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AN ACCRINGTON dog owner who let his pets foul outside the council’s main office building has been told to pay more than £500.

Nigel Hesmondhalgh was convicted after council staff spotted one of his three dogs — none of which were on a lead — defecating in the garden area outside Scaitcliffe House, in Ormerod Street.

The 41-year-old, who lives in Ormerod Street, also allowed one of the dogs to foul on a grass verge further up the street, Blackburn Magistrates’ Court heard. He did not pick the mess up on either occasion.

The incidents were caught on CCTV and Hesmondhalgh was issued with two fixed penalty notices, which he failed to pay.

Hyndburn Council said he also ignored enforcement officers when they tried to talk to him about the matter on several occasions. Hesmondhalgh failed to turn up in court and so was convicted in his absence. He was fined £200 plus £20 victim surcharge, and ordered to pay £281.96 in prosecution costs.

Cabinet member for environmental services, Coun Paul Cox, said: “There is no excuse for not picking up after your dog. We have plenty of dog bins around the borough.

“This case highlights that there is an irresponsible minority who fail to pick up faeces left by dogs in public places, which is not only unpleasant, but can also transmit disease to other dogs and humans.

This case sends a strong message to irresponsible dog owners.

“We take a tough line on this kind of offence and will take people to court if necessary.”

Residents are offered £50 rewards for information on dog owners who allow their pets to foul public spaces, as part of a council drive to tackle dog fouling, subject to conditions.

To report anyone you witness allow-ing their dog to foul in a public place or any other dog related offence, call the council on 01254 388111
Lancashire Telegraph.

From 2014

A MAN who made his Asian next door neighbours’ lives a misery with his anti-social and racist conduct was spared immediate jail.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Nigel Hesmondhalgh, 36, who had a British National Party sticker in the window of his Accrington home, was abusive and insulting to the couple, repeatedly picking on the wife. He piled dog dirt up in the alley outside their home and told them:”It’s a white country, not a Muslim state.”

Hesmondhalgh, said to be the carer for his brother, who has learning difficulties, told the husband of the couple he should be scared and shouted support for the BNP. The couple had lived in their home for 14 years before he moved in.

The defendant, who has since moved, but wants to go back to the property on Higher Antley Street, had earlier admitted racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress. Hesmondhalgh, who has almost 90 previous convictions, had struck whilst on bail for similar allegations which were left to lie on file.

He kept his freedom, but his hostile and anti-social conduct was slammed by a judge, who warned the courts would not tolerate it.

Judge Philip Butler said Hesmondhalgh did not get on well with people who dared to interfere with his behaviour. He said had the neighbour been a white Irish woman, the defendant would no doubt have found some offensive and derogatory adjective to aim at her.

The judge told Hesmondhalgh: “You were the immigrant in that street, not her. You would be well advised not to go back there.”

Judge Butler added:”If you thought more about your brother you would perhaps reign in your mouth for a start.”

The defendant, of Stanley Street, Accrington, was given 36 weeks in custody, suspended for two years, with 18 months supervision and the Thinking Skills programme.

Manchester Evening News

From 2009

Nigel Hesmondhalgh

Nigel Hesmondhalgh

A NEIGHBOUR from hell who launched a four-year ‘race hate’ campaign against a family has now been jailed for possessing child porn.

Nigel Hesmondhalgh, 37, is beginning a nine-month sentence after a series of degrading photos and videos of children were found on his home computer.

Detectives have welcomed the punishment, imposed by Judge Simon Newell at Burnley Crown Court, on Hesmondhalgh, of Stanley Street, Accrington.

The judge also ordered him to sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

Hesmondhalgh was only released from a 30-week jail sentence in November when police swooped on his Hyndburn home.

His computer was seized within a fortnight and was found to contain no fewer than 29 indecent images of children, and 11 similar videos.

Four of the pictures, and three of the videos, were graded at level four, the second most serious category of child pornography.

After the case, Detective Inspector Claire Holbrook said: “I hope this case will serve as a warning to those who view such material that we will find them out, arrest them and do everything with- in our power to prosecute them.

“In downloading this material the viewers indirectly cause these horrific offences and images to continue to be produced.”

Hesmondhalgh was jailed at the Burnley court in March for an offence of racially-aggravated harassment.

Police obtained a two-year Anti-Social Behaviour Order against him, before his release, to prevent him from throwing dog dirt into his neighbours’ garden, or using racist language towards an Asian family.

