Neo-Nazi thug jailed for 10-year campaign of violence towards women but victims hit out after being locked out of courtroom

SIOBHAN Melrose and Leigh Cameron blast four-and-a-half-year sentence for James Boyd and reveal they didn’t even get the satisfaction of seeing him being sent down because the court was packed with racist’s family.

 BNP member James Boyd poses with a samurai sword

BNP member James Boyd poses with a samurai sword

A NEO-NAZI race hate thug was jailed yesterday for a horrific 10-year campaign of violence against women.

But two of James Boyd’s five victims were left furious after being locked out of court as he was being sentenced.

They were forced to stand outside because all the seats were taken by Boyd’s family.

The women also slammed the brute’s four-and-a-half year jail sentence, insisting it should have been much more.

Love rat Boyd, 28 – who has a string of convictions for racist attacks and has been described by police as “a predatory, callous and unremorseful individual” – battered two of his victims when they were heavily pregnant.

He told one she didn’t deserve a child as he booted her in the stomach. Another victim, aged 14, was left with terrible injuries when Boyd, from Whitburn, West Lothian, stamped on her private parts in a bid to make her unable to have kids.

His most recent ex-partner Siobhan Melrose, 26, and Leigh Cameron, 24 – who was pregnant with his child when he tried to strangle her and throw her down the stairs – were unable to sit in the public benches at the High Court in Glasgow because there wasn’t enough room.

Both women, also from Whitburn, described Boyd’s sentence as “disgusting” and insisted he should have got at least eight years for putting them through years of hell.

Leigh said: “I hope he rots in hell for what he did to us. He will always be a danger to women but to think he’ll be out in three years makes me sick.

“We hoped watching him being sentenced would give us closure but we were robbed of that because his family were allowed to take up the entire court.

“It’s outrageous. We have made an official complaint.”

Siobhan endured three years of hell before she fled his clutches last year. She added: “We were hoping for at least double that sentence. It’s not even nearly enough for what he did to us.”

But the victim who was in her teens when she was viciously attacked by Boyd said: “This is a great result for us. Months ago he was walking about the streets telling everyone he was innocent and we had all made it up.”

The girl – who was battered, kicked and spat on by BNP and National Front activist Boyd in a series of attacks between 2004 and 2006 – added: “He has been exposed for what he is – an evil predator who beats up wee girls and I’m happy with that.”

Racist thug James Boyd poses with a Nazi flag

Racist thug James Boyd poses with a Nazi flag

Sentencing him, Judge Lord Turnbull said: “You have pleaded guilty to a catalogue of violence against women.

Over a 10-year period, you displayed bullying and domineering behaviour. You have deep-rooted problems in your attitude to women.

“I’m satisfied that in the past you posed a danger to women and unless you change your attitude, you will continue to be a danger to women in the future.”

Boyd was also ordered to be monitored in the community for two years after his release.

Earlier this month, the Record exposed cowardly Boyd’s obsession with Adolf Hitler and showed him pictured brandishing a swastika flag.

In another snap, he posed with a samurai sword with Combat 18 – the neo-Nazi organisation – tattooed on his arm. He also has a skull and crossbones tattooed on the back of his shaven head.

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