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Warren Ian Hamer, 36, of Woodbine Road in Burnley

Warren Ian Hamer, 36, of Woodbine Road in Burnley

A CAREER criminal who ‘reverted to type’ after he got into money troubles has been jailed.

Burnley Crown Court heard Warren Ian Hamer, 36, had multiple previous convictions for burglary and theft but had turned his life around and was in a stable relationship, had a full-time job and also had a young son.

But after getting into debt after moving into a house with his family, he ‘returned to his old ways’ and attempted to burgle a house but was caught at the scene, the court heard.

Francis McEntee, prosecuting, said: “The burglary itself is quite straight forward. Neighbours reported seeing a man acting strangely in Coniston Street, Burnley, at 9pm on September 9.

Police attended and found the defendant at the scene. He had been interrupted near to the end of the burglary.”

Mr McEntee said Hamer, of Woodbine Road in Burnley, had already taken various electrical equipment from the house and was in the process of stealing a bike.

He was also found with a screw driver and a Stanley knife, which the police was satisfied was for the purpose of the burglary.

The court heard the man who lived in the house was staying at his girlfriend’s at the time of the burglary.

Defending, Richard Taylor said his client had shown genuine remorse for the burglary and realised his girlfriend and 18-month-old son was suffer as a consequence of his actions.

Mr Taylor said: “When he was arrested and taken for interview he immediately admitted the offence. The property has been recovered.

“The previous burglaries were committed when he was a serious drug user.

“Since leaving custody in 2014 he has taken up with his girlfriend. Her mother employed him. They work in a recycling depot. He was on a fairly low wage. They moved in to a new home. There was a lot of debt. Their tax credits were cut.

“He fully accepts he reverted to type. Once he was in custody in realised what he has lost.”

In a letter to the court Hamer, who admitted to one charge of burglary, acknowledged that he had let down his girlfriend, son and employed.

Jailing Hamer for 32 months Judge Beverley Lunt said: “There is something very wrong if your first impulse when you have money worries is to burgle a home.

“You have a partner who supports you and a child. How would you feel if someone burgles their home?”

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A man who burgled two Peterborough homes has begun a 42 month prison sentence.

Andrew Sarul, 41, of Crown Street, was sentenced at Peterborough Crown Court on May 3.

The court heard how Sarul was seen on CCTV entering a property in Cecil Pacey Court, on October 19 last year, through an open window. He left with a laptop worth approximately £1,000.

On February 18 he forced entry into a shed in Burmer Road where he stole a mountain bike, tool box and various tools. Forensic evidence was used to link Sarul to the scene.

He pleaded guilty to both counts of burglary. Two further burglary offences were also taken into consideration.

Detective Constable Adam Blake said: “Sarul is an opportunistic burglar, however he did show remorse for his actions.

“Burglary remains a top priority for the force because it leaves victims feeling vulnerable and can have a massive impact on their lives.”

Peterborough Today

Andrew Sarul

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Kenneth Graham demanded cash from the terrified Middlesbrough assistant warning her: “I’ve got a gun and I’ll shoot you”

Kenneth Graham

A robber who held up a late night store telling the terrified, lone assistant “I’ve got a gun” was jailed for three years.

Kenneth Graham, 21, arrived at the Premier shop in Middlesbrough on his bike at 9.30pm as assistant Ann Wilson was outside taking a cigarette break.

As she went behind the counter to serve him he demanded she hand over the money saying: “I’ve got a gun and I’ll shoot you”.

He was standing in front of her with his right hand inside his jacket rummaging around for something.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters told Teesside Crown Court that Miss Wilson started to panic and she hit the wrong button on the till, but eventually she took out a handful of £5 and £10 notes.

Graham, who was wearing gloves, said ‘Don’t you dare touch your phone’ and he left returning immediately to repeat ‘Don’t use your phone.”

Miss Masters added: “She was crying uncontrollably thinking that he had a gun.

“She saw a man at the cash machine and he called the police. Graham was identified as a possible suspect and he was positively identified soon after.

“She said later that she recognised him as the robber of the store having known him in the area where she lived.

“The incident left her extremely upset and scared, worrying if the person knew her and came back.

