Nick Griffin and the Drug Smuggler

Nick Griffin with Arthur Disbury
Nick Griffin with Arthur Disbury

Now this is an interesting photograph.

This was taken at the BNP’s “Protect the Poppy “vigil held close to the Royal Albert Hall last Friday.

In what was nothing more than a shameless publicity stunt, Griffin along with around 30 BNP members pitched some tatty tents on the pavement overnight and decided they were going to “protect” the same area where Islamic extremists from the “Muslims against Crusades” organisation had planned to burn oversize poppies, repeating the same offensive display from the previous year.

As it turned out, the BNP’s “show of force” wasn’t needed as The Home Secretary Theresa May announced 24 hours before that “Muslims against Crusades” was to become a banned organisation by midnight last Friday, preventing the Islamists from repeating the stunt.

However Griffin and his floundering political party thought it a good idea to camp out anyway despite the fact that they were mostly ignored by the passing public.

One person who paid them more attention however was Arthur Disbury.

Disbury from Devon who is also known as Tony Davis is a well known EDL activist who regularly uploads vile racist videos to the Youtube website along with equally offensive diatribes to Twitter using the moniker “Dizzy99”

He is also a convicted drug smuggler!

Disbury was part of a team who conspired to smuggle heroin and cannabis resin into Channings Wood prison near Newton Abbot in 2002.

Inmates of the prison along with former inmates and a prisoner’s girlfriend plotted to smuggle the drugs into the prison by throwing packages of drugs over the prison’s perimeter fence. It was Disbury’s job, who was an inmate working in the prison gardens at the time, to locate the packages and smuggle them into the prison itself.

Unknown to Disbury and the plotters was the fact that their telephone calls were being monitored by the prison authorities who suspected correctly that a drug smuggling operation was about to take place.

A package of cannabis was thrown over the fence, but Disbury was unable to locate it due to the fact it had been thrown over into the wrong place, however a prison drugs dog did.

At Exeter Crown Court Judge Graham Cottle directed the jury to find Arthur Disbury not guilty of conspiracy to supply heroin to serving prisoners but was found guilty of conspiracy to supply cannabis and was given a four year custodial sentence.

The ring leader of the plot, Mark Ruggier, a former inmate was jailed for eight years with his other co conspirators all receiving length sentences.

Disbury was told by Judge Cottle “Anyone convicted of conspiracy to smuggle drugs is in a serious position and smuggling drugs into a prison makes it even more serious.”

These photos will no doubt leave a nasty taste in the mouths of two “political” leaders, EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon who tries and fails to dismiss links between the EDL and the BNP and Nick Griffin for allowing himself to be photographed with a convicted drug smuggler.

Disbury: A regular on EDL demo's

Disbury: A regular on EDL demo’s

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