36-year-old left Zoe Platt with bruised eyes and swelling to her forehead after she confronted him about their possible split.

Now Chell has been jailed for 25 weeks after admitting assaulting Miss Platt.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the couple had been together for three years.

But by August 24 last year their relationship was coming to an end.

Prosecutor Joanne Wallbanks said: “They were together at her flat. He told her he intended to leave. She took that badly. There was a physical confrontation. He struck her to her face three or four times and left.”

Chell, formerly of Carryer Place, Poolfields, Newcastle, answered no comment to questions in his police interview. But he later pleaded guilty to assault.

Jason Holt, mitigating, said both Chell and Miss Platt had a problem with alcohol at the time of the incident.

Mr Holt said: “The incident stemmed from his desire to leave the relationship.”

The court heard Chell now has a new partner and has significantly reduced the amount he drinks.

Mr Holt added: “He is in a settled relationship, and in a very settled job. He does not wish to have any further contact with the complainant.”

Mr Holt asked Judge Paul Glenn to avoid sending Chell to jail after arguing society would be better protected if he was given the chance to work with the probation service.

But the judge said the offence was so serious that the defendant had to be jailed.

Judge Glenn said: “You have a propensity for violence.

“Zoe Platt was your partner and you plainly both had difficulties with alcohol.

“You fell out on August 24 and you struck her a number of blows, you say no more than three or four. But they were obviously with some force because they caused significant bruising and swelling and she was left feeling shocked and scared.

“The problem with you seems to be when you are in drink, you can’t control your temper.

“You are a big man. To hit her three or four times and that seems to be unnecessary on any show.”

Stoke Sentinel

A 30-YEAR-OLD man has been jailed for three years after beating his neighbour with a dog bone.

Kelvin Chell, currently of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to wounding Nicholas Brearley with intent to do him grievous bodily harm, on October 22.

Judge Paul Glenn, sitting at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court yesterday, jailed him for the attack, which left Mr Brearley needing 36 stitches and with permanent facial scars.

Prosecutor David Bennett told the court that Chell had been celebrating Mr Brearley’s birthday with him and others at Mr Brearley’s flat in Wedgwood Street, Wolstanton.

He said: “Shortly after 9.30pm, the defendant took hold of the complainant’s partner’s breast as she was sat on the sofa.

“She made a joke of it, but Mr Brearley became angry and he and Mr Chell began to argue.

“The partner tried to calm both men down, but then left the flat and went home. Mr Brearley was unaware of this at that stage. The defendant also went back to his flat.

“When the complainant realised his partner had gone, he went to look for her at the defendant’s flat. The pair argued again, and the argument became physical. Mr Brearley was initially the aggressor.”

Mr Bennett said a witness then saw the defendant straddling Mr Brearley as he lay on the floor, and hitting him on the back of the head with a dog bone. He then dragged him on to the landing outside his flat and knocked on a neighbour’s door to show him what he’d done.

The court heard that the force of the blows to the head was so strong that blood was “splattered” on the walls of the flat.

Defending Chell, who has 19 previous convictions for offences including possession of a bladed article, battery and threatening behaviour, Peter Cooper said: “This happened in his home, and it happened most unfortunately after he had done the right thing and withdrawn from the flat where matters had become heated.

“At that point, matters were over and should have remained over.

“After the defendant had been pushed by Mr Brearley, he accepts he lost it and grabbed the nearest thing after Mr Brearley had gone to the floor. It’s a matter of huge regret that he has caused such serious injuries to someone he regarded as a friend.”

Judge Glenn agreed Mr Brearley was the initial aggressor and had entered Chell’s flat uninvited.

He added: “But that does not justify your response.

“You inflicted serious injuries to Mr Brearley. It’s plain from photographs I have seen that he bled heavily and will be left with permanent scars.

“You sat astride him as you hit him, and a witness said she thought you were going to kill him. And you finished off by dragging him to the landing and dumping him there.”

Stoke Sentinel

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