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A man who bombarded his ex-girlfriend with text messages and calls was handed a 12-month restraining order and told to attend a domestic abuse programme.

Unemployed Vincent Burke, 26, of Mornington Road, Chingford, made up to 80 calls a day to Valentina Palmeiri, from Waltham Abbey, after their seven-year relationship ended, Chelmsford Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

He is banned from contacting his former girlfriend in any way for the next 12 months and must complete 80 hours of unpaid work, as well as paying costs of £145.

Burke, who pleaded guilty on April 1 to harassing Miss Palmeiri on or before 29 March this year, was warned by the magistrates that if he returned to court he would face jail.

Magistrates chairman, the Rev Geoff Smith, said: “We don’t know exactly what her long term reaction to what’s happened is going to be but at the very least I would have thought she would have a degree of suspicion about future relationships.

“This does make this offence very serious indeed.”

“If you come back again for anything approaching this kind of problem you will leave this building through the door behind you [to the cells],” he warned Burke.

Prosecutor Denise Holland told the court two years ago Burke was given a harassment warning by police about sending texts to his ex-girlfriend.

He stopped for a month and then began contacting her again and they re-started a relationship, but that broke down in April last year.

Miss Holland said: “On 25 March this year Miss Palmeiri contacted police to say since they separated she had received hundreds of emails, calls and texts although she had not seen him for a year.

“She regularly received about 30 calls a day and had received up to 80 calls in one day from him.”

She said the calls were not violent, but “persistent”.

“They asked personal questions such as ‘Who are you sleeping with?’ and ‘Why are you doing this?’” she added.

Mitigating, Gareth Hunter explained the couple’s seven-year relationship had broken down and Burke couldn’t cope with it.

“He dealt with it by bombarding her with messages.

“He accepts he needs help. It’s over and done with and that’s the end of it,” he added.

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A HARASSMENT victim had to flee her home when her ex-boyfriend’s mother called to say he was on his way over to stab her, a court has heard. The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had her lifestyle ‘completely destroyed’ by Simon Marshment, a thug with connections to the EDL and Casuals groups.

The Shakespeare Road resident told police she was the one harassing him. But, when officers warned her to stay away from Marshment, she showed them his abusive messages, several of which were read to Burton Magistrates’ Court.

They read: “I can’t beat you in my usual way so I must go through the proper channels.

“This is only the start. It’s your choice how far this goes. If I see you out I’ll ruin your life and your family’s. Now the fun begins.

“I’m going to make you pay. You’ve hurt me and now it’s my turn. What colour do you want your car – cream, pink or burned out? I’ve got a special surprise for you this weekend. I’m quite excited.”

Marshment was jailed for 18 weeks and ordered not to contact the victim.

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A RACIST thug downed more than 15 pints and numerous shots before abusing Asian taxi drivers and smashing a taxi window.

When police asked Jamie Takle how he thought the drivers felt about being racially abused, he replied: “To be honest I vote BNP – what does that tell you? They should all go back to their own country.”

Takle, of Aldwick Avenue, Hartcliffe, had been so aggressive on the night in question that a police officer had to spray CS gas in his face to arrest him.

The 23-year-old appeared at Bristol Magistrates’ Court yesterday to be sentenced after pleading guilty to three counts of racially aggravated harassment, one of racially aggravated criminal damage and one of harassment on December 24 last year.

Paul Ricketts, prosecuting, said Takle had been drinking at several pubs with friends including the Hartcliffe Inn and Three Lions in Bedminster by which time he had consumed nine pints of cider.

Later Takle went into town and headed to Antix on Park Street where he continued to down pints and shots, Mr Ricketts said.

“The defendant left the club and walked down Park Street where he flagged down a taxi,” he said.

“There was then a dispute about a fare and the taxi driver was subjected to racist abuse.

“The defendant then removed his belt, wrapped it around his fist and punched the side window with the buckle causing it to smash.”

Mr Ricketts said a second taxi – in which the occupants were also Asian – witnessed the incident and were also racially abused by Takle.

Mr Ricketts said: “Police arrived a short time later and the defendant made off resulting in a short chase.

“The defendant still had the belt wrapped around his hand. The defendant moved towards the police officer who deployed CS gas spray and the defendant was arrested.

“In interview the following afternoon he was asked how he thought the victims of his abuse would feel.

“He replied ‘To be honest I vote BNP – what does that tell you?

“They should all go back to their own country.”

Mr Ricketts added that the first taxi driver was strongly offended and felt he should not have to put up with abuse while he was at work.

John Search, defending, said it was only right that Takle was assessed by the probation service so they could address concerns about his alcohol abuse and racism issues.

Takle will be sentenced on March 23. He was released on bail.

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