Lancashire Telegraph

From 2011

Daniel Sledden posted an obscene message on social media just 40 minutes after leaving court, which was then followed by a comment from his brother Samuel boasting about their sentence

Two brothers who mocked a judge on Facebook after she showed them mercy have been jailed for two years.

Daniel Sledden, 27, had posted an obscene message on the social media site – just 40 minutes after Judge Beverley Lunt gave him a suspended sentence for selling cannabis to friends earlier this month.

In the message he wrote: “Beverly Lunt go suck my ****.”

His brother and co-defendant Samuel Sledden, 22, who also had admitted drug dealing, also commented on the post.

He said: “Bet we wouldn’t get a chance like this agen [sic], thumbs up’.”

Both brothers were hauled back before the courts for a review of their sentence after the Facebook posts were shown to the judge.

At the hearing, Judge Lunt said she was ‘misled’ by their words of remorse and contrition to the probation service and ‘must now put this right’.

Sentencing, she said: “These were not private entries in a diary which have been inadvertently published.

“They were placed on Facebook with the clear intention that others should and would read them and if they wished to share them so there is a limitless audience.

“Daniel Sledden’s post was only 40 minutes after I sentenced him. Samuel Sledden’s was one hour and 25 minutes and their content is clearly indicative of how they really felt about appearing in court for this particular offence. Their tone is boastful and jeering and the only reasonable inference in my judgement is they believed and were boasting that they had somehow fooled and misled the court.

“These are two grown men and not children showing off using rude words. They both knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote these posts and why they did it and they didn’t care who saw what they had written.”

Judge Lunt said the posts were only deleted from Facebook and apologies posted after being contacted by solicitors.

She added: “Each of the posts indicated they hadn’t changed at all. They haven’t taken on board anything or learned responsibility and there is no remorse at all.

“It is not possible to put any reasonable positive spin on the posts that either defendant as being some clumsy way of how lucky they had been to be given a second chance.

“The tone in each case is one of contempt and gloating, Emoji’s included.

“I’m entirely satisfied that in this case there is evidence brought before me which leads me to the short conclusion I was misled by each defendant on grounds of remorse and contrition and how much they had changed in the intervening months.

“I must now put this right and it is necessary and in the interests of justice I do so and it is necessary in order to maintain public confidence in the courts.”

Daniel, Samuel and their dad William, 45, all of Hopwood Street, Accrington, were all given suspended sentences after pleading guilty to being concerned in the supply of cannabis at the earlier hearing.

Defence barrister Daniel Prowse said both brothers have now become international figures of ridicule.

He told the court how they had acted in a ‘wholly improper way’ and will ‘never live this down’.

Preston Crown Court heard how Daniel Sledden was contacted by his solicitor after the story about their comments was published by the M.E.N. and was ‘advised and instructed’ to delete the comment and put up an apology.

The post from Daniel Sledden read: “I want to say how sorry I am for what I wrote about Judge Lunt and my sentence.

“I was very lucky not to be sent to prison and I was very stupid to have written what I did. I want to say sorry to Judge Lunt and to anyone else who was upset or offended by my thoughtless post which I did not mean.”

Mr Prowse, representing Samuel but speaking for both defendants, said the timing of brothers’ Facebook comments indicate they were ‘severely emotionally affected’ and did it ‘without any thought as to the consequences or propriety of what they were doing.’

He said: “The comments demonstrate what little thought they were given because, ungrateful as they are, they are also nonsensical in so far as the offending comments are directed against the court which has in essence just given them a favour by not sending them to prison. They don’t even make sense.

“Neither defendants assumed their comments would be seen beyond their group of friends on Facebook and they weren’t intended to be shared or communicated directly with your honour.

“They have had time on remand to reflect on their stupidity and ingratitude.

“Both have offered their apologies through their respective advocates and on a written basis.

“Daniel’s comment, which was the more serious of the two, had been deleted from Facebook and he had put his apology on Facebook in that same very public medium.

“They have become national if not international figures of ridicule because none of those stories have reported what they did in anything other than a wholly negative light and commenting on the rank stupidity and ingratitude.

“Certainly word has gone forward that the kind of idiotic comments posted will result in people going to custody.

“They have been properly punished by virtue of the remand and becoming such figures of humour and ridicule as they are. They will in my submission never live this down.”

Manchester Evening News

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