“She said ‘I feel sick about the whole incident’. When she was going to be a witness she asked for special measures.

“She said ‘I’m suffering panic attacks. I have been receiving regular support from the Victim Support network. I am struggling to do my work but it’s something I have to do because I need the money to pay my bills.”

Graham had 16 convictions for 29 offences including drugs,assault theft and burglary.

Jim Withyman, defending, said that Graham came from a respectable family but he had been threatened over a drug debt after he turned to drugs while mourning the deaths of two close friends.

He said that Graham, whose parents were in court supporting him, wished to apologise through him to Miss Wilson for the terror and upset he caused to her.

Judge Michael Taylor told Grham: “She is finding it very difficult to come to terms with what happened.

“People like her perform a valuable serviced to the public, and the message has got to out that those who commit these sort of offences will always received substantial prison sentences.

“You said that you had a gun and she was not to know whether you had one.”

Graham, of Ottawa Road,Middlesbrough, was jailed for three years after he pleaded guilty to the November 3 robbery of the store on Longlands Road, Middlesbrough.

Gazette Live

He was jailed last year for his role in the EDL rioting at the Birmingham demo in 2013. More info here.

AN activist for the far-right English Defence League who stood in the recent Rotherham by election has been remanded in jail on burglary charges.

Brian Clint Bristow, usually known as Clint, came last in the November 29 by-election with just 29 votes.

A little over two weeks later, on December 16, the 39-year-old was charged by Humberside police with burglary. After being refused bail, he was remanded in custody and spent Christmas in jail.

The case was transferred to Hull Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to burglary on December 21. Bristow was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on January 22.

He is charged with trespassing on private property and stealing toiletries, money and a mobile phone then making threats of violence.

The offence took place in Bempton, near Bridlington.

There was a blank space next to Bristow’s name in the political party section on the ballot paper in November’s by-election in Rotherham, but he worked as a local organiser for the English Defence League in Doncaster.

His election leaflets bore the EDL logo and urged voters: “For your children and grandchildren, vote Clint Bristow!”

Rotherham Advertiser

Other crimes committed by Clint Bristow can be found here and here

A MAN who wielded knives, broke down his neighbours’ front door and threatened to kill them, has been jailed.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Daniel Smith had 167 previous convictions before he was locked up for 10 further offences today.

The 39-year-old was not present for his sentencing because he was taken back to Armley prison from the court at lunchtime after destroying two toilets in the court cells.

Smith pleaded guilty to charges of burglary, common assault, possessing an offensive weapon and making threats to kill at a hearing in May.

Today, the court heard how on August 26 last year, Smith hurled racist abuse at a family living near him in Victoria Road, Thornhill Lees.

He attacked their front door with a knife and eventually broke it down.

When inside the house, he threatened to kill the occupants before he was forced back outside.

Sentencing, Judge Guy Kearl QC, said: “They were very real threats, the victims believed, being confronted in their house by a man who they believed was going to kill them.”

Smith was sentenced to nine years in prison and given a restraining order banning him from having any contact with family or entering Victoria Road.

Dewsbury Reporter

A HAPLESS thief from Buckhurst Hill has escaped jail for his part in a raid on a supermarket, after he and another accomplice went to a police station to ask about a third man who had already been arrested for the crime.

Conor Thorne, 18, of Cherry Tree Rise in Buckhurst Hill, went to Barkingside police station just hours after the robbery at the nearby branch of Somerfield in the early hours of Sunday March 7.

Thorne and Eliot Jones, 18, of Keswick Gardens in Ilford, went to the station to ask about the whereabouts of Rocky-Lee Beale, also 18, of Purleigh Way, Woodford Green, who was arrested while fleeing the scene earlier that morning.

The pair were promptly arrested when officers identified them.

The three men along with, were all given conditional discharges for 18 months, after pleading guilty at Redbridge Magistrates Court on Monday March 8.

Police were called at around 2:27am after a nearby residents saw the three breaking into the supermarket.

The men were also seen on CCTV running away from the store, having stolen some alcoholic drinks.

On arriving at the scene, officers heard shouting from the junction of Virginia Gardens and the High Street, and arrived to see three men running away.

Police gave chase before catching up with Beale and arrested him on suspicion of burglary.Guardian